27+ Sims 4 Royal CC: Gowns, Crowns, & More

Make your sims feel like royalty by dressing them up in sims 4 royal cc.

sims 4 royal cc collage

Dressing up your sims and finding new outfits for them is always fun.

Whether you’re dressing your sims for a specific decade or era, like medieval times, you can always count on finding custom content online.

With the Sims 4 Castle Estate Kit, castle homes are trending, and moving your household into one may feel like they’re a tad underdressed.

Luckily, with royal cc, you can dress your sims like a noble family that we like to pretend they are.

Elegant Sims 4 Royal CC

From evening gowns to royal uniforms and tiaras to crown jewels, make your sims the King and Queen of their household.

If you’ve recently moved your sims into a Sims 4 Castle Builds, it’s only natural that they should dress for the part.

And you can pick out some amazing furniture pieces to fill your sim’s home with our collection of Sims 4 Royal Furniture CC.

1. Princess Diana Set by RoyaltySimblr

female sims in white dress with vest

If you were a fan of Princess Diana, you can get your sims a dress that looks like the one she wore at the New York White Gala.

The set includes two pieces of royal jewelry: a necklace and a choker.

The jewelry only comes in the stunning blue sapphire, while the dress is available in 16 swatches.

2. Trooper Coat Dress by The Royal Sims

sims in long green coat dress

You’ll need the Sims 4: Cottage Living expansion pack installed to use this custom content.

You can get your female sims this lovely coat dress to make them look sophisticated and feel like royalty.

This outfit comes in five swatches, and teens+ female sims can wear it.

3. Vienna Tiara Royalty CC by Glitterberry Sims

tiara resting on sims head

Your female sims will look like royalty with this exquisite tiara item.

This beautifully designed royal jewel cc comes decorated with diamonds and pearls.

The creator recommends using Iconic’s hat slider mod to adjust the fit of the tiara on your sims’ heads.

4. Red Carpet Royals Evening Gowns by WARWICK

three gown dresses on mannequins

This set of sims 4 royal cc includes three evening gown dresses inspired by those worn by the Princess of Whales.

For the two Emilie dresses, you can use some overlay swatches to change the color of the belt, rose, or bow elements.

The overlay can be found under the Leggings category. Each dress and overlay comes in 35 swatches.

5. Victorian Uniform Jacket by MelonSloth

male sim in victorian uniform

You can dress your male sims in this uniform jacket to give them a distinguished and royal look.

You’ll find this royal cc under the Jacket category, and it comes in 10 swatches.

The royal sash, cuffs, buttons, and shoulder pads in each swatch remain the same color.

6. The Romanov Royal Collection by Ryley

sideview female sim in yellow dress

If you love the look of Russian royalty, this clothing collection is for you.

The Romanov royal family inspired this collection of royal cc.

In this set, you’ll find clothing items that they used to wear, like:

  • Court gowns
  • Tsar uniform
  • Kokoshnik headdresses

The set also includes a hairstyle for children.

7. Decorated Tuxedos Items by The Royal Sims

three male sims wearing tuxedos

Royal men always look good in uniform; this sims 4 royal cc includes three tux styles for your male sims.

There are three swatches for a fully decorated tux, which includes a sash, a collar, and medallions.

You also get four swatches with only the decorated collar and three with the medals.

8. Royal Prisma Gown for Sims 4 by Sifix

three female sims in dresses

Your female sims will look radiant in this beautiful shoulder gown with separate puffy sleeves.

The gown is made available in 15 swatches and can be worn by sims aged Teens+.

9. Russian Imperial Insignia by NormalSiim

set royal jewels

If you want your sims to look like royalty, you’ll need these royal accessories.

These royalty items, usually seen during a coronation, consist of the Imperial crown of Russia, the scepter, and an orb.

A hat slider mod is recommended to adjust the crown size, and the scepter item comes in two versions.

The set also includes 13 poses for your royal sim family.

10. King Sebastian Royal Top by Beto_ae0

sims wearing red velvet top

For the king of your sim household, you can get him this majestic top with puffy sleeves and a ruffled collar.

Four colors are available for the shirt, and the matching pants are available in the Recommended section of the download page.

You will also find his crown and rings linked, too.

11. Russian Court Pack by BatsFromWesteros

female sim in court dresses and swatches

This set of sims 4 royal cc includes a beautiful court gown, a headpiece, and a sash.

The royal dress is an embroidered gown with a velvety overdress and open sleeves.

The gown and headpiece come in seven swatches, and the sash comes in three.

12. Queen Victoria Coronet by Glitterberry Sims

female sim wearing coronet and necklace

Make your female sims look like royalty with this lovely coronet inspired by Queen Victoria’s crown.

The crown has three swatches to determine the stone color, choosing between sapphire, ruby, or emerald.

13. Helen Lace Royalty Dress CC by The Royal Sims

collage lace dress on female sim

This royalty cc only works if the Sims 4: Cottage Living EP is installed.

This stunning lace dress is something any modern-day female royalty would wear.

The full skirt includes a matching belt and has a long-sleeved sheer top portion.

There are 15 color swatches, which would look great if you get matching-color jewelry.

14. Coronation CC Pack by BatsFromWesteros

royalty sims around throne

This collection includes a few royal decor items, poses, and various clothing options.

For the royal clothing cc, you get items such as:

  • Formal gowns
  • Noble robes
  • Royal sashes
  • Military uniforms

You also get royalty jewel cc, including:

  • Crown
  • Necklace
  • Earrings
  • Coronation orb
  • Coronets
  • And more

15. Jenny Swarovski Crystal Gown by WARWICK

collage female sim wearing crystal dress

This elegant dress was inspired by the stunning Jenny Packham gown once worn by Princess Kate.

The modern-looking gown is offered in 37 swatches and can be worn by sims aged Teen+.

16. Mens Royal Uniforms Set by MelonSloth

male sims in royal uniform

This set of sims 4 royal cc offers three styles of regal uniforms for your male sims.

The first uniform is Japanese-style, with a jacket decorated with medals, a sash, and a sash belt.

The following uniform is Swedish style yet similar to the previous design, with stripes on the lower sleeves and a collar.

Lastly, we have the English uniform with an open jacket decorated with medallions and braided cord.

The English uniform comes in 12 colors, while the other two have two.

17. Little Lady of Dress & Hat by Rusty’s

toddler sim in green outfit

So far, we mostly covered outfits for adult sims, but what about the younger sims?

This royalty set provides a dress and matching hat option for your sim children.

The outfit comes in 24 color swatches, with the flower and undershirt in a different color for contrast.

18. French Royal Jewelry Set by RoyaltySimblr

royal jewelry collection

This fabulous collection contains many jewelry options to complete any royal outfit for the sims in your household.

In this set, you get numerous:

  • Tiaras
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Brooches

Whether you want jewelry with sapphires, rubies, or pearls, this set has plenty to offer.

19. Princess of Wales Dress Set by BatsFromWesteros

polka dot dress on female sim

This polka-dot dress resembles one that Princess Diana once wore.

The dress is offered in six colors and you can get a lovely diamond fleur-de-lis necklace to go with it.

20. Ylsa Fur Trimmed Gown by The Royal Sims

female sims in fur trimmed gowns

This gown only shows up if you have the Sims 4: Cottage Living EP installed.

This beautiful gown has floral textures at the torso and towards the lower portion of the dress.

With its exquisite faux fur trim along the shoulders, this dress is perfect for a Winterfest ball.

The dress has 12 swatches, which include a mix of ombre, light solids, and darker solid colors.

21. Sims 4 Fascinator Hats by MelonSloth

female sim in purple dress and hat

A classic headpiece for women in royal families is the fascinator hat.

This set includes three models of these royal hats for your female sims.

Depending on the model, each has swatches ranging between 20 to 42 colors.

Consider completing your sims’ outfit with a stylish hat in matching colors regardless of the occasion.

22. King George Collection by Revolution Sims

kings cape coat and crown

You can complete your royal sims’ attire with these traditional pieces of regal clothing.

This set includes items such as the majestic cloak, the velvety outfit, and the matching royal crown, each having 15 swatches.

The cloak is in the Necklace category, the outfit is in the Full Body clothing category, and the crown is in the Gloves category.

Sims of any gender can wear the cloak and crown items, but the royal outfit is only for males.

23. English Regalia Collection by NormalSiim

set three purple velvet crowns

If you like the English-style crown, this sims 4 royal cc set has three models.

In this set, you get:

  • Imperial State Crown
  • St James Crown
  • Imperial Crown of India

The crowns are available as wearable or as deco items to place around your sims’ home, and they only come in the swatch illustrated above.

24. Hartnell Evening Gown by WARWICK

sim wearing white gown dress

This beautiful Norman Hartnell gown is one of the late Queen’s famous gowns that she wore mainly during the 1960s.

The royal gown is offered in 10 light-color swatches.

Pair the dress with long gloves, a tiara, and some diamond or pearl jewelry to complete your female sims’ look.

25. Sims 4 Royal Uniform by BatsFromWesteros

male sims in red uniform

This set is a button-up version of the English royal uniform.

The outfit is decorated with medals, a sash, and an optional braided cord.

There are two versions of this uniform, the difference being the golden rope part.

This sims 4 royalty cc is offered in eight color swatches.

26. Beth Jacket and Midi Skirt by The Royal Sims

female sims in jacket and skirt outfit

This outfit requires the Sims 4: Cottage Living EP to be installed.

This lovely outfit is available in five swatches, four featuring a black skirt with a different-colored jacket.

The last swatch is an all-white ensemble with black trims and buttons.

This setup is a perfect example of where a fascinator hat would come in handy.

27. Bird Set Free Collection by Ryley

female sims face to face

This collection includes a few modern-day royal outfits worn by the late Princess Diana and her daughter-in-law, Meghan Markle.

There are a total of seven gowns, with each having its own set of swatches.

In this set, you get:

  • Blue chiffon gown
  • New York gown (+Recolor)
  • Pink and white gown
  • Velvet gown
  • Sleeping beauty gown
  • Meghan’s blue gown
  • Meghan’s green dress

28. Cat Tiara CC for Sims 4 by Glitterberryfly

cat wearing crown

This custom content requires the Sims 4: Cats & Dogs EP installed.

If the whole sim household will be wearing royalty clothing, what about the house cat?

This cute accessory will give your sims’ household cats a small diamond tiara to place on their little heads.

There are four swatches to change the small stone color in the middle.

You can find the tiara under the Pet Clothing category.

Sims 4 Royal CC: Final Thoughts

We hope by going through this list of royal cc, you’ve found a few clothing items and accessories to make your sims look and feel like royalty.

Whether you’re looking for an item for male or female sims, children, or even cats, you’ll likely find it here.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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