40+ Sims 4 Medieval CC: Embark On An Epic Journey

With this Sims 4 Medieval CC collection, your sims can step into the Middle Ages.

sims 4 medieval cc collage

One of the best parts of playing sims 4 is the ability to transform your game into almost any time period or theme.

From the decades challenge to Medieval gameplay, custom content items exist for them all.

So create the perfect world of medieval peasants and nobility with this list of sims 4 Medieval cc.

Finest Sims 4 Medieval CC

We’ve included a mix of base game medieval cc clothes, hairs, shoes, furniture, swords, homelife objects, and more for your sims.

1. Adelaide Hairstyle CC by Shimydim

breaded female updo hairstyle

This beautiful braided hairstyle is ideal for the Medieval ages and will have your sim ladies looking the part.

Two thick braids frame the face and are tied at the base of your sims head.

The final touch to this hair cc is the thin headband that loops under both braids.

2. Sims 4 Medieval Peasant Dress by Kennetha_v

simple peasant dress

While your Medieval peasants are busy working within the castle walls, they will need to be appropriately attired.

This medieval dress set comes with a simple dress with a buttoned bodice and loose cotton sleeves.

You can also add the headdress to complete your sim’s outfit.

3. Medieval Dining Room Accessories by Nemesis_im

medieval table with food and drink accessories

Set up the local tavern for the evening meal with this sims 4 medieval cc accessories set.

This pack includes bread, cheese, a drink carafe, a drink bottle, wooden trenchers, a mug, and simple cutlery.

4. Sims 4 Medieval Male Tunic by Plumbobs n Fries

trio of males wearing medieval tops

This sims 4 medieval men’s tunic will have your sims looking sharp as they head into the evening feast.

The shirt has a half collar and buttons down the front.

The tunic is cinched at the waist with a leather belt for a medieval touch.

5. Medieval Gown for Sims 4 by Sifix

fancy medieval dresses

A 1454 painting by Jost Haller inspires this beautiful medieval gown.

Similar to the medieval French bliaut, this lovely tunic covers a linen chemise which you can see at the opening on the sleeves.

This medieval gown is available in 14 colors, the jewel tones being my favorites.

6. Sims 4 Medieval Peasant Beds by Simbishy

peasant life bedroom abd beds

Life as a peasant was tough, and this set of sims 4 medieval cc brings us a little touch of reality.

These peasant homelife pieces include the basic necessities without any extras (except for the premium hay the creator included. 😉

Some of the medieval custom content pieces include;

  • Beds with itchy linens & hay
  • Basic wooden table and chair
  • Adult & toddler chamber pots
  • Makeshift sink & shower

7. Joan of Arc Custom Content Set by Oydis

Joan of arc cc set

Joan of Arc has to be one of the most famous people from medieval times.

Born a peasant, this warrior fought hard, and this cc pack gives your Joan sim the armor she needs.

This set includes medieval sabaton armor boots, a loose skirt, a simple top, and chest armor.

8. Medieval Plague Doctor Clothes by Kennetha_v

medieval plague doctor clothing set

The bubonic plague was a terrible part of Medieval times, wiping out a considerable portion of Europe’s population.

This custom content offers a medieval doctor’s outfit; your sims can also become a plague doctor by adding the classic beaked hood.

9. Sims 4 Medieval CC Set by Melancholy Maiden

framed portrait of 4 medieval females

This set of sims 4 medieval cc comes with 3 hairstyles for your female sims.

The Magda look has two face-framing braids and a simple wimple covering the rest of the head.

The Loenarda hair gives your sims a long braid down the back and a yarn snood placed at the back of the head.

The Matilda hairstyle is parted down the middle with a looped braid on each side.

You can accessorize the hairs further with the veil or crown veil accessory.

10. Medieval Plucked Eyebrows by RemusSirion

thin plucked medieval eyebrows

During the Middle Ages, women often plucked their eyebrows relatively thin.

This sims 4 Medieval cc offers thin plucked eyebrows to give your sims the most authentic medieval-era look.

There are 7 available colors, and these eyebrows are enabled for all genders and ages.

11. Fantasy Forest CC by Blue Craving

belted tunic dress

While this belted fantasy dress is not technically for the medieval era, it felt it had a Middle Ages feel with its layered look.

The dress has a white under chemise covered with two extra layers and cinched with a leather and metal belt.

12. Isabelle Hairstyle for Sims 4 by Sehablasimlish

female loose hair cc with braid tied at the back

Here we have another medieval-inspired maxis match hair cc for your female sims.

Your sims will get a simple loose hairstyle with braided bangs tied at the back of the head.

This hair custom content is available in 24 EA colors.

13. Peasant Sack Breeches CC by SimmieV

peasant pants made of sack fabric

These medieval peasant sackcloth breeches are ideal for the hard-working peasant sims in your household.

With their rough sack fabric and criss cross twitching, these breeches are the basics for the lower classes.

For some extra realness, the 8 swatches offer different levels of cleanliness.

14. Sims 4 Medieval Homelife CC by Simbishy

peasant homelife custom content

Adding a few more essentials to your sims peasant home, this set focused on your sim’s cooking area.

You will find the following pieces;

  • Kitchen counters
  • Hearth fireplaces
  • Hearth cooking grill
  • Mediaval fridge & oven
  • Wirewood and logs

15. Men’s Medieval Tunics by Historical Sims Life

trio of male sims wearing a plain tunic

Have your sims undress after a long day into their casual sleep tunic.

This simple sleep tunic is made of rough cotton and has small lacings at the top of the chest.

There are 6 muted color swatches for this medieval cc.

16. Sims 4 Medieval Dirt Blush by RemusSirion

medieval dirt blush cc

I love how creative cc creators get; to think of creating medieval cc like dirt blush is amazing.

With the 4 available swatches, this custom content allows you to add different degrees of dirt to your sim’s faces.

17. Medieval Herbalist Hut by Lhonna

small medieval hut

This small medieval-style hut is for the herbalist in the village.

The hut has an open-concept split between the living area, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom.

Plus, this medieval hut is surrounded by a darling pond and a large forest.

18. No Sleep Eye Bags CC by RemusSirion

female sim with under eye bags

With so much work, lounging in bed was highly unlikely in the Middle Ages.

This sims 4 medieval cc brings no sleep eye bags to your sims.

These eye bags are available for all ages and genders and comes in 15 swatches.

19. Sims 4 Female Medieval Shoes by Dissia

beige and brown medieval suede shoes

Complete your medieval outfits with these classic calfskin shoes with laces up the sides.

These medieval-style shoes come in 10 swatches to mix and match with your sim’s different dresses.

20. Decorative Sims 4 Medieval CC by Soloriya

table full of candles, bread, a bucket and pitchers

Add food and warmth to your medieval home with this collection of decorative and functional objects.

This set has 10 pieces, including;

  • Jugs
  • Bottle
  • Bread
  • Porridge
  • Chest
  • Bucket
  • Functional candles

21. Sims 4 Medieval Tapestries by Philo

display of medieval tapestries

This medieval cc requires the Sims 4 Vampires EP.

Tapestries were extremely common in Medieval times.

These works of art were used to decorate castles and were also a form of insulation for those cold castle walls.

This set of sims 4 medieval cc comes with 7 swatches of tapestries.

22. Sims 4 Matilda Hair & Headscraf by MSQSIMS

braided hair bun with a white headscraf

This simple hairstyle seems ideal for a castle worker or peasant.

The hair is braided and styled into a bun with a head scarf.

The head covering shields your sim’s hair except for the loose hair bangs and bun’s base.

23. Peasant Kitchen Medieval CC by Simbishy

spread of breads, fruits and vegetables

In part 3 of the peasant homelife collection, this set brings your sims a bounty of food.

This set has a variety of fresh and baked goods, including;

  • Carrots
  • Baked chicken
  • Little pies
  • Strawberry pie
  • Spices
  • Breads
  • Basket of fruits

24. Medieval Marguerite Hair by Sehablasimlish

braided semi-updo female hairstyle

This fancy hairstyle combines braids with a looped ponytail.

The thick braids are coiled around your sims ears, and the remaining hair is tied in a ponytail with 3 gatherings.

This hair cc comes in 24 EA color options.

25. Sims 4 Medieval Bakery by Kiolometro

sims 4 medieval bakery

This collection of sims 4 medieval cc has everything you need to set up your sims medieval bakery.

Your bakery will have a large stove, display shelves, signs, hay, wood, and more.

26. Male Crakows Shoes for Sims 4 by Arltos

male medieval crakows shoes

Similar to the female shoes listed at #19, this pair of crakows are for your male sims.

With their pointed tips, these shoes will complete any medieval outfit, and there are 8 swatches to try.

27. Medieval Sword Accessories by Historical Sims Life

male and female sims holding swords

This medieval sword set brings you a variety of swords for the whole family.

This pack includes 9 accessory swords (8 for adult sims and 1 wooden option for kids).

Your medieval sims can opt for a wooden sword, a standard sword, a crude word, or something more elegant.

28. Medieval Stone Floor by Nolcanol

medieval stone floor options

Add striking stone details to your sims medieval home with this set of stone floors.

This set comes with 6 swatches, each with a different stone color and design.

29. Opulent Medieval Bedroom by Simsbylinea

fancy medieval bedroom set

This fancy wooden bedroom set is ideal for your medieval castle interior.

From the stone hearth to the four-poster bed, this medieval bedroom cc set is fit for royalty.

30. Medieval Undergarment Set by Moriel

collection of medieval underwear

This sims 4 medieval cc set is all about your sims undergarments.

You get 13 pieces in this mixed pack, including a classic cotton nightgown, different length braies (shorts), tops, and sleeping pants.

31. Sims 4 Peasant Life Food CC by Simbishy

peasant home custom content pieces

The fourth part of the peasant life set includes all the clutter your peasants need in their hut.

There are 9 clutter pieces, including;

  • Herbs
  • Broom
  • Garments
  • Hanging ladder
  • Pots & stuff

32. Sims 4 Medieval Castle Outfit by Nolcanol

medieval castle with stone details

Nothing says Medieval better than a stunning castle in the background.

This two-story castle is beautifully designed, from the inner courtyard to the interior design.

This castle has everything from standard bedrooms to a worker’s room and prison cells.

33. Child’s Medieval Wooden Toy by Mydarling20

sim child with wooden sword and shield

If you’ve ever watched a Medieval drama, you’ve likely seen young kids running around enjoying a good old-fashioned wooden sword fight.

Wooden swords and shields must have been all the rage, and this set comes with both pieces together.

There are 3 swatches to pick from, and you can also get the toddler version.

34. TSM Cradles For Infants by Simverses

trio of infant cradles

This pack has 3 cradles converted from the Sims Medieval and has been adapted for your little infants.

There are 3 cradles, each made for a different class: medieval peasants, the middle class, and royalty.

Naturally, the peasant version is simple and comes with some straw, and the royalty is the complete opposite with its golden details.

35. Ornate Medieval Pad by Lunamothsims

collection of ornate horse pads

These ornate medieval saddle pads are absolutely beautiful and one of my new favorites.

With their scallop edges and embroidered pattern, these saddle pads will be the talk of the medieval town.

These beauties come in 10 colorful swatches.

36. Decorative Stable Set by Moriel

wooden open stable

This deco stable set is ideal for your Medieval gameplay with its simple wooden structure, fence, and hay.

There are 8 pieces in total, including;

  • Hay
  • The stable
  • Cages
  • Firewood
  • Fence

37. Wooden Medieval Horse Toy by Mydarling20

sim child with wooden toy horse

Our sim kids could all do with some extra toys, and this fun custom content comes with a wooden medieval horse toy.

It’s like the medieval version of a witch’s broomstick but just a horse version for kids, available in 3 colors.

38. Medieval Rough Spun Blouse by SimmieV

male sims wearing spun blouses

Replace your sim’s basic peasant blouse with a slightly tailored design, an open collar, cuffs, and detailed stitching.

While this blouse is still made from roughspun fabric, its little upgrades help elevate this male blouse, which is available in 8 colors.

39. Men’s Peasant Braies by SimmieV

male peasant brais

During the Medieval period, common folk often wore knee-length shorts (otherwise known as braies).

These rough shorts were worn with woolen stockings to complete the look.

You’ll find these braies in 8 different color swatches.

40. Eventide Medieval Dress Retextures by Surely-Sims

four female sims wearing court dresses

This set includes three versions for two different dress designs.

The Altaira dress is an embroidered gown with a slit down the middle and a white tunic underneath with long puffy sleeves.

The Johanna dress is a beautiful court dress with a square bodice neckline and three-quarter-length sleeves.

All six dresses come in 20 swatches and can be used by Teen+ sims.

41. Medieval Timbered Brick & Plaster Walls by TheSenseMedieval 

rough plaster walls

If you are busy creating epic medieval builds, you’ll want more realistic options for your sim’s home.

This sims 4 medieval cc set comes with brick and plaster wall options, including 6 timbered brick versions and 6 timbered plaster walls.

42. Sims 4 Medieval Tavern by Plantsimgirl

A medieval tavern in a forest

What’s better than a relaxing evening in a tavern after a long day of travel?

This medieval tavern is beautifully put together, with a small bar area on the main floor and a room at the top for guests to sleep.

You can find the gallery ID and build video link on the download page.

Sims 4 Medieval CC: Final Thoughts

From braided hairstyles to hay-stuffed peasant beds, this list sims 4 medieval cc has everything you need to get started.

Create the perfect medieval world for your sims to explore.

While these are some of our favorite medieval cc pieces, if you come across any other fantastic cc, please leave us a comment below.

Feel free to tag us on our Tumblr with any questions or comments.

And don’t forget to share and save this pin for later!

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