21+ Iconic Sims 4 Barbie CC, Builds & Poses

Are you looking forward to the new Barbie movie?

Get your sims ready with this collection of sims 4 Barbie cc!

sims 4 barbie cc collage

With the upcoming release of the Barbie movie, we decided to put together a quick list of Barbie cc.

From classic pink finds to more retro-style Barbie options, there is a bit of cc for it all.

I’ll admit there isn’t a ton of sims 4 Barbie cc currently circulating, but we still managed to find great pieces to create some fun looks.

We also came across some gorgeous Barbie builds that we had to include.

Disclaimer: The following mods are neither endorsed nor affiliated with The Sims, Maxis, or Electronic Arts. Any use of mods (custom content or game mods) should be done with caution and with the knowledge that there may be risks.

Newest Sims 4 Barbie CC

Below you will find a mix of Barbie-style clothing, shoes, accessories, Barbie builds, and even a couple of pose packs.

1. Sims 4 Barbie by Katverse

Barbie with blond hair and crown

This sims 4 Barbie cc allows you to get a beautifully designed Barbie sim, ready to go.

You will need to download all the cc linked on the download page for your Barbie sim to look the same as Katverse’s.

2. Sims 4 Barbie Dreamhouse by Kate Emerald

Pink Barbie Mansion

This Barbie dreamhouse is everything I always imagined as a child.

While we have included some modern houses further down, something about this more classic-looking home fits Barbie so well.

You will find the tray files linked below, as well as a speed build video link.

3. Sims 4 Barbie Hair CC Set by Dailylife Sims

trio of Barbie hairstyles

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures inspired this hair cc pack.

There are 3 hairstyles; a classic high ponytail, relaxed hair down look, and a loose hairstyle with a thick braid off the center part.

These 3 hairs are available in both the HQ and non-HQ versions.

You can also grab the hair color accessories, which allow for highlights, ombre, and chunks of color.

4. Sims 4 CC Barbie Lipstick by KareemZiSims 

shiny pink lipstick on female sim

The live-action movie inspired this sims 4 Barbie cc and brings glossy lipstick to a new level.

This custom-content lipstick comes in 20 vibrant swatches with a water-like reflectiveness.

5. Sims 4 Barbie Pose Pack by Katverse

sim posing in doll-like positions

When capturing your Barbie sims, what’s better than some doll-like poses?

This pose pack comes with 5 in-game and CAS poses (replaces the Cheerful trait in CAS).

These poses focus on your sims in more stiff-like positions, much like a Barbie doll.

6. Barbie Shaped Pool by Kate Emerald

Mansion with Barbie head shaped pool

You can’t get any more iconic than this mansion with a gigantic Barbie head-shaped swimming pool.

Whether your sim is a Barbie or just a neighboring fan, this beautiful mansion will be the talk of the summer season.

7. Sims 4 Barbie Doll Box CC by Euno Sims

Barbie inside a red box with hearts

This sims 4 Barbie cc set comes with a Barbie doll box.

There are 6 color options, each changing up the heart colors and patterns on the box interior.

8. Sims 4 Barbie CC Dress by Madlen

sim wearing long pink dress with spaghetti straps

This beautiful strappy pink dress is ideal for a summertime date night between Barbie and Ken.

While I love the pink swatches, there are 12 different color options in total.

Pair with your favorite accessories and sexy shoes to complete the perfect look.

9. Pink Heels for Sims 4 Barbies by Madlen

two sets of feet modeling high heels

Speaking of sexy shoes, these sky-high pink pumps are just the heels you need for your Barbie closet.

Available in 8 swatches, you can easily pair these pumps with various outfits.

10. Sims 4 Barbie Yacht by Kate Emerald

Pink Barbie yacht

If your Barbie sim needs a change of scenery, this epic Barbie yacht is just the thing.

This triple-deck pink yacht will allow your Barbie sim to entertain in style or enjoy some alone time with Ken.

The tray files are available on the download page below.

11. Sims 4 Barbie CC Pack by Ice-Cream for Breakfast

groups of sims in 59s clothing

This new Simmer of ’59 cc set has everything you need to style your Ken and Barbie sims, especially if they are heading to the pool.

This pack includes;

  • Hairs
  • Swimsuits
  • Rompers
  • Shirt
  • Accessories

12. Pink Outfit for Barbie by Madlen

blong female sim in pink suit

Is your Barbie sim more on the preppy side or heading to the office?

This sexy Chanel-inspired blazer and shorts combo works for both scenarios.

You get the tweed/plaid blazer, shorts, and crop top.

For the final touch, add a pair of sparkling stockings.

13. Pink Leather Heeled Loafers by Jius-sims

legs modeling leather pink pumps

These heeled leather loafers are perfect for a business-chic Barbie busy working a 9 to 5 job.

While the deep pink swatch above is gorgeous, there are 32 swatches for this shoe model.

Plus, this shoe pack comes with 6 different styles of shoes and one pair of knitted socks.

14. Barbie Doll House by Around The Sims 4

kid sims playing with Barbie dream house

Grab this three-story Barbie dreamhouse for your sim kids to enjoy.

Having a Barbie dreamhouse wasn’t in the cards growing up, but I can enjoy one now in the sims 4.

Plus, you can get some playable Barbie dolls by Around the Sims 4 here.

15. Barbie Camper for Sims 4 by Kate Emerald

Pink Barbie camper

Who says your sims have to live in a classic home?

This sims 4 Barbie cc camper has got everything your sims need to turn this stunning camper into a permanent residence.

Turn an empty lot into the perfect Barbie getaway.

16. Sims 4 Barbie Catsuit by belal1997

turquoise Barbie bodysuit

If you enjoyed Barbie’s role in Toy Story 3, you’ll love this sims 4 Barbie cc.

You can recreate her epic turquoise catsuit with tripped leg warmers.

You Barbie will be ready to hit an aerobics class in no time.

17. Barbie Eyelashes Set by Queen BeeXxx21 

Barbie with black winged eyeliner

This sims 4 Barbie cc is for eyelashes and eyeliner combined.

The eyelashes will give your sim some long thick lashes, while the eyeliner has a winged effect, both drawing focus toward the eyes.

18. Sims 4 Functional Barbies by Simmin My Best Life

collection of functional Barbies

If you loved playing with Barbies growing up, you must grab some functional Barbie dolls for your sim kids.

This set of dolls comes with both functional and decorative Barbies.

You get the following cc;

  • Blonde & Brunette Barbies (functional)
  • Barbie Fashionista (functional)
  • Ken Fashionista (functional)
  • A deco-boxed Barbie
  • A deco Fashionista doll collection

19. Barbie & Ken Set by Reina X Hiyut

Barbie & Ken posing together

This sims 4 Barbie cc set is split into two packs for this collab.

Reina provides a bodysuit for your Barbie sim and a suit for Ken.

The bodysuit comes in 3 colors, and the shirt and shorts combo has 7 swatches.

You can also download the Barbie box as an accessory or an object.

On Hiyut’s side, we get a Barbie and Ken pose pack consisting of 8 couple poses.

There are also 6 solo Barbie poses too.

20. Malibu Barbie Mansion by Kate Emerald

modern Barbie mansion

So clearly, I am obsessed with Barbie houses, and this classic Malibu Barbie house is no exception.

With its rounded details and mega pool, this house has got the perfect exterior grounds for entertaining and all the Barbie charm.

21. Sims 4 Retro Barbie CC by Talarian

retro style romper on a female sim

When I saw the pattern on the blue belted romper above, I knew it was the perfect outfit for my retro Barbie.

This clothing set comes with the two patterns above in a variety of color swatches (30 total) which also change up the belt color.

22. Pink Shoe Pack for Barbie by Juis-sims

collage of pink shoes

Since our sims can never have enough shoe options, this 4-piece shoe pack had the perfect strappy heels and pumps.

There are 3-18 swatches per shoe design, and I can’t take my eyes off those fuchsia platform pumps.

23. Barbie 90s Outfit Set Recolor by Mickimagnum

90s style female outfit

This 90s two-piece set serves retro vibes, with similar patterns to the romper seen at #21.

While I love the original version by Jolibean, these vibrant recolors are making their way into my sims summer wardrobe.

There are 11 swatches; 5 with patterns and 6 solid color options.

Sims 4 Barbie CC: Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this collection of Sims 4 Barbie CC.

With the upcoming movie release, more Barbie custom content will likely become available, but this should get you started for now.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

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21+ Iconic Sims 4 Barbie CC, Builds & Poses

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