43+ Sims 4 Tattoos: Full Body, Face, Sleeve Tattoos

Need some new base game compatible sims 4 tattoos?

We’ve put together a great list of male and female sims 4 tattoo cc so your sims can best express themselves!

sims 4 tattoos collage

Whether you’re into smaller delicate tattoos or dark and spooky pieces, there are tattoos for every style.

You can opt for a full-body tattoo set or mix and match together the perfect set of tattoos to suit your individual sims.

Let’s look at some of the best sims 4 tattoos currently available.

Oh, and if interested, we also have a great list of sims 4 piercings cc.

Creative Sims 4 Tattoo CC

Many of the tattoos below are unisex, but you will also find female and male-exclusive Sims 4 tattoos.

Try out some different styles to discover your new favorites.

1. Daylily Tattoo Set by Simsnectar

female body tattoos

Within this 8-piece set, you will find exciting swatches like the large Medusa arm and knee butterfly tattoos.

There is also a nice large dragon tattoo that will go on your sims back.

2. Nocturne Sims 4 Tattoos by Peachiiesims

mixed skull tattoos

While this large set of sims 4 tattoos works for your female sims, its primary focus was for males.

There are 56 different swatches, with 47 individual tattoos and a mix of 9 full-body, arm, and leg tattoos.

From snakes, skulls, and butterflies, nocturnal life is the inspiration for this set.

3. Spring Baby Tattoo Set by Chewybutterfly

spring flowers tattoos

This spring-inspired tattoo set has a lot of delicate female tattoos, from butterflies to a large wildflower on the back.

Combine your favorite tattoos with two convenient CAS locations.

4. Unalone Sims 4 Tattoo by Merakisims

sims 4 breast bone tattoos

This tattoo set is one of my favorites; the medium-sized breastbone tattoos look amazing.

Available in 10 swatches, these tattoos work for males and females, but the placement tends to look best on females.

5. Mixed Random Tattoos 02 by Hishel

theater masks tattoo

As the name describes, these are a mix of random tattoos.

There is only one swatch, so all the tattoos will be placed on your sims.

There’s also a spider and a large skeleton holding a Grim Reaper scythe sword that goes on the neck and upper back.

6. Female Ear Tattoos by IzzieMcFire

sims 4 ear tattoos

These ear tattoos are the perfect option for your female sims looking for delicate tattoo options.

There are 4 swatches that you can place on both ears or just your sim’s left ear.

The dainty leafy branch tattoo is my choice.

7. Wicked Simlish Tattoos Set by Peachiiesims

simlish body tattoos

This is a simple set of Halloween-inspired simlish tattoo phrases.

There are 28 tattoos and 4 entire body and arm tattoos.

You can opt for either spooky simlish or simlish lengiza fonts or grab the merged file for both.

8. Right Ear Sims 4 Tattoo CC by Liliili-sims

small flower ear tattoo

This is another delicate-looking ear tattoo.

This type of tattoo will fly under the radar and almost look like earrings from a distance.

There are 12 tattoo designs, including a flower, star, lightning bolt, and an eight-note musical symbol.

9. Full Sleeve Sims 4 Tattoos by Demondare

full sleeve female tattoos

This is a 3-swatch tattoo set; you can get full sleeves on both arms or just the side you prefer.

The tattoos are a mix of everything from cherries, birds, flowers, snakes, hands, and more.

10. Swordplay Mini Tattoo Set by Peachiiesims

sims 4 sword tattoos

If you are into swordplay, this is the sims 4 tattoos set for you.

You have 14 great sword-inspired tattoos that will cover your sim’s upper chest, calf, and thigh area.

11. Demons Tattoo Set by Lotuswhim

demon inspired tattoos

Have a love of skulls; you’ll likely enjoy the party skull tattoo; it’s a fun twist on a generally dark tattoo.

I also really like the massive spider tattoo, which extends up from the pelvic hip area.

You can choose a full-body tattooed look or select your favorite cc tattoo from the swatches.

12. Male Sims 4 Tattoo Pack by McLayneSims

male chest and sleeve tattoos

If you’ve been hunting for male-focused tattoos, this mega pack of 25 tattoo sets is perfection.

Each set of sims 4 tattoos in the pack has its style and list of tattoos; you will definitely find something of interest.

13. Domino Tattoo Set by Lotuswhim

mixed female tattoos

These female tattoos come with a complete set of body tattoos, or you can mix and match your preferred pieces.

There are 16 tattoo options that mix items like a skull, bobwire thigh wrap-around tattoo, Brachiosaurus, sword, and a large feather.

14. Misty Tattoo Set by Lisatrait

tattooed blond female in white bikini

This tattoo set focuses on the upper body and comes in nine swatches for different parts of your sims’ bodies, like:

  • Hip
  • Ribs
  • Full arm
  • Sternum
  • Forearm
  • Upper arm
  • Collarbone
  • Back of arm
  • Between shoulderblade

If you like all those tattoos, there’s a 10th swatch that applies them all at once.

15. Pride Hearts Tattoo by NekoChan-Simmer

sims 4 pride hearts tattoos

This pride heart tattoo comes in many color swatches with mixes of two to three colors.

The last swatch goes down onto both shoulders. This tattoo cc is available for both female and male sims.

16. Youngbloods Sims 4 Tattoo Set by Simsnectar

mixed male tattoos

This small 3-swatch tattoo set covers the whole arm, or you can choose only the upper or lower half.

While I’m no snake expert, the most significant component appears to be a rattlesnake.

There is also this great heart and dagger tattoo.

17. Sims 4 Flora Tattoos by Chewybutterfly

large butterfly back tattoo

This small set comes with 2 tattoos that can be paired together or used individually.

You get a large upper back butterfly tattoo or a floral underboob tattoo.

18. Wild Wood Tattoo Set by Simsnectar

wild woods female tattoos

This set of 4 swatches mix of flowers, dragons, tigers, and women.

Opt for a full-body look or just the back or individual arm tattoos.

19. Sims 4 Tattoo Fingers by IzzieMcFire

finger tattoos

These tattoos remind me of celebrities with many small hand tattoos on their fingers.

It’s a collection of crosses, diamonds, half moons, and other cute little designs, perfect for a touch of edge.

Available on individual hands or both sides.

20. Galactic Garden Tattoos by Peachiiesims

galactic inspired tattoos

This set’s name is self-explanatory; you will find a mix of galactic-inspired tattoos.

You’ll see stars, planets, aliens, a space cadet, some simlish text, and more.

There are 41 individual tattoos and 4 full body-arm tattoo options.

You can try these on both your male and female sims.

21. Sims 4 Spook Tattoo Set by Kiwitrait

spooky body tattoos

This Spooky tattoo set leans heavily on the darker side.

The decomposing hand is gripping, but the headless cadaver tattoo is even more intriguing.

22. Trash Boy Tattoo Set by Simsnectar

cemetery inspired tattoos

This collection of tattoos comes in one swatch, dispersed on the arms and legs.

Suitable for male sims, young adults to elders.

23. Caffeine Mini Tattoo Set by Peachiiesims

coffee inspired tattoos

Are you addicted to coffee?

Coffee is my first thought of the day, so I had to pick this fantastic set of caffeine-inspired tattoos.

The skeleton with his iced coffee is my favorite tattoo of the set since many of us feel lifeless before our first cup of the day.

24. Sims 4 Dieter Tattoo CC by McLayneSims

male chest and back tattoos

This Dieter male tattoo set is one of my favorites.

There are 4 tattoo combinations, but the complete set is my go-to.

The massive arm spider-web tattoo and demon-theater mask tattoos are amazing.

I’m also a massive fan of everything ancient Egyptian, so I love the large scarab tattoo on the back.

25. Sims 4 Lyria Tattoo by NekoChan-Simmer

butterfly and kitty tattoos

The Lyria sims 4 tattoo set comes with 18 swatches and 6 convenient locations, so you can add a nice variety of individual tattoos.

You can also choose the swatch will all 18 tattoos.

Available for both frames, from teen to elder.

Don’t forget to check out the Hello Kitty style back tattoo, it’s gorgeous.

26. Angel Sims 4 Tattoo Set by Kiwitrait

creative female tattoos

This set has beautiful designs, from the cherubs on the upper arm and the flower stem on the upper back.

My favorite piece has to be the curved leaves around the upper breast.

Available for both your male and female sims.

27. Georgia Tattoo Set by Lisatrait

tattooed purple haired sim in underwear

This set has a bunch of wicked tattoo designs for your sims’ thighs, arms, chest, and back.

There are nine designs in all, and an all-in-one solution that has them all.

These tattoos can be applied to both genders with ages of Teen+.

28. Sims 4 Cyborg Tattoos by Bbpeaxh

cyborg tattoos

While I’m not a Trekky by any means, I can appreciate the mechanical details of the Borg’s outer shell.

This tattoo set includes 6 swatches (one full body) of detailed cybernetic body tattoos.

29. Mirabelle CC Tattoos by Chewybutterfly

florals and bumblebee tattoo

This is another set of 8 beautiful tattoos that work for males and females.

You’ll find 3 different locations in the tattoo category to mix and match to your preference.

30. Sims 4 Meicrosoft Tattoos by Cubersims

large female body tattoos

I personally haven’t come across many sims 4 tattoos that offer a variety of opacities, but this set comes with 10.

While the creator mentioned these tattoos might look weird on masculine frames, they look fine on my male sims.

Cubersims is no longer active in the community, but their cc is still available on the download page.

31. Halloween Tattoo CC Set by Kiwitrait

halloween sims 4 tattoos

Whether you’re a fan of Halloween or not, we can all appreciate some spooky designs.

The large crow in itself is excellent, but there are a bunch of fun, festive Halloween tattoos in this set.

You can opt for both sleeves or either arm.

32. Alien Tattoo Sleeve by Boocrest

sim with alien sleev tattoo

Whether or not you’re into adding aliens to your gameplay, we can all appreciate an alien tattoo.

This tattoo sleeve will cover your sim’s right arm and has a classic-looking alien, a cute one-eyed alien, planets, and an astronaut.

33. Full Body Tattoo Set #1 by Magic Bot

female sims modeling tattoos on her front and back

This sims 4 tattoos set will give your sims body a complete ink job from head to toe with unique designs from an eyeball to the sun.

You can go all-in with the look or choose specific places for your sims ink.

These tattoos are unisex and work for all sims except for werewolves.

34. Spellbound Face Tattoos by Peachyfaerie

female sims with different face tattoos

This tattoo set focuses on placing small tattoos throughout your sims face.

There are 27 designs and 57 swatches, including little hearts, stars, crescent moons, roses, and more.

For most tattoos, you can place the tattoos on both sides of your sims face or just the left or right sides.

35. Full Back Lion Tattoo by Locsody

sim modeling a large lion back tattoo

If your sims love lions and sizable tattoos, this full-back tattoo will be just the thing.

There is only one swatch for this tattoo, but it’s beautifully done; the lion is the centerpiece, surrounded by beautiful details like flowers and feathers.

36. Masculine Frame Parlor Tattoos by Gothoffspring

male sims modeling his full body tattoos

This sims 4 tattoo set has a ton of variety for your sims, including snakes, cobwebs, writing, face tattoos, and more.

There are 54 swatches; some of the tattoos come in two different opacities.

You can go all-in with the entire collection of tattoos or mix and match your preferred pieces.

37. Sims 4 Doodle Tattoo Set by Bibid

sim with light colored tattoos

Although tattoos in the real world are permanent, in sims 4, you can change things at any moment.

This tattoo set seems perfect for spring and summer with its light pastel colors and beautiful designs.

There is a full-sleeve tattoo with a book, flowers, and hearts.

Other tattoos throughout the body include butterflies, a flower, a sweet bunny, and little character designs.

38. Between the Lines Hand Tattoos by Amythesailor

hands modeling mixed tattoos

Add some tattoos to your male and female sims with this collection of hand tattoos.

The unique tattoos will cover the different fingers on your sims hands, with 8 swatches.

Some swatches are on the light side, making the tattoos quite subtle and nice for anyone who wants tattoos but nothing too bright.

39. Messy Tattoos for Sims 4 by 148DAZED

female sims covered in tattoos

This set adds some doodle-like tattoos to your cc folder.

The designs include some little characters (some sweet and some on the darker side), dice, an eyeball, and a massive spider back tattoo.

There are 15 swatches, including solid color tattoos and others with mixed colors.

40. Sims 4 Vampire Tattoo by Boocrest

sim with multiple vampire tattoos

Are you obsessed with creatures of the night?

Your sims can now dedicate their newest tattoo to a classic-looking vampire.

The tattoo is quite large and can be placed on your sims upper arms, thighs or chest.

Two swatches are available: black and white and another with purple details.

41. Xavier Sleeve Tattoo CC by Golyhawhaw

male sim arm with sleeve tattoo

Here we have another impressive sleeve tattoo; this version will cover your sims entire arm from shoulder to wrist.

Although I can’t quite make out all the designs in the intricate tattoo, I see flowers, leaves, a clock, and musical symbols.

42. Zodiac Tattoo Collection by Peachyfaerie

female sims with zodiac constellation tattoo

I love this set of constellation tattoos; they truly create unique tattoos we rarely see on people.

There is a tattoo for each sign, and you can pick a download file for each of the following 4 locations;

  • Upper left arm
  • Left and right collarbones
  • The back of the neck

43. Studio Ghibli Tattoos by Piqusims

different ghibli themed tattoos

Enjoy this collection of Studio Ghibli tattoos and add some of your favorite characters to your sims.

These tattoos will cover different areas of your sims bodies from front to back and come in 3 swatches.

The swatches will play around with the tattoo’s opacity.

44. Line Art Tattoo Set by Chewybutterfly

female sims with mixed tattoos

This sims 4 tattoo cc set comes with different line art designs to cover your male and female sims.

There are 3 swatches, each with different combinations of the available tattoo designs.

The collection includes flowers, a scorpion, dice, musical notes, and more.

45. Morgana Tattoo Set by Lisatrait

female sim in black bikini covered in tattoos

This tattoo set will provide your sims with beautiful designs that can be applied on various parts of the body, such as:

  • Hips
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Thighs
  • Upper arms
  • Lower arms

The brain tattoo with interwoven plants is definitely on the unique side and my favorite design in this set.

There are 13 swatches, so you can have a tattoo on one part of the body or have them all applied at the same time.

Sims 4 Tattoos Recap

From tattooed fingers to bull body displays, we hope you found some sims 4 tattoos to fill your cc folder.

By trying out different styles of tattoos, you can find the best creative fit for your sims.

If you find any other custom content tattoos you’d love for us to feature, leave a message below or message us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and pin this collection for later!

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