31+ Sims 4 Kawaii CC: Posters, Decor, Dresses & More

Whether you’re new to the Kawaii concept or you’ve always enjoyed the aesthetic, this collection of Kawaii cc has something for everyone.

When it comes to Japanese popular culture, Kawaii means something cute or endearing.

But this concept can be applied to almost anywhere in life, from the cups you drink from or the shape of your furniture to your clothing choices.

Kawaii often comes packaged in cute animal shapes, manga, anime, and Sanrio characters.

And we can all do with more cuteness in our lives. 

Kawaii cc collage

My Favorite Kawaii CC Creations

We’ve rounded up a great collection of Kawaii cc, including rugs, tapestries, kitchen appliances, clothing, decorative pieces, and more.

1. Sanrio Posters Set by Simrina XO

collage of sanrio posters

Posters are an excellent way for your sims to express themselves, and they’re easy options for adding some instant cuteness to any space.

Sanrio is home to many of your favorite characters, including Hello Kitty, Keroppi, and Little Twin Stars.

This set comes with 11 swatches featuring different Sanrio characters.

2. Kawaii School Bags CC by Hydrangea

sim office with kawaii school bags

If you are a fan of the original Japanese school bag, this set comes with a couple a couple of Kawaii options.

You’ll find two options: one double-strap bag with a keychain and a heart design at the center.

The second bag has a single strap that can be worn at the shoulder, and a cute little pompom is attached to the side loop.

There are four swatches: pink, purple, deep turquoise, and black.

3. Kawaii Face Stickers Set by Learxfl

female sim with a face full of stickers

Add adorable face stickers to your sims cheeks and upper cheekbones with this set of 5 swatches.

These stickers are definitely not on the subtle end; your sims will have plenty of stickers on their cheeks, and one swatch even has some on their nose.

The stickers focus on cute characters, stars, flowers, rainbows, and strawberries.

4. Mixed Kawaii Earrings CC by Mel Bennett

collage of female sims modeling three kawaii earrings

These Kawaii earrings are all about expressing yourself with fun and creative jewelry. This set comes with 3 ear pendant designs.

The pendant options include a yummy ice cream cone, a heart, and a siren tail.

5. Sims 4 Mushroom Mini Set by Aira

small mushroom shaped kitchen set

Bring something new to the kitchen with this adorable mushroom cooking and decor set for your sims.

The set includes mushroom pieces;

  • A mug
  • Candles
  • A cooking pot
  • Small plant
  • Noteholder

While the red mushroom cap color is so pretty, 9 swatches are available, including yellow, green, purple, blue, and pink.

6. Kawaii Space Buns by Kawaii Whims

college of female sims with space buns hairstyles

When I think of space buns, I always think about Sailor Moon, and depending on who you ask, it does fall into the Kawaii aesthetic.

These more giant space buns have side-swept bangs at the front and longer tendrils framing each side of your sim’s face.

There are 9 swatches to try out, including some vibrant color options.

7. Miss Kawaii Super Cute Dress by Lady Kendal

sims dressed in kawaii dresses

These super cute spaghetti-strap dresses are a great little find and the perfect staple for a Kawaii-loving sim.

The dress has 32 amazing swatches featuring different Kawaii characters, such as cupcakes, bunnies, or clouds.

You will definitely find a few swatches you love, and this dress will look great with some long stockings or elbow-length gloves.

8. Pusheen The Cat Plushy by Nolan-Sims

cat shaped plushy

This Pusheen the Cat plushy is super cute and will make a great addition to your sim’s home, regardless of age.

You can get Pusheen in different colors, some with different facial details and others with a heart or crescent moon on the body.

9. Kawaii Kitchen Stuff by Hydrangea

collage of mixed kitchen objects and small applicances

This collection of functional kitchen stuff could not be cuter, especially the bear-shaped snow cone machine and boba tea mini fridge.

This pack includes some adorable options, whether you need a strawberry-shaped trashcan or an owl teapot.

10. Pinkie Kawaii Kitchen Set by Aira

collage of pink dessets, decor and plates

This Pinkie set comes with various desserts, kitchenware, and extra pieces.

The dumpling-shaped light is my favorite piece in this set; it is adorable.

You will also find some yummy cake pops, cakes, a strawberry statue, a few serving dishes, and makeup.

11. Angry Cat Sofas by Sims41ife

collage of four shaped cat sofas

Need some Kawaii furniture to complete the look in your sim’s home?

This single sofa chair looks comfortable and is beyond cute with its cat shape.

You can go for one of the solid color swatches or choose something with a little extra pizzazz.

12. Cutest Things CC Set by Hydrangea

living room with mixed kawaii decor pieces

Put together a great space for your sims with this Cutest Thing set.

The set includes many adorable creations, including kitty floormats, a bunny cabinet, a cow hamper, and a rabbit end table.

There’s also a functional hamper but you need the Laundry Day stuff pack.

13. Sims 4 Kawaii Food by Mel Bennett

trays of cute shaped foods

This Kawaii food collection comes with some delicious foods, presented in cute shapes and presentation.

Some of the pieces include bear-shaped burgers, bunny ears toast, and smiling mochi.

14. Kitty Cat Furniture Set by Simbishy

room with cat shaped furniture

If you love felines, this Kitty Cat set has fantastic cat-shaped furniture pieces to furnish different rooms.

There are 7 cat-shaped furniture pieces;

  • A shelf
  • Stool
  • Mirror
  • Kitty cat desk
  • Cat bookcase
  • Dining chair
  • Dining table

15. Sims 4 Kawaii Tapestries by Simrina XO

collage of four kawaii tapastries

Nothing can jazz up or complete a room like some wall decor, and this Kawaii tapestry set will add great details to any space.

The tapestries come in 90s anime swatches, including multiple Sailor Moon designs, other anime characters, and some layered hearts.

16. Sims 4 Sanrio Rugs by Ringhost

images of sanrio rugs

If you need new rugs for your Kawaii-inspired home, this set comes with 21 swatches.

You can add some of your favorite characters, including Kuromi, Melody, Usahana, and Bonbonribbon, throughout your sims homes.

17. Little Tokens Kawaii Set by Aira

mixed decor objects

This small set comes with 4 kawaii objects for your sim’s home.

I especially love the toaster-shaped light. There’s also a house-shaped tissue box, bear and mountain-shaped candles, and an egg blush.

18. Kawaii CC Mini-Set by Kawaii Whims

collage of mixed kawaii jewelry and tattoos

This mixed Kawaii custom content comes with three different creations.

You’ll find some simple nose studs in 6 bright colors, stacks of 3 bracelets in solid colors, and one polka dot swatch.

The final cc is for 3 Kawaii character tattoos on the same arm.

19. Sims 4 Kawaii Decor by JellyPaws

side tables with kawaii decor

This small Kawaii set comes with a couple of decor items in a pink pastel color.

There’s a classic gaming controller and a sweet elephant-shaped succulent with a large heart on the pot.

20. Kawaii Stuff II Cosmetics by Hydrangea

collage of cute bathroom beauty products

No Kawaii set would be complete without some sweet cosmetics products for your sims.

This set includes 20 deco objects, including animal-shaped cream tubs and bottles, creative pimple patches, and more.

21. Kawaii Style Decorative Objects by Soloriya

cute food and decorative objects

With this set of Kawaii decorative objects, you can add 9 new pieces to your gameplay.

The objects include a mix of decorative clutter pieces and some poufs;

  • Bear cheeseburger
  • Bear hamburger
  • Smiling sushi rolls
  • Little pig sandwich
  • Smiley marshmallow
  • Panda pouf
  • Bread pouf
  • Kitty pouf
  • Marshmallow pouf

22. Kawaii Decor Collection by Mel Bennett

collage of mixed kawaii objects

This collection of kawaii decor pieces brings everyday items to your sims home but with the kawaii touches, you’re searching for.

There’s everything from yummy Pocky snacks, a classic cup of noodles, and an adorable bunny tumbler to an old-school floppy disk.

23. Sanrio Nursery Picz by Simrina XO

nursey with eight sanrio wall pics

When it comes to your sim’s nursery room, you’ll want to create the cutest space possible, and that’s where these wall pictures come into play.

This set of wall pictures is focused on Sanrio characters; there are 8 swatches so that you can put together a great mural with them all.

24. Sims 4 Animal Stockings by Bellasims

collage of mixed animal shaped stockings

These adorable Kawaii animal stockings will add a cute touch to any outfit with the animal heads at the top.

The set includes 6 animal swatches: giraffes, pigs, rabbits, and more.

25. Sanrio Mixed Home Objects by Kirikasims

collage of Hello Kitty and mixed kawaii style decor pieces

This set has multiple everyday household items decorated with some of your favorite Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, Keroppi, and Cinnamonroll.

There’s a hair dryer, a flat iron, a Hello Kitty humidifier, a litter box, and a functional pet bed, to name a few.

26. Icecream Ducky Earrings by JellyPaws

female sim wearing icecream and duck design earrings

What do you get when you combine ice cream cones and duckies?

Well, this sims 4 Kawaii cc is all about chunky ducky earrings for your sims.

These earrings will look great with an updo hairstyle and come in 4 pastel swatches.

27. Sims 4 Kawaii Dresses by Kawaii Whims

female sims in knee-lenght kawaii dresses

This custom content requires the Dine Out Game Pack.

This custom content set has two sleeveless dress options, each with adorable characters and objects.

Will you pick the bunny and cupcake design or the Kawaii unicorns and donuts?

28. Kawaii Breakfast CC Set by Soloriya

table topped with cute breakfast foods

Get your sims ready for breakfast with this set of kawaii decorative foods.

There are 10 pieces. Each food item is adorable and shaped into fun characters, including cats and bears.

The set is available in either pink or blue.

29. Kawaii Kitchen for Sims 4 by Mel Bennett

kawaii design kitchen

You can grab this themed kitchen if you want to keep the Kawaii look going throughout your sim’s home.

Everything is in the details, from the adorable rice cooker to the toaster, decor, and Kawaii wall sign.

30. Kawaii Pinkie Set 2 by Aira

mixed desserts, drinks and objects

Part 2 of the Pinkie set brings you even more lovable kitchen and food items.

If the adorable Kirby glass cups weren’t enough, there’s also a cat-shaped cookie, a bunny pancake, Tamagotchi, and a few more pieces.

31. Subtle Cute Blush CC by Kawaii Whims

female sim with cute blush

Add some color to your sim’s face with this Kawaii blush.

The blush will cover your sim’s cheeks and nose, and the color is quite pronounced, so there’s nothing subtle about this blush.

There are two pink swatches to try out.

32. Decorative Kawaii Plush Toys by Soloriya

table topped with food shaped plushies

This set features Kawaii decorative plush toys for your sims to enjoy. It includes 10 pieces, each available in 5 color variations.

The plushes include;

  • A cupcake
  • Sushi
  • Donut
  • Drinks
  • Toaster
  • Sliced egg
  • Hot dog
  • Hamburger

Sims 4 Kawaii CC: Final Thoughts

With so much adorable Kawaii custom content, you can turn even the most basic room into a lovely haven.

Jaz up your sim kid’s bedroom with some fun character tapestries, or add some smiling sushi rolls to the kitchen table; there are many options.

Heck, you can even have an entire living room dedicated to cat furniture.

If you have any questions or Kawaii suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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