31+ Sims 4 Romance Mods: Gifts, Kisses, Nuptials & More

Can’t get enough romance out of your favorite sims couple?

With these sims 4 romance mods, your sims will be closer than ever.

Following your sims throughout their life can be rewarding. And when they fall in love, our heart melts for them.

With sims 4 romance mods, you can enhance almost every aspect of your sims’ love lives.

Discover new romantic interactions, traits, events, and even wedding planning.

So, let’s take your sims’ romance to the next level. Are you up for it?

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Sweetest Sims 4 Romance Mods

Some of these mods require the XML Injector to work.

If you don’t have it, you might as well install it preemptively.

1. Romantic Relationship Tweak by PolarBearSims

teen sims kissing

Do you have a sim teen and adult relationship that is unable to progress?

When a teen sims couple suddenly falls into different age groups due to aging, they can no longer pursue their romantic relationship.

Adding this romance mod to your game allows your teenage sim to continue or start a new romance with an adult sim.

2. Sims 4 Romantic Poses by Katverse

collage of couple poses in embrace

If you want to take sweet pictures of your favorite couple, you can do just that with this pose pack.

This set of sims 4 romance mods features your sims couple in 5 loving embraces.

Pair any of these poses with a gorgeous background, and some GShade presets will make stunning photos.

3. New Social Interactions Mod by JellyPaws

social interactions plus

This mod adds a ton of new social interactions for your sims.

These added interactions are for various categories, like romance, friendliness, mischief, and more.

Your sims will also get new storytelling opportunities and whims along with the new interactions.

4. Sims 4 Romance Event Mod by KiaraSims4Mods

sim date event planning

This mod requires The Sims 4: Seasons expansion pack.

Set your sims up with a date by planning an event using this sims 4 romance mod.

Successfully achieve numerous goals during your date and win a prize.

A lovely rose in a vase is a nice reward, but the real prize here is love.

5. Romantic Skygaze Mod by Sacrificial

sim couple posing in embrace

Add new romantic interactions for your two lovebirds.

Under the Romance category of your pie menu, you’ll be able to choose to cuddle while sky gazing.

During the daytime, your sims will either sky gaze or they will star gaze during the night.

Depending on which of the two, your sims will gain different moodlets, increasing their romantic relationship.

6. Sims 4 Romance Trait Mods by Chingyu1023

sim couple about to kiss on couch

These sims 4 romance mods will alter romance autonomy and control faithfulness.

You can acquire nine Faithfulness traits through the CAS Screen or the Reward Store.

They have separate files, so install the one you want, if not both.

To name drop a few, some of the new traits are:

  • Nostalgic
  • Loyal
  • Seductive
  • True-Hearted

Depending on the traits assigned to your sims, they will have romance autonomy.

Make sure you don’t have the Better Romance mod installed due to compatibility issues with this mod.

7. Sims 4 Romance Pose Pack by Simmireen

collage sims embracing

This sims 4 romance mod comes with 20 lovey-dovey poses.

This pose pack is gender-neutral, but there could be some slight alignment issues depending on your sims-bodies.

The poses make stunning, sexy, and cute pictures of your sims.

8. SimDa Dating App by LittleMsSam

sims dating app menu

Level up your sims dating game with this sims 4 romance mod.

This mod will add a dating app on your sims phone where they can meet other sims.

Your sims can go on a date with a random sim or someone of their choosing.

Or keep things simple by spicing up your sims’ love life with a one-night stand.

We have a full guide on the Sims 4 SimDa Dating App if you need more information.

9. Romance Interactions Mods by Katie_Mods

sims kissing with green background

This set of sims 4 romance mods adds a bunch of interactions when talking to a potential love interest.

Your sims will have the option to do general romantic actions, like showing appreciation.

They’ll have more options for getting to know the other sim.

Pick-up lines have also been added to flirt your way into a potential sim’s heart.

There are many added features to improve your sims’ romantic relationship.

Not everything is sunshine and rainbows, as there are also new interactions for arguing or breaking up.

10. Anniversary Event Mod by KiaraSims4Mods

couple's anniversary event

This mod requires The Sims 4: Seasons EP and the My Wedding Stories game pack.

This sims 4 romance mod is for an event challenge celebrating your sim couple’s anniversary.

You’ll go through a series of small goals while achieving the main one of renewing your sims vows.

After completing the event challenge, you’ll win a gold-level reward, which includes a rose in a vase.

11. Sims 4 Passionate Romance Mod by Sacrificial

sim couple getting married outdoors

This romantic mod will capture the precious moment in your sims’ lives.

You can take photos of your sims when they propose to each other or pictures of them during their big day.

Using the new camera system and provided poses, you can capture these magical moments to treasure forever.

You can access these functionalities through the pie menu under Passionate Romance.

As an extra perk for singles sims, there’s a Winged Heart Camera object that you can buy.

This neat little gizmo will randomly spawn a sim based on the age and gender you chose before selecting the Wish for Love interaction.

Your sim with automatically go on a date with the spawned sim.

12. Sims 4 Hugging Pose Set by Rebouks

two sims hugging

Bring your sims closer than ever with this set of couples’ poses.

This sims 4 romance mod includes 20 poses of your couple hugging, including some sweet, tender moments.

These romantic poses are for two sims, regardless of gender.

13. Wonderful Whims Mod by TurboDriver

wonderful whims

This popular mod covers multiple personal aspects of your sims’ lives.

By changing some of these mechanics, you can affect how the game plays out by modifying certain things like:

  • Pregnancy
  • Birth Control
  • Menstrual Cycles
  • Sweating
  • And many more

The most important aspect you can change is your sim’s preference in terms of attractiveness toward other sims.

This element significantly influences how things pan out on your sims’ quest to find love.

14. Open Love Life Mod by Lumpinou

multiple romance interaction options

Change your sims’ relationship preference by using this romance mod.

You can enable them to pursue an open or exclusive relationship.

Things may not bode well if the two sims don’t share the same preference.

Luckily, with this mod, you can modify other sims’ preferences to match your sims’ values.

Sims in open relationships can switch and go exclusive if they choose to.

There are also multiple interactions available to inquire about non-exclusive relationships.

15. Autonomous Proposals Mod by PolarBearSims

sim proposing to his girlfriend

With these sims 4 romance mods, you can let nature take its course.

The changes this mod offers let your sims take their love lives into their own hands.

Being on auto-pilot, your sims can:

  • Propose to a sim on their own
  • Autonomously breakup or divorce
  • Get proposed to by another sim outside of the household
  • Get into polygamous relationships
  • And many more

16. First Love in Sims 4 by LittleMsSam

sims on the grass skygazing

There’s nothing cuter than your first love.

When building up friendships, when the level is high enough, this romance mod will add a new pie menu called First Love.

With these new options, your sims will get to:

  • Confess their crush to someone
  • Exchange numbers
  • Hug
  • Visit their crush, if the Social Activities mod is installed
  • Ask to be boyfriend/girlfriend
  • And many more cute interactions

There are a couple of optional add-ons; you can pick between two mods to speed up your sims’ relationship.

17. Romantic Slow Dancing by Sacrificial

sim couple dancing

This romance mod for sims 4 adds a new interaction to your gameplay.

Your sim will be able to ask another sim to slow dance.

New options will become available when dancing, such as making out or embracing your dance partner.

To initiate slow dancing, you must first gain some romantic relationship points with that special someone.

18. Romantic Storytelling Pose Pack by Simbishy

sims gazing at each other in a park

Tell the story of how two sims first met and fell in love with the help of poses.

This romantic pose pack includes six poses illustrating two sims bumping into each other, locking eyes, and falling for each other.

Use these poses in a public place like a park or street to make the whole event more realistic.

19. Amorous Hug Mod by KiaraSims4Mods

amorous hug moodlet

Add a new interaction in your sims menu to hug another sim with the help of this romance mod.

Whether or not hugging has been successful, this action will lead to a buff.

A successful hug increases your sims’ romantic relationship and gives them a +2 Flirty buff.

An unsuccessfully hugging event will result in a negative buff for your sims.

20. Neighborhood Stories for Marriage by Flauschtrud

neighborhood stories configuration window

This mod will permit your sims to get autonomously married through Neighborhood Stories.

With the mod installed, you can activate the new Get Married rule.

Sims may get matched with another single sim of the same age with the same sexual orientation.

Sims will get matched with other NPC sims from the same save file, and the more married couples in your save file will reduce the chances for a match.

After getting married, the sims will move in together, along with their kids, in case of single parents.
There are also new interactions to encourage your sims’ friends to find love, like the Suggest Trying Online Dating interaction.

21. Valentine’s Holiday Tradition Mod by A.Deep.Indigo

holiday traditions mod banner

If you have the Sims 4: Seasons expansion pack, you can get this new tradition you can use during Love Day or another custom holiday.

The new tradition will allow your sims to:

  • Send Valentines through mail or computer
  • Asked to be Valentine through social interactions
  • Receiving Valentines

Sending valentines will get an answer in the shape of an approval or rejection, resulting in a corresponding buff.
To make the mod work, you need to install the included Mood Pack.

22. Expanded Storytelling Relationship Bits Mod by Maple Bell

two young sims standing back to back

If you want more meaningful tags between two sims other than the plain generic labels, like Friend or Romantic Interest, this mod will change that.

With this romance mod, sims will get better descriptives like:

  • Adventure Partners
  • Childhood Sweethearts
  • Flirty Friends
  • Secret Admirer
  • And much more

To set these relationship descriptives, you need to:

  • Pick your active sim
  • Click on the target sim
  • Select the Action pie menu
  • Pick the Enhanced Rel Bit menu

The different descriptives will change how sims react with each other with new interactions.

23. Needy CAS Trait Mod by Plumlace

list of interactions for needy trait

Do you want your sims to be considered as emotionally needy?

This mod will allow you to select the Needy trait and assign it to your sims through the CAS screen.

With the mod, you’ll unlock new interactions that’ll make your sims able to:

  • Beg for Attention
  • Ask for Reassurance
  • Set Unrealistic Expectations
  • Discuss Fear of Abandonment

24. Kiss-n-Grind Romance Mod by UTOPYA_cc

sim couple holding each other close

With this sims 4 romance mod, you get two new pie menu interactions to add more realism between your couples.

Your sims can share an Intimate Kiss or perform a Sensual Grind.

Those actions come with animations and sounds and will grant buffs between the two lovebirds.

But you can only pick this option if the two sims have kissed before.

25. Sims 4 Custom Nuptials Mod by A.Deep.Indigo

custom nuptials mod banner

This mod brings some elements from the Sims 4: My Wedding Stories game pack to the base game.

The mod enables sims to take their relationship to the next step: marriage.

New features will be brought to the game like:

  • Relationship statuses like Committed or Partners
  • Social interactions from the Custom Nuptials pie menu
  • Interactions accessible through the phone, computer, or other sims
  • Shopping for rings
  • Wedding preparations like cake tasting or venue tours
  • Being offered the service of an event planner for the big day
  • Honeymoon arrangements

The custom nuptials mod is lots of fun, and it’s definitely a must-have for sims 4 romance mods.

26. More Kisses Mod #4 by Maple Bell

sign with 'More Kisses & CO #4'

With this latest pack by Maple Bell, you get two new kissing animations to capture those special moments between your sims couples.

This set of kissing animations focuses on the following two scenarios;

  • A tearful, tender kiss
  • Hesitation followed by a kiss

The target sim in these kissing interactions must be sad in order for the option to be available.

27. Couple’s Love Life Interactions Mod by JellyPaws

love life mod banner

The romance mod brings new interactions for sim couples:

  • Say I love you to each other
  • Compliment the other partner’s eyes
  • Talk about when they first met
  • Talk about their song
  • Confess their deep love to the other

As a perk, most of these news options will grant buffs.

28. Romantic Mod for Arranged Marriage by Mizoreyukii

two sims kissing under wedding arch

Are your sims tired of trying to find the right person to marry?

This mod will remove the hassle of relationship building and allow sims to get involved in arranged marriages.

The matchmaking process can be done in three scenarios:

  • You can match someone from your household with someone from another family
  • You can match a selected sim to someone from a different household
  • You can match your sim with a sim of your choice

One of the requirements is that sims must have met each other before asking for an arranged marriage.

The sims may get rejected for several factors, but you get to retry at a later time.

29. Marriage Material Trait Mod by WICKED PIXXEL

two sims standing outside house at night

The new romantic lifestyle trait grants new interactions to make your relationships closer and last for the long run.

These new actions allow your sims to:

  • Share their life’s values
  • Open up about being in relationships
  • Give your honest opinions
  • Talk about new woohoo moves
  • Being respectful to one another
  • Agree for treating each other equally

You’ll find these options under the new Marriage Material pie menu.

30. Sims 4 Romantic Massage by LittleMsSam

romantic massage mod banner

Get your sims in a flirtatious mood with romantic massages.

With this mod, you get a new pie menu interaction option for the massage table to “ask for” or “give” a massage to another sim.

But, the option is only available when your romantic interest relationship with that other sim is at a certain level.

31. Passionate Gifts Mod by UTOPYA_cc

collage sim man giving gifts to girlfriend

An upgraded version of the in-game Give Romantic Gift interaction.

With this mod, your sim will offer better gifts and get better reactions from the recipient.

To give Passionate Gifts, select it from the Romance pie menu.

From there, you get the choice of gift to give along with its price.

Each object given has its own realistic animation and sounds, and they will also grant buffs.

32. Sugar Dating Aspiration by WICKED PIXXEL

smiling sim woman standing in living room

Your sims can now “date” under the label of Sugar Dating.

To get things started, in the CAS screen, you’ll need to assign the Sugar Date trait and Sugar Dating aspiration.

Next, your sims will pick their “target” and choose the Create Sugar Partnership option.

Now, you can create events, level up your Sugar Baby skill to level 10, and ultimately get to ask for that coveted rent money.

33. Love Triangle Romance Mod by Maplebell

female sim standing between two guy sims

This mod complicates your sims’ love lives by allowing them to take part in a love triangle.

All it takes is for your sims to be romantically involved with two others, each with a romantic relationship level of at least 30.

Once the requirements are met, interactions under the Love Triangle pie menu will become available.

Your sims will start by admitting to the two concerned sims that they’re torn between their love interests.

From there, the sims will go through a rollercoaster of moodlets and have access to various interactions, such as:

  • Express resentment
  • Propose a fresh start
  • End relationship
  • Open relationship proposal
  • And more

Your sims can also confide and ask a friend for advice with whom they have a friendship level of at least 80.

During the whole ordeal, your sims can date both sims openly, secretly, or self-reflect to figure things out.

The love triangle ends once your sims decide and pick the person they want to pursue a relationship with.

For this mod to work correctly, be sure to install Lumpinou’s Mood Pack Mod.

Sims 4 Romance Mods: Final Thoughts

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our list of sims 4 romance mods and that you’ve nabbed a few along the way.

The in-game romance between two sims is so adorable.

Adding a few tweaks, like new romantic personality traits or fun new interactions, makes the whole experience much more enjoyable.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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