29+ Sims 4 Sweater CC: Tucked, Knitted, & Casual Options

Get your sims ready to snuggle up from the cold with this collection of sims 4 sweater cc.

sims 4 sweater cc collage

Ahhh, sweater season!!

Whether you love or hate the cold, sweaters become necessary when the cold wind hits the scene.

And our sims cannot hide any more than we can from the brisk weather changes.

From sweaters to jackets and winter boots, the warmer clothing options start to pile into your sims cc folder.

Enjoy shopping through this collection of sweaters to discover some new favorites.

Luckily, there are sweater types for all.

Cozy Sims 4 Sweater CC

Below, you will find a mix of sweater styles and designs, including turtlenecks, casual loose-fit options, dressy knit sweaters, and more.

1. Yeppi Tucked Fuzzy Sweater by Trillyke

female sims wearing fuzzy sweaters

When it comes to cozy clothing options, we might as well go all in with these fuzzy turtleneck sweaters.

These custom-content sweaters are tucked and have baggy sleeves, which cinch at the wrists.

There are 15 solid color swatches for this look.

2. Sims 4 Mohair Sweater CC by JujuAwesomeBeans

female sims wearing a beige sweater with a red heart

This thin, off-the-shoulder mohair sweater is a great casual option for everyday wear.

The sweater will pair great with a modern pair of jeans or a skirt, and you can get the skirt seen above on the download page.

You can get this sweater in 6 colors: blue, orange, purple, and grey.

3. Tucked Female Sweater Set by Renora

female sims wearing tucked high-neck sweaters
sims wearing cottage-style sweaters

These two sims 4 sweaters feel like they belong in my cottagecore cc folder; they have that country-living feel.

The Faye sweater has 21 swatches, which include solid color options and others with patterns and embroidery.

The Fawn sweater has 25 swatches, all with the same pocket and button details.

Both sweaters are tucked models, but depending on your sims pants model, the lower portion of the sweater can be visible.

4. Nicolas Sweater & Scarf by Black Lily

sims wearing sweaters with scarves

Sweaters and scarves go hand-in-hand, and this custom content piece comes in a two-in-one piece.

There are 15 swatches, two-thirds being solids, and the other 5 with plaid scarves.

5. Cropped Turtleneck Sweaters by Black Lily

female sims wearing cropped turtleneck sweaters

These solid-color turtleneck sweaters are a great staple piece for colder days.

The sweater is on the shorter side and comes in 25 colors, including a nice mix of dark and colorful swatches.

6. Sims 4 Ruffle Sweater CC by Twisted Cat

sims wearing ruffle sweaters

This sims 4 sweater cc is great for a dinner at your sim’s favorite restaurant; the ruffles underneath elevate this piece.

There are 23 swatches to change up the sweater and ruffle colors. Pair with a sleek pair of pants to complete the look.

7. California-Theme Male Sweaters by Black Lily

male sims wearing sweaters with California graphics

If your male sims have always dreamed of sun and surf, this California-inspired sweater set is made for them.

There are 6 sweater swatches, all featuring California or surfing, perfect for those who long for summer all year.

8. Charli Turtleneck Sweater by AdrienPastel

plaid pink turtleneck sweater

This turtleneck tucked sweater is an excellent choice for your sims heading for a hectic day at the office.

There are 25 swatches; while the majority are solid colors, there are a couple of plaid choices and a few with graphics near the upper chest.

9. Female V-Neck Sweaters by Demondare

three sims wearing v-neck sweaters

Here, we have another casual everyday sweater for your female sims.

Whether your sims prefer solid-colored sweaters, stripes, waves, or flowers, you have 35 swatches to pick from and style your sims in.

10. Bonnie Round Collar Sweater by Pixelunivairse

female sim in starry sweater and beret

This crew neck sweater is one of my favorites; the bow-tie closure at the back adds a sweet touch to this cc piece.

There are 35 solid swatches and 15 patterns, including mushrooms, stars, polka dots, adorable pandas, and more.

11. Costas Kids Knitted Sweater by AdrienPastel

grey knitted sweater

Grab this classic knit sweater with a collar for your sims kids.

The sweater has a lovely knit pattern and is available in 21 swatches with great seasonal colors.

12. Mini Sweater Collection by Nooboo

female sims wearing different styles of sweaters

This sims 4 sweater cc set comes with 3 different styles of sweaters for your female sims.

These sweaters are inspired by some of the pieces in the Growing Together EP but have been reworked.

The pieces include a long-knit sweater with a crew neck, a V-neck shorter knit, and another knit with a shirt underneath.

Depending on the custom content piece, there are between 16 and 19 swatches.

13. Men’s Striped Sweater CC by Solistair

male sims wearing stripe sweaters

Sweaters and stripes are almost synonymous, and your male sims can now sport this crew neck version with stripes starting a third of the way down.

The 13 swatches fall within brown, beige, and grey tones.

You can also grab the version for your female sims right here.

14. Long Loose Sweater CC by LazyEyelids

sims modeling oversized sweaters

When it comes to sweaters, we can all do with a comfy oversized sweater for a leisurely walk around town or to lounge in.

This turtleneck sweater is long and oversized, making it ideal for pairing with leggings or skinny jeans.

15. Knitted Strawberry Sweater by JujuAwesomeBeans

sims wearing a sweater with large strawberries

If you’re into sweaters with motifs, then these adorable knit sweaters come with some of the cutest swatches around.

Your sims have 17 options, including the yummy strawberry swatch above.

There are also peaches, mushrooms, hedgehogs, flowers, stripes, and even clouds.

16. Ilgar Sweaters for Sims 4 by Amythesailor

male sims modeling sweaters

This classic knit turtleneck sweater will have your male sims all snuggled up for the cold.

Your sims can wear these sweaters casually with jeans or dress up with some dress pants for a party.

17. Female Clover Sweater CC by AdrienPastel

brown sweater with plaid bodice over top

This sweater is unique with its turtleneck knit underneath and a structured plaid camisole on top.

With its 12 solid-plaid swatches, this sweater cc is ideal for autumn and will look great with a pair of pants.

18. Male Loose Fit Sweaters by McLayneSims

male sims modeling 4 different sweaters

Everyone needs loose-fit casual sweaters in their closet, and your sims are no different.

These loose-fit sweaters can be easily paired with pants, jeans, or knee-length shorts.

There are 6 swatches available, including a couple of checkered options and a quirky swatch with a white bunny in the center.

19. Off-Shoulder Female Sweater CC by Thatonegreenleaf

female sims wearing an off-shoulder sweater

This off-the-shoulder knit sweater is the perfect clothing cc piece for a sim busy running around town.

The sweater falls off one shoulder, displaying a portion of your sims bra underneath.

There are 64 swatches, which include black and white bra straps.

20. Sorbet Cropped Hoodie by Solistair

female sims wearing hoodie sweaters

Grab this cropped hoodie sweater for your female sims and pair it with your favorite high-waisted pants.

The hoodie has fluffed-up sleeves and will land at your sims midsection.

The sweaters come in fun dual tones, or you can opt for the hibiscus palette instead.

21. Female Sweater Collection by Kumikya

female sims wearing sweaters with turtlenecks

This sims 4 sweater cc collection has 3 sweater options, including two crew neck sweaters (one ribbed) and a V-neck option.

There’s also a turtleneck accessory shirt you can layer underneath each sweater.

22. Casual Male Sweater & Tshirt by Plumbob N Fries

male sims wearing casual loose sweaters

This loose-fit casual sweater is the perfect loungewear for your male sims.

The sweater is over a T-shirt, and you can also get the patching sweatpants in the recommended tab on the download page.

There are 14 swatches, and I love the color tones of the sweater cc.

23. Sims 4 French Sweater CC by Pixelunivairse

female sims wearing high-neck sweaters

While the above sweaters resemble the Faye sweater at #3, this set has different swatches to change things up.

You will have a cute garden swatch with bunnies, carrots, and greenery. There’s another swatch with hourglasses and moons.

You will also find some solid color swatches and some others with flowers.

24. Flare Sleeve Sweater CC by Nolan-Sims

female sims wearing pink sweater with flowers

Grab this flowy-sleeve sweater for your male and female sims. The sweater sleeves flare near the wrists.

You can opt for the sweater with embroidered flowers or the version without any.

25. Mens Sweater & Shirt by AdrienPastel

green sweater with white collared shirt beneath

This V-neck sweater is a great option for busy working sims.

The sweater is over a button-up shirt and rolled at the sleeves to display the shirt.

Pair this sweater with dressy pants and shoes for a complete work-ready outfit.

26. Female Embroidered Sweater by Aelfsi

dark green sweater with flowers down arms

If your sims are into flowers and gorgeous detailing, this sweater is for them.

While the turtleneck sweater is available in solid swatches, the swatches with the floral patches are the show’s true stars.

Pair the beautiful sweater with a simple pair of paints and let the sweater shine.

27. Reconstructed Sims 4 Sweater CC by SimmieV

male sims wearing patchy reconstructed sweaters

When it comes to reconstructed clothing, they are always fun and unique pieces to own.

These male sweaters have a knit back, but on the front, it’s an exciting patchwork of different fabric types.

This sweater will definitely stand out in a crowd.

28. Female Skaye Sweater CC by Dissia

female sims wearing plain solid color sweaters

This simple Skaye sweater is a great staple piece for your sims winter clothing options.

With the puffed sleeves towards the lower half of the arms and the crew neck, this comfy tucked sweater will pair great with a skirt or pants,

There are 47 swatches, making mixing and matching outfits a breeze.

29. Sims 4 Matt Sweater & Shirt by Solistair

male sims wearing sweaters with collar shirts

Here, we have another male crew neck sweater layered over a collared dress shirt.

Although nice enough to be dressy, the sweater has a loose fit, also making it a good casual option.

The shirt comes in white, and 8 of the swatches come with either a cross or heart on the collar.

30. Female Cozy Knit Sweaters by TwistedCat

female sims wearing cozy knit sweaters

This set of sims 4 sweater cc comes with two dressy yet cozy knit sweaters for your female sims.

The Noelle sweater has great structured details on the shoulders, while the Biance design has a beautiful lower sleeve and a looser fit.

Both sweaters are perfect for your sims to wear to work or on a dinner date.

Sims 4 Sweater CC Recap

After browsing our list of sims 4 sweater cc, we hope you some new cc finds for the colder days ahead.

Whether your sims like to lounge around home in a loose, comfy sweater or get dressed for work in something more formal, both options exist.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and save this pin for later!

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29+ Sims 4 Sweater CC: Tucked, Knitted, & Casual Options

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