67+ Sims 4 Infant CC For The Cutest In-Game Babies

Grab some new infant cc to go along with the infant’s free base game update!

sims 4 infant cc collage

With the latest infant update, I’ve been anxiously awaiting all the new sims 4 infant cc, recolors, and more.

Thanks to the amazing creators in the sims community who have been working so hard, many pieces of custom content are ready to share.

I’ve compiled a mixed list of infant cc clothing, shoes, hair, genetics, furniture, and everyday infant items.

Oh, and in case you need more infant hair or infant mods, you can check out these posts afterward;

Adorable Sims 4 Infant CC

All the following pieces of custom content should be base game compatible but will require the Infant update.

1. Infant Clothing Recolors by Maytaiii

sims 4 infant clothing recolors

This infant cc set comes with three pieces of clothing for your tiny tots.

You will find a cute sweater, a pair of jeans and some comfortable leggings.

The socks are available in 20 swatches and will look adorable with a new pair of custom-content shoes.

2. Frilly Socks For Infants by Giulietta Sims

infant socks with frills

Grab some frilly socks for your little infant sims.

These sims 4 infant socks come with ruffles along the ankle and are available in 20 swatches to mix and match will all your infant outfits.

3. Pacifier For Infants by Powluna

sims 4 infant pacifier

Which infants don’t love their pacifiers?

These low poly unisex pacifiers are available in 36 swatches and have two versions.

You can find these sims 4 infant pacifiers in the glasses and necklaces sections.

4. Infant Comic Eyes Updated by Joliebean

comic eyes for sims 4 infants

This update brings the Helianthea bland comic eyes to your sims 4 infants.

You can grab the default eyes and non-default eye swatches.

There is also an infant update for the Bland Black Eyes by teanmoon included in this set.

5. Caroline Hair For Infants by Ravensim

curly infant hair cc

Give your infant sims a little updo bun and a curly fringe with adorable ringlets.

This Caroline hairstyle is available in 15 swatches and is compatible with hats.

6. Infant Freckles, Face & Body Moles by Chewybutterfly

infant beauty marks

This set of updated files is for infant skin details.

You can add a sprinkling of light freckles, face, and beauty marks to your infants.

There are multiple swatches available for the face and body moles.

7. Addison Sweater Item by Plumbob N Fries

infants in beige and brown lined clothing

If you like clothing with a textured look, this ribbed wool sweater would look good on your baby sims.

The sweater looks like corduroy but has bigger ribbed lines in a choice of 12 colors.

You can find the matching pants linked on the download page in the Recommended tab.

8. Freja Infant Crib CC by Myshunosun

sims 4 infant crib

Grab this new and improved wooden crib for your infants.

Let your little ones get a good night in this fully functional crib which comes in 26 swatches.

9. Infant Nursing Pillow Decor by Simbeeez

infant feeding pillow

These boppy pillows are super popular in real life, and it’s not different for your sims infants.

This set of colorful pillows comes in fun decorative swatches, including flowers, lions, rainbows, and the nighttime moon and stars.

There are 7 patterns in total, and these infant pillows also come in 2 different sizes.

10. Sims 4 Infant Outfit Set by Littletodds

complete infant outfit with floral details

This 3-piece sims 4 infant cc outfit is so darling.

It comes with a short sleeve shirt, colorful leggings, and a matching hat with an incorporated bow at the front.

There are 4 swatches for each clothing piece.

11. Jordy Graphic Onesie by Powluna

infant wearing onesie with dog picture

Your little infants will look so adorable in one of these onesies.

There are 38 swatches of various designs, like:

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Flowers
  • Plumbobs
  • Dinosaurs
  • And other fun designs

12. Sweet Cartoonny Skinblend by Northern Siberia Winds

infant skinblends custom content

This small set of sims 4 infant cc has two skinblends for your smallest family members.

Both skinblends focus on a smooth cartoony finish, giving your infants a close maxis match feel.

You have 5 overlay swatches for the skinblends, ranging from light to dark tones.

You can also opt for the standard or HG mod-compatible file downloads.

13. Paint Splatter Jeans by JellyPaws

sims 4 infant jeans

Almost everyone loves a good pair of jeans; your infants are no exception.

These tiny pair of jeans are covered in artsy paint splatter, and you have 3 swatches to try on your tots.

14. Eyes, Brows & Skins For Infants by Twisted-Cat

eyes, brows and skins for infants

This cc set by Twisted-Cat has infant updates for eyes, skins, and brows.

There are 2 sets of eyes (comet and faded eyes), 3 skins, and 7 options for your infant brows.

15. Rosie Infant Shoes CC by Georgiaglm

infant running shoes cc

Get your sims 4 infants their first pair of runners-style shoes with tiny laces.

These adorable shoes will easily complement any casual outfit and come in 10 maxis match color combinations.

16. Yumi Pants for Infants by Milkemie

infants in pants and knitted sweater

This custom content is for a cute pair of pants for your little ones.

These trousers are baggy straight-leg pants that come in 18 colors.

Pair these pants with a cute top and you’ve got yourself a nice outfit for your sims.

These pants, which are in the Bottoms category, can be used on infants of both genders.

17. Infant Bath Seat by Simbeeez

bath seat with heart patterns

Are your infants due for a bath?

What’s more convenient than this infant bath seat to help your sims parents with their new duties?

These bath seats have a patterned heart inner fabric and 16 color swatch options.

18. Infant Pajama Recolors by Maytaiii

collage of infant pajama recolors

All sims 4 infants need some jammies to rock at nap time, and this set of 63 recolors has all the swatches you could ever need.

These stylish pajamas have footies attached and come in a variety of patterns.

19. Baby Girl Infant Collection by Camuflaje

baby girls in onesies

This cute clothing collection for your sim infants contains some onesies and earrings.

There are three styles of onesies:

  • T-Shirt onesie
  • Rib-knit onesie
  • Sunflower-patterned onesie

There are two types of earrings available: flower or teddy bear styles.

The onesies come in 11-12 swatches, and the earrings have 4-5, depending on the item.

20. Infants Face Paint by Twisted-Cat

sims 4 infant face paint

This double set of infant updates includes face paint for your little ones.

You can grab the updated file for the crossings set inspired by animal crossing.

You also have the option of the flower cheeks, which has flower scattered near the under-eye area.

21. Teeny Teef Infant Set by Yooniesim

collage of sims 4 infant teeth cc options

This set of sims 4 infant cc teeth is one of my favorite new pieces of custom content.

There are 12 sets of infant’s teeth ranging from gums only to different upper and lower teeth swatch options.

22. Summer Pajamas for Baby Sims by Maytaiii

collection infant pajamas

This set comes in 17 swatches and is a two-piece shirt and shorts combo that provides a ton of pajama options for your infants.

The pajamas are divided into two categories: Tops and Bottoms.

Being in separate files means that you can have fun mixing and matching.

23. Infant Makeup & Genetics by Pralinesims

two sims infants dressed in bear costumes

Pralinesims has updated a ton of files for your sims 4 infants, including multiple makeup cc options and genetics.

There are over 40 file updates, so browse through the titles to see which of your favorites custom content files you want to redownload.

24. Sims 4 Infant Lashes by JellyPaws

sims 4 infant lashes

This piece of infant custom content adds little whisps of delicate lashes to your sims infant eyes.

These lashes are not overwhelming and beautifully compliment a young infant’s face.

You’ll get just a touch of lashes, mainly focused on the outer edges of the eyes.

25. Smile to Me Pants for Infants by Bukovka 

pastel green and pink infant clothing

If you want a casual pair of pants for your sims’ little one, this pair comes in three designs:

  • With little green triangles
  • With little cars and balloon patterns
  • Stripy with orange and green lines

If you’re interested in a matching top, the creator has provided a link for one on the download page.

26. Arlo Infant Socks by Georgiaglm

sims 4 infant animal socks

These three-quarter-length infant socks will add a cute touch to any infant’s outfit.

With their adorable animal prints, your sims 4 infants will be the talk of the town.

There are 12 watches, including bears, pigs, and cats.

27. Sims 4 Toddler Outfit by Littletodds

toddler onesie outfit with hat

This infant outfit comes with a full sleeve and footed pajama-like piece.

There is only one swatch for this outfit which has a delicate floral design with a light green trim.

You can also opt for the matching bunny-eared hat or the bow version.

28. Diamond Infant Playmat by Simbeeez

sims 4 infant playmat

Every little infant deserves a new playmat to enjoy their tummy time activities.

This playmat is all about diamond-shaped patterns and matching hanging toys.

There are 9 color swatches and 2 options for each color combo.

29. Infant Get Famous Joggers by Maytaiii

jogger pants for infants

For active babies who play around all day, you can dress them up in a nice pair of jogger pants.

These joggers come in nine colors with checkered patterns in the knee areas.

To complete the look, you can pair the pants with a cute hoodie for infants.

30. Sims 4 Infant Clothes by Powluna

sims 4 infant cc body outfit

I love a good pair of overalls, and this version looks super cute on my sims 4 infants.

These overalls are the length of shorts and come with a long sleeve top underneath.

There are 32 swatches, including solids shirt options and more colorful patterns.

31. Jally and Bea Infant Hairs by Ravensim

hair cc for sims 4 infants

This set of custom content includes two hairstyles for your little ones.

You can grab the braided pigtails or the little bowtie updo.

There are 15 hair colors per hairstyle and 16 swatches for the accessory bow.

32. Daisy Hat for Infants by Giulietta Sims

large flower design infant hat

Get ready for the summer season with this adorable daisy hat for infants.

There are 6 swatches to enjoy, and your human sims, aliens, mermaids, and vampires can use this infant hat.

You also have the option to grab this hat on your toddlers too.

33. Daycare Infant Clothing Set by Camuflaje

onesies and pacifiers for infants

This adorable infant collection features three onesies, two pacifiers, and a bandanna for your household’s little one.

The designs for the onesies are:

  • Floral patterned onesie in seven colors
  • A bathing suit with a skirt in 11 swatches
  • Bunny jumpsuit with checkered shirt in 10 colors

The bandanna is so cute, with the little bow in the middle. It comes in 11 swatches.

The pacifiers come in either a solid color or tiny floral patterns.

You can grab the entire collection on early access or when it’s released for public access on June 29th.

34. Infant Contacts for Sims 4 by Sims3melancholic

sims 4 infant boy with contacts

This set of sims 4 infant cc updates includes 92 eye contact options.

You can also use these contacts with sliders.

You will also find updates for blush, eyelashes, and highlight options for your infants.

35. Pastel Bunny Beanie Set by Simbeeez

infant beanie set with bunny ears

This adorable bunny beanie set is another cute find for your sims 4 infants.

Your infants can enter the Easter season with their new favorite pair of bunny ears.

There are 5 pastel swatches, each with a daisy design.

36. Infant Sims 4 Genetics Set by Sims3melancholic

infant genetics set

If you are already a fan of the snot custom content in the past, you will be happy to know if now available for your infant sims.

But this set of genetics is not limited to boogers; you will also find baby skin options, birthmarks, freckles, moles, and lip kisses.

37. Backward Cap for Infants by Maytaiii

infant wearing backward cap

Put on a backward baseball cap to give your sim baby that cool look.

The cap is a conversion of the Teen+ version from creator Luumia.

The hat is available in 21 solid colors without designs or logos and can be worn by both genders.

38. Infant Polka Dot Outfit by Littletodds

polka dot infant outfit

I came across another cute custom content outfit for infants, and this one is all about polka dots.

This outfit comes with a top and shorts combo, a summer cap, and socks.

The outfit has only one swatch, but the hat and socks have 4 color options.

39. Olive & Angel Infant Hairstyles by Ravensim

dual girly infant hairstyles

Grab these new hairstyles for your little infants.

Both focus on pompoms, one with bangs at the front and the second style with a smooth back look and combed baby hairs.

Both sims 4 infant hairstyles come in 15 colors.

40.  Lyla Infant Clothing Set by Turksimmer

infant wearing bell bottom pants

This cute little outfit features a long-sleeved top and bell-bottom pants with ruffles.

The top will appear oversized length-wise, which creates folds at the bottom.

The pants have spots all around with ruffles around the ankles.

Both items have eight colors to pick from.

41. Sims 4 Infant Romper by Joliebean

blue infant romper

Snag the perfect rompers for your tiny tots with this halter neck polka dot design.

There are 13 swatches to style, and you can pair this romper with the frilly socks listed at #2 and the shoes right down below.

42. Sims 4 Infant Shoes CC by Georgiaglm

brown infant shoes with strap

These perforated leather-style Mary Jane shoes are ideal for the spring and summer seasons.

With 12 color options, you can easily pair these shoes with almost any infant outfit.

43. Cutesy Infant Freckles by TheBlondeSimmer

sims 4 infant nose freckles

Add a sprinkle of freckles across your infant’s nose and the start of their cheeks.

There are 12 swatches, and the creator provided different category files (blush, forehead crease, and freckles).

Make sure you only place one file in your game at a time.

44. Little Hero Onesies Set by Maytaiii

infant top with super hero logos

With this set, your sim baby can wear their favorite superhero logo on their onesies, such as:

  • Hulk
  • Iron man
  • Superman
  • Spiderman
  • Wonder woman
  • And many more

You can choose to have the onesies alone or as a full outfit with pants.

The onesies come with 34 designs, and the outfit has 16 swatches.

45. Pretty U Infant Pigtails by Yooniesim

Sims 4 Infant CC For The Cutest In-Game Babies

Here we have another toddler hairstyle but with a bow overlay.

The combed-back pigtails are braided and come in 15 colors.

For the bows, you can choose between 21 colors or 14 patterns.

46. Infant CC Patch by Northern Siberia Winds

collage of infant genetics cc

Northern Siberia Winds also did a huge infant update for their custom content.

You will find a mix of everything you need to customize your infant faces, including eyebrows, blush, freckles, dimples, eyes, and more.

47. Infant Heart Surgery Scar by JellyPaws

infant sim with a large scar down their chest

This infant heart surgery scar brings so much realism to the sims 4.

While I hate to think of any infants in discomfort, this custom content scar allows simmers to create realistic in-game infants that represent them.

There are two scar swatches available.

48.  Infant Teddy Bear Set by Camuflaje

infants wearing sweater pants and onesie

This small collection includes an outfit, a onesie, and three styles of pacifiers.

The outfit is a long-sleeved sweater and rib-style pants with suspenders that come in 13 swatches.

The onesie has a bear pattern that comes with a selection of 10 colors.

Each pacifier has its own unique design and color choice.

The pacifiers with animal designs are unisex, but the third one is made exclusively for girls.

You can grab the pacifier individually or the all-in-one file, which includes the clothing items.

49. Infant Changing Table by Simbeez

infant wooden changing table

This new contemporary changing table will fit nicely in any nursery room that has a wooden theme.

There are 11 wooden tones and 8 color options for the fabric portion.

This changing table does require the Growing Together expansion pack.

50. Fruity Infant CC Sweatshirt by TheSimAllie

fruit inspired infant outfits

A whole bunch of fruit inspires this cute sims 4 infant cc sweatshirt.

There are 12 adorable swatches to try out, including;

  • Oranges
  • Peaches
  • Cherries
  • Mixed fruit
  • Strawberries and more

51. Teddy Bear Overall Dress by Turksimmer

teddy bear overalls on infant

I love these overalls; they are adorable and look soft to the touch.

You get a fluffy dress with straps and a bear-shaped pocket at the front.

This girl-exclusive item comes in eight swatches and can be found under the Short Dresses category.

52. Infant CC Strawberry Pacifier by JellyPaws

sim infant with a strawberry pacifier

Following the heels of the fruit sweatshirt above, why not complete the look with this adorable strawberry-shaped infant pacifier?

Only one swatch is available for this pacifier cc, but you can’t go wrong with it.

The strawberry even has a little greenery at the top of the pacifier.

53. Infant Hoop Earrings by GiuliettaSims

female infant sim with simple gold hoop earrings

These darling little hoop earrings will compliment any outfit on your sims 4 infants.

These infant earrings come in 4 metal tones and are available for humans and occults (mermaids, aliens, and vampires).

54. Infant Summer Pajamas Part 2 by Maytaiii

various infant pajamas

This summer pajama set complements the previous set by the same creator by adding 32 more swatches.

I love the watermelon and shark swatches, they are so fun. Infants of both genders can use these pajamas.

55. Infant CC Fantasy Ears by ILKI sims

infant fantasy ears

Need some new ears for your occult infants?

This set of infant ear recolors comes with 7 different ear types, including Fantasy Ears and a pair of Elf ears.

Depending on the ears you select, you need to grab the necessary meshes linked on the download page.

56. Infant Feeding Tube by JellyPaws

infant with a feeding tube in their nose

Here we have another medical cc item for your tiny tots.

This feeding comes in one swatch with a simple white tube and medical tape.

While the feeding tube can be used for infants, it also works for any age group.

You will find this sims 4 infant cc in the facepaint category.

57. Sims 4 Infant CC Eyelashes by Kijiko

infant with full eyelashes

Kijijo eyelashes are some of the most popular custom content out there, so I’m sure many of us were patiently waiting for infant lashes.

These infant 3D lashes work for all genders and are available in 5 colors.

58. Cat Pacifier for Infants by GiulietteSims

infant pacifiers with a cat design at the center

These sims 4 infant cat pacifiers can’t get any cuter.

Your infants will look adorable with these colorful feline-inspired pacifiers.

There are 10 color options to try, and you will find these infant pacifiers in the brow ring category.

59. Infant CC Cow Onesie by TheSimAllie

sims 4 infant cow onesie

This adorable onesie recolor adds some fun to the classic design.

Your sims 4 infants can crawl around in these cow pattern onesies all day.

There are 3 cow print swatches to enjoy.

60. Little Sims’ Tank Onesie by Maytaiii

collection infant onesies

Are you looking for a onesie with several fun styles?

This clothing item comes with a great selection of 34 swatches, with designs such as:

  • Stars
  • Stripes
  • Sharks
  • Seagulls
  • Little bees
  • Watermelons
  • And many more

61. Infant CC Hat Conversion by ILKI sims

sims 4 infant bear hat conversion

Here we have a quick straw bear hat conversion for your sims 4 infants to style with their favorite outfits.

You will need to grab the original mesh linked on the download page.

62. Infant CC Furniture by Around the Sims 4

collection of infant cribs, changing tables and playmats

This collection comes with a bunch of furniture pieces for your infants.

You will find cribs, changing tables, and playmats.

I love the owl theme crib; it’s super cute.

Except for the cribs, the remaining pieces will require the Growing Together EP.

63. Infant Clothing Recolors Part 2 by Maytaiii

infant two-piece outfit recolors

This set of sims 4 infant cc clothing recolors comes with 65 swatches for the t-shirt and 56 swatches for the leggings.

Mix and match the swatches to create stylish casual outfits for your infants.

64. Infant CC Floral Set by TheSimAllie

infant floral clothing set

I love an outfit with a matching hat, and this set of floral infant clothing comes with a onesie and hat.

There are 10 floral swatches included, some with smaller and larger flower designs.

65. Atomic Infant Highchair by RoseaMarie

retro style infant highchair

Bring some style to feeding time with these atomic infant custom-content highchairs.

The highchair comes in 25 swatches, and this custom content can be used for infants and toddlers.

66. Infant Strawberry Fields Set by Powluna

two infants sitting in a strawberry field

This strawberry fields clothing set prepares your little infants for a happy playday in the sun.

Watch your little ones shine in this adorable strawberry fields clothing set with a t-shirt and overalls combo, a matching summer hat, and Mary-Jane style shoes.

Each piece is available in 15 swatches.

67. Marly Infant Onesie by Pixelunivairse

two infants dressed in legless onesies

These long-sleeved onesies will leave your infant’s legs bare, allowing them to crawl around freely. 

These unisex onesies have 60 swatches, including flowers, astronauts, kitty cats, lions, watermelon slices, and plenty more. 

68. Corey Bodysuit Onesie by Pixelunivairse

two infants dressed in animal themed onsies

With their long sleeves and footies, these zippered bodysuit onesies are great for the cooler fall and winter seasons. 

This infant cc is unisex and comes in 60 adorable swatches, including dinosaurs, sheep, puppies, stripes, and polka dots. 

Sims 4 Infant CC: Final Thoughts

I hope you found some new infant cc pieces to add to your new collection.

With so many custom content updates available and new creations, your infants will be as cute as they can be.

As new infant cc becomes available, I’ll update this post with some of the best pieces to be released.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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