29+ Sims 4 Activewear CC: Joggers, Yoga Sets & More

Get your sims ready for a busy day of physical activity with this collection of sims 4 activewear cc.

sims 4 activeweat cc collage

Do your sims enjoy playing sports, working out, or meditating through yoga?

They can all do with stylish yet sporty clothing pieces regardless of their favorite activities.

You can choose something lightweight with a tight fit or sweatpants for a more relaxed feel.

Get busy shopping for new sports bras, bodysuits, track pants, and leggings to create comfortable athletic looks.

My Favorite Sims 4 Activewear CC Designs

Below, you will find a mix of joggers, sports bras, full-length leggings, biker shorts, long-sleeve tops, and more.

 And remember to pick out some comfortable sneakers to complete the look. 

1. Sports Half Leggings CC by Saliwa

sims in knee lenght leggings and crop tops

I love a good pair of half leggings that fall just above the knee; they’re the ideal length for working out or running errands.

These leggings come with the Gymshark logo near the knee and come in either black or gray. You can also get the cute front-tied crop top here.

2. ASAP Sports Top & Shorts by Trillyke

sims dressed in sporty crop tops and shorts

If you prefer to keep things light during the hot summer season, this athletic crop top and shorts set is just what you need.

Your sims can go jogging or enjoy other sports without being weighed down by bulky clothing.

This two-piece set is available in 25 swatches.

3. Athletic Basics Clothing Set by Divinecap

female sims dressed in basic athletic clothing

This athletic basic clothing set has some good staples for your sims closet.

The pack includes a classic sports bra and workout leggings, which come in 4 styles (booty shorts, regular shorts, biker shorts length, and full-length).

You can also download this set in 2 different color palettes, both of which come with some great neutrals.

4. Stamina Sportswear Collection by Simkoos

two sims dressed in sportswear

Get your sims equipped and dressed for an active day out among friends with this sportswear collection.

The pack includes regular and flared leggings, active shorts, sports bras, a long-sleeve fitted top, and a sweatshirt.

And what outdoor workout is complete without a baseball cap, fanny pack, wristwatch, and earbuds for their music?

5. Sims 4 Workout Leggings Set by Solistair

sims dressed in gymwear outfits

We could all do with a few more pairs of workout leggings and sports bras; the pack comes with both.

Whether your sims are running or walking around the block, they can get dressed in full-length leggings, mid-length leggings, or biker shorts.

The leggings and mesh sports bras are available in English or with Simlish writing.

6. Easy Yoga Pants by Blue Craving

close up of three pairs of yoga pants

Yoga pants are my go-to choice in the real world when looking for tight-fitting pants without all that extra compression.

These capri-length yoga pants fall just below the knee, making them an excellent choice for many sports.

You will also find the spaghetti strap yoga top linked on the download page.

7. Fresh ‘Fit Activewear Set by MadameRia

4 sims dressed in activewear clothes

This sims 4 activewear set comes with 4 different clothing pieces for your sims different needs.

You will find two types of yoga pants:

  • Low-rise and high-waisted versions
  • A sleeveless mock turtleneck top
  • A pair of short shorts

These pieces are available in 35 swatches except for the shorts, which have 36 options.

8. Babilonia Female Jumpsuit by Joan Campbell Beauty

female sim dressed in a black bodysuit

No activewear collection is complete without a comfortable bodysuit.

This bodysuit lands mid-thigh, and while it provides full coverage on the front, the back has a nice rounded cutout in the mid-section.

While this bodysuit looks fantastic in black, it’s available in 9 swatches.

9. The Skims Activewear Collection by Vixonspixels

female sims dressed in Skims inspired activewear

This Skims-inspired set is the perfect choice if you’re looking for clothing that will work for your sims athletic and loungewear needs.

The pack includes comfortable bralettes, shorts, leggings, a simple long-sleeve top, briefs, socks, and slides.

There’s even a candle available if you own the bathroom clutter kit.

10. Adrenaline Sportswear Set by Jolibean

group of sims dressed for sports

Get your male and female sims all dressed up for a busy sports day.

This pack includes a sports bra, long-sleeve crop top, jogging pants, soccer clothes, socks, running shoes, and more.

There are 25 standalone pieces to try out.

11. Ivy Park Two-Piece Set by The Sims Baddie

female sims dressed in skin tight activewear

This two-piece set is firing on all levels; I love the high-waisted fit on the biker shorts.

The sports top is not only supportive but has plenty of cleavage, making this athletic fit both practical and sexy.

The outfit is available in 10 swatches, including brighter swatches and some darker tones, all of which come with an interesting pattern.

12. Sims 4 Sports Skirt CC by Joan Campbell Beauty

lilac sports skirt and matching top

This sporty skirt is the perfect clothing choice for a day of tennis or running in the neighborhood.

The skirt is available in 8 swatches, and you can get the matching long-sleeve sports crop top, too.

13. Male Resilient Athletic Set by Nucrests

male sims dressed in black, white and black athletic clothing

This sims 4 activewear cc pack comes with everything you need to put together some practical and comfortable athletic looks.

For the bottoms, you’ll find a mix of shorts, joggers, yoga pants, sweatpants, and tights, both a short and long version.

There are tanks, t-shirts, long-sleeve training tops, and zipped and unzipped sports jackets for your sims tops.

Finish off their outfits with sunglasses and a bun bag.

14. Two-Piece Fitness Outfit by Saliwa

4 colored two-piece activewear outfits

There’s just something about asymmetrical clothing; it adds a little something extra.

This beautiful two-piece fitness outfit comes with a sports bra and full-length leggings.

The sports bra has a slanted neckline, is strapless on one side, and has two straps on the other.

This vibrant set comes in 5 swatches.

15. Sims 4 Sports Collection by Simsulani

two sims dressed in long sleeves and sport shorts

So, while this 3-piece sports collection is great for workouts, I also love it for casual everyday sportswear.

And while the bucket hat, long-sleeve crop top, and shorts come in 24-40 swatches, I’m really digging the ombre color options.

16. Floral Sporty Collection by Blue Craving

sims dressed in floral sporty gear

If you’ve seen our post on the best cc packs, you’ll know I love this Blue Craving sports collection.

The pack comes with the following pieces;

  • Leggings
  • A sports bra top
  • A sporty cropped sweater
  • Running shoes
  • A few hairs

There are various swatches, including those pretty flower swatches seen above.

17. Sims 4 Sporty Mini Set by Akalukery

3 female sims dressed in red and black sporty clothing

This activewear mini set comes with 4 clothing pieces ideal for daily wear or sports.

The set includes bike shorts, tracksuit pants, a sports bra, and a sports dress.

There are 6 swatches available (black, gray, purple, burnt orange, and red).

18. Sol Movement Activewear by Solistair

sims dressed in casual sports clothing

This sportswear set is excellent for anyone who loves pastel colors; the pack comes with 7 swatches.

Your sims will get 3 lengths of sports leggings, a sports bra, and socks. The socks are available for both your male and female sims.

19. Energy Activewear Clothing by Miiko

sims dressed in workout clothing

This energy set is ideal for active sims on the go or for those who prefer lounging around the house.

The pack includes thigh-length biker shorts, a cropped long-sleeve top, and a cozy oversized hoodie.

Each clothing piece is available in 13 swatches, including a mix of solid and patterns.

20. Male Baggy Jogging Set by CreamLatteDream

male sims dressed in baggy sweatpants and sweatshirts

This activewear set is perfect for your sims who prefer working out in oversized sweatpants and hoodies to get a good sweat on.

The set included a baggy hoodie and pants, available in 35 swatches and some exciting patterns.

21. Landa Yoga Set by No Style X Woodland

two female sims in two-piece yoga sets

Here, we have another yoga set; this set comes with a thick-strap yoga crop top and yoga shorts.

The set has 12 swatches, including great neutrals, blues, and earth tones.

Pair these yoga clothing pieces with comfortable running shoes to complete your sim’s outfit.

22. Zero Jersey Shorts for Sims 4 by Trillyke

trio of jersey shorts

Whether your sims enjoy playing basketball or are busy working on their soccer career, they’ll need some comfy jersey shorts.

These oversized high-waisted shorts fall just above your sims knees and are available in 20 swatching, including plenty of vibrant colors.

23. Female Resilient Athletic Set by Nucrests

female sims dressed in pink and black athletic clothing

This sims 4 activewear cc pack is the female version of the collection listed at #13.

There are sports bras, long-sleeve jackets, tank tops, training tops, and a waist trainer for the tops.

You’ll find a mix of joggers, shorts, and tights for the bottoms, both as shorts and a full-length version.

24. Fitness Clothing Collection by Boschiana

trio of sims dressed in fitness clothing

This 9-piece fitness collection comes with everything your female sims need to get their workout in.

The pack includes different styles of sports bras, long-sleeve crop tops, biker shorts, and skin-tight leggings.

The pack is available in 27 swatches.

25. Arizona Jogger CC by Pixelunivairse

trio of jogging pants

Grab some more activewear for your sims with this set of performance joggers.

The jogging pants have a medium-fitted look and taper at the ankles.

The set has 52 swatches, including plenty of solids and 13 patterns, a mix of plaid, skulls, stars, clouds, and more.

26. Larissa Athletic Leggings by Pixelunivairse

female sims wearing colorful leggings

When it comes to physical activity, biker shorts and leggings are at the top of my list of fitness clothing pieces.

These vibrant fitted leggings are great for casual everyday wear, yoga sessions, and more vigorous workouts.

There are 60 swatches, including 29 patterns of mixed skulls, abstract designs, camo, flowers, polka dots, and animal prints.

27. Tennis Player Collection by Boschiana CC

three female sims dressed for tennis

Grab some more stylish tennis outfits for your sims with this great athletic collection. 

The set has some tennis dress options and a top-and-skirt combos. Remember to protect your sims’ knees with the tennis knee pads. 

28. Stamina Activewear Set by Caio-cc

female sims standing together in activewear

This activewear set comes with 12 pieces your sims can wear for sports but as casual wear, too.

I love workout leggings, and this set comes in 3 versions of different lengths. Plus, you can pair them with T-shirts or an oversized sweatshirt.

The sports bra in this set is a perfect choice for a hot summer workout. Complete the outfit with a pair of comfortable running shoes.

29. Balance & Grace Collection by Jolibean X Daylife Sims

four female sims dressed for pilates

Whether your sims are into pilates or yoga, comfort is key in physical activity.

This collaboration combines great pieces, including a bodysuit, legwarmers, and beautiful hairstyles. 

30. Tennis Hot Shot Collection by TwistedCat

female sims dressed for tennis

Tennis is a great summer sport, and this set features cute yet practical outfits for a day on the courts.

Protect your sims’ eyes from the sun with a visor, which will pair great with everything else, including the tennis dress, sweatshirt, and sweatshorts.

The sweatband will come in handy during vigorous matches. 

31. Challenger Sportwear Collection by Imvikai X Oakiyo

female sims posing in activewear
two female sims playing soccer

This collection offers a nice range of sportswear clothing options for your sims and some hairstyles.

I love the mix of styles, including classic joggers, shorts, and even a layered tennis skirt over sports pants.

Each creator’s part is available on their individual Patreon accounts and will be available for public release on June 25th.

Sims 4 Activewear CC: Recap

With many different options of activewear cc, you can create the sporty look your sims need for their various pursuits.

Whether your sims enjoy relaxing yoga or a brisk walk, there are sportswear options for almost everything.

Have fun mixing and matching different styles together to create some unique looks.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and save this pin for later!

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