21+ Sims 4 Presets: Ears, Chin, Forehead Presets, & More

Unleash your creativity with some sims 4 presets to help you create the perfect sims.

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In sims 4, the game offers many options to help customize your sims to your liking.

Although the choices are good, options can be limited, so custom mods open up a new world of possibilities.

With the help of sims 4 face presets, you’ll have more choices to create unique sims that will stand out in a crowd.

Once you are done shopping these presets, you can find even more presets options in these helpful posts;

Custom Sims 4 Face Presets

With this list of sims 4 presets, you’ll find face mods to change many of your sims’ features like eyes, ears, nose, forehead, chin and even their head shape.

We hope you find what you’re looking for.

Happy browsing.

1. Sims 4 Jaw Preset by Magic Hand

gorgeous sim woman with green eyes

This preset will give your female sims a broader and more squarish jawline.

Usually, in the game, a female sim’s jaw has an oval shape, but with this mod, it will have a square shape.

This jaw preset pairs well with the more narrow faces available in CAS.

2. Face Presets for Toddlers & Infants by Obscurus-Sims X Melancholic

two toddlers hugging

If you’re looking for some sims 4 face presets for your household’s toddlers or infants, this mod pack has some for both.

This pack has everything for your little ones, including lip, eye, and ear presets.

There are 10 presets for each category that can be used on both genders.

3. Male Forehead & Cheekbone Presets by Shandir_sampi

two profile views of sim with pointy ears

This set of three face presets contains one for your male sims’ forehead and two for their cheekbones.

For the forehead preset, it gives your sims’ head a slight dip, emphasizing your sims’ brow ridge.

And, for the cheekbone presets, they give your sims high, sharp cheekbones, which then cause hollow cheeks.

The difference between the two cheekbones presets is their sharpness; one is rounder, and the other is flatter.

4. Head Shape Presets for Males by Northern Siberia Winds

shaved sim with heterochromia eyes

This collection of mods has a bunch of CC for your sims’ faces, but it also includes presets for your sims’ heads.

In this set, you’ll find four presets that will change your sims’ head shape.

The presets will make your sim head look smaller, slimmer, and more defined, giving them a more realistic look.

You can find the head shapes under the Forehead category, and they are available for your male sims aged teens and up.

5. Face Presets Unleashed by Crilender

face presets unleashed

The sims 4 face presets included in this pack work on most sims, regardless of gender or age, or can also be used on your witches, vampires, and alien sims.

You’ll get a variety of presets for your sims’:

  • Chin
  • Eyes
  • Jaw
  • Lips
  • Nose

You have two download options, with or without age restrictions.

If you choose Without Age Restrictions, some presets may look weird because they were not made for that age group.

6. CAS Face Preset Mods by Chewybutterfly

sim girl with collage noses and lips

In this set of presets, you’ll find three new options for noses and lips.

For the first nose preset, this one gives your sims a small and cute but pointy nose.

The other two noses are wider, one extending straight while the other is angled upwards, showing the nostrils a bit more.

When you’re looking sideways, you’ll notice that all three of these nose presets have a nose dip.

As for the lip presets, we have three sets of full and luscious lips, each with a different curve to its cupid’s bow.

These sims 4 presets work on both genders.

7. Face Presets for Female Sims by Lutessasims

closeup view realistic pale sim girl

You’ll get three face presets in this set that will change your sims’ eyes, nose, and mouth.

You get a cute almond-shaped eye preset, luscious, wider lips with no bow, and a round nose with high nostrils.

These female-exclusive presets are suitable for children to older sims.

8. Sims 4 Chin Preset N04 by PlayersWonderland

redhead sim guy with piercings

This face preset is for a chin option that will give your sims a rounder face.

Your sims will have a better-defined jawline and a subtle chin dimple.

This mod works on sims of any age or gender, but I find it looks better on male sims.

9. Maxis Match Presets by Obscurus-Sims

sim girl with white hair and purple eyes

This genetics set has a bunch of gorgeous makeup, eyes, and skin cc, but it also has some beautiful eye presets made exclusively for female sims.

There are four options for your sims’ eyes.

Among these presets you get:

  • Downturned eyes
  • Protruding Eyes
  • Upturned eyes in two sizes

The facial preset works on sims aged Child+.

10. Head Shape Presets by Northern Siberia Winds

two sim woman with big eyes and lips

This collection of face presets will change your sims’ head shape.

There are eight presets that will make your sims’ face look slimmer than EA’s standard model.

In some cases, it will cause hollow cheeks, giving your sims a contoured look, and one preset gives a more squarish look.

You’ll find these sims 4 presets under the Forehead category of your CAS screen.

11. Mini Preset Drop for Sims by Simbience

pale redhead little sim girl

If you want more options for sims 4 face presets, this pack offers one for their jaw and teeth, and 13 more presets and nose options.

The jaw preset gives your sims’ face just the right balance between a round and a square shape, giving it more of a heart-shaped look.

The teeth preset gives your sims more defined and realistic-looking teeth than EA’s default ones.

As far as the nose presets are concerned, they offer different options, from small to large, from narrow to wide.

You’re bound to find the right nose for your sims’ face.

Plus, all these presets work for both genders that are aged Teens+.

12. Craig Kit Face Preset Mods by Magic Hand

collage face parts on sim guy

This pack has two face presets for both genders and a facial hair cc for your male sims.

The mouth preset creates a pointy cupid’s bow with a plumper lower lip.

As for the second face mod, it’s for a nose preset, which is a medium-sized straight nose with a rounded tip.

13. Base Collection Sims 4 Presets by Chewybutterfly

black sim with glowing face

The small collection has two presets and a skin blend.

You get a lip preset that gives a round shape to your sims’ mouth with a prominent upper lip with no cupid’ bow.

There’s also a nose preset, which is medium-sized with a flatter bridge, wider nostrils, and a very subtle dip.

These presets work for sims of both genders.

14. Skin and Face Presets by Obscurus-Sims

sim guy with watery eye

In this collection, there’s an assortment of sims 4 face presets, which include:

  • Two presets for Cheeks and Ears
  • Five more for Eyes and Lips
  • Four for Noses

The ears work on sims ages Child+ and for both genders, while the rest work on male sims only, ages Teens+.

A great mix of shapes and sizes within the facial presets allows you to create some unique looks.

15. Collection of Sims 4 Presets by Redhead Sims CC

update sliders and presets

This preset pack includes the creator’s sliders and presets in one spot.

The sliders allow you to change certain aspects of your sims’ like their body height, with a simple move of the mouse.

As far as presets are concerned, there are 14 that allow you to change your sims’ body, jaw, and lips.

Have a look and try them out.

16. Face Presets Multipack by PlayersWonderland

two girl sims with collage of face parts

This collection has a variety of sims 4 face presets, including a few for eyes, nose, mouth, and chin.

When looking at the eye choices, you can pick between big round eyes or large almond-shaped ones.

The two options for noses are a short nose with a dip, and the other is for a longer, pointier nose.

For the mouth presets, there’s a pair of bow-shaped lips and another set with a heavier upper lip.

Lastly, for chins, you can have either a round chin or a heart-shaped chin.

17. The 2006 Preset Pack for Sims 4 by Squea

collage sim faces with descriptions of parts

In this preset mod pack, you can change certain aspects of your sims, such as their eyes, nose, jaw, and lips.

For eyes, you can choose between droopy or monolid eyes. As for noses, you can opt for a larger, more rounded nose or a crooked one.

You get a well-defined, square-shaped jawline for the jaw preset, while the lip mod will give your sims’ a pair of round, luscious lips.

All of these face presets are made for both genders except for the droopy eye and the more prominent nose preset, which are exclusively for female sims.

18. Big Guy Presets for Male Sims by Crilender

collage various face presets

This incredible collection of sims 4 presets allows you to change multiple aspects of your sims’ face.

The creator had a theme in mind: presets that would go well together to make more prominent-looking sim men.

Using this mod pack, you can change your sims’:

  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Head shape
  • Jaw
  • Mouth
  • Nose

Each category has nine face presets, except for head shapes, which have 10.

19. Anya Kit Face Presets by Magic Hand

realistic sim brunette with collage of presets

This cute little set includes a couple of sims 4 face presets for both genders.

You get a small turned-up nose preset, which has a slight dip.

The second preset will give your sims a set of full lips that looks as good on male sims as on female sims.

20. Child New Year Collection by Northern Siberia Winds

sim girl with dear antlers

If you’re looking for face preset options for your sim children, this pack offers presets to change their eyes and nose.

There are four presets in all, two for each category.

You get two almond-shaped eyes, which differ in width.

As for noses, both presets have cute, short noses, with one that’s a bit higher, with a little dip.

These presets work for both genders and also for occult sims.

21. Presets Set for Males by Obscurus-Sims

bare chested sim

In this pack, you get presets to cover most of the face categories for your male sims. You’ll get 3-4 presets for your sims’ cheeks, chin, jaw, lips, and nose.

The four cheek presets will give your sims different variations of high cheekbones.

The jaw presets will look square, giving your sims a more defined jawline.

As for the lips, they give your male sims a sexy pair, with two of the three that have plumper lower lips.

There are a couple of roundish options for the chins, with a third that shows a dimple.

Lastly, you have four options for the nose presets, from narrow to medium size; some are slightly crooked but still good-looking.

22. More CAS Presets for Sims 4 by Zerbu

collage different eyes for sims

This mega collection brings about a hundred new CAS presets to the game.

These mods are generated from already existing in-game sims.

With this pack, you’ll have sims 4 face presets to cover all categories, whether it’s eyes, ears, or cheeks, to name a few.

There are even male and female body presets.

You’ll get a ton of presets that will work for both genders and ages Toddler+.

Sims 4 Presets: Final Thoughts

Have you found the perfect sims 4 presets that will make your sims unique from the rest?

Whether you want to give your female sims some high cheekbones or a heart-shaped jawline, the options are there.

With the number of sims 4 face presets available on the web, you’re only limited by your own creativity.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and save this pin for later!

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