45+ Sims 4 Witch CC: Mystical Makeovers for Magical Sims

From witches to spellcasters, we’ve put together a great list of sims 4 witch cc to replenish your custom content folder.

sims 4 witch cc collage

Do you have a love of witches and magic?

When The Sims 4 Realm of Magic hit the scene in 2019, many people were excited about the newest occult addition.

Now whether your sim is into full-blow witchcraft or just a lowly apprentice, they should always look the part.

You’ll find a nice mix of sims 4 witch cc to fit the classic witchy looks and more modern-day spellcaster pieces.

And we can’t forget some fun witch pose packs too!

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Enchanting Sims 4 Witch CC

Below you will find a mix of clothing pieces, accessories, furniture, poses, and more for your witchy sims.

1. Sims 4 Witch CC Collection by Saurus

group sims 4 witches in different outfits

If you want your sims to become witches and warlocks, they must first dress the part.

This witch collection contains everything your sims may need to look like they practice the art of witchcraft.

These sims 4 witch cc contain cowberry hats, dresses, hairstyles, and even clothes for your witchy children.

The best piece of this collection has to be the beautiful moonstone hair with the ombré.

To have hair look this good, it’s gotta be magic!

2. Witch Clothes CC for Sims 4 by Kiara Zurk

three female sim witches posing

You aren’t wrong if you have previously played The Sims 2 and recognize these dresses.

That’s because the creator had converted these witch clothes for Sims 4.

This witch dress is available in ten colors and can be found in Outfits under the Everyday, Formal, or Party category.

3. Sims 4 Witchcraft Decoration by myshunosun

sim witch home decoration cauldron spellbook

Note: To get the cauldron, you must have The Sims 4: Realm of Magic game pack.

Your sims can only pose as witches or spellcasters with the proper decor, which is where this witchy cc pack comes along.

Whether it’s the classic witch’s cauldron, dusty spellbooks, or magic potions, it’s everything your witch needs.

Each item comes with its own swatches and is added to the buy/build catalog.

Apart from the cauldron, everything else is base game compatible.

4. Sims 4 Witch Outfit CC by Helsoseira

pale skinny goth sim in black long-sleeve cropped top

This witch cc pack has some edgy crop tops for any modern-day-looking witches.

These tops come in black and white, and there are five different designs.

You can find this top under the blouse, sweater, or sweatshirt category.

It goes well with any matching black pair of pants or a skirt.

If you’re interested in the skirt shown in the picture, the creator has included a link on the download page under the Required tab.

5. Makeup Sims 4 Witch CC by LadySimmer94

sim girl dressed in black with matching makeup

Who says witches have to look old and scary?

Today we are opting for a young and cute version instead.

To help accomplish that, we have these sims 4 witch cc, which is for eyeshadow makeup and witch tattoos.

You get four shades of eyeshadows and four stylish tattoo designs, including an upside-down crescent moon.

The Tattoos can be found under the Body category.

These mods can be downloaded and used separately, but they go so well together.

6. Witching Hour Witch CC Set by EvellSims

collage sims 4 witch dresses and shoes

This set of witch custom content is another collection for witchy dresses and other clothing items for your sim 4 witches.

You get to choose from various items, each having a good selection of different swatches.

If you want shoes, jewelry, hats, or dresses, these witch clothes cc are worth a look.

7. Dresses for Sims 4 Witches by ELFDOR

pair gray-skinned sim women in colored dresses

The dresses included in this pack would fit nicely for any modern witch.

It’s a cute long sleeve turtleneck and short dress combo with a huge selection of 55 swatches.

You can add some witch accessories and shoes, and your sim witch is ready to hit the broom and head into town.

You can always add this cc as a seasonal Halloween outfit to your mods folder for your non-witch sims.

8. Sims 4 Pride Witch Hat CC by NekoChan-Simmer

sims 4 female witches with differently-colored hat

Looking for some color options for your sims spellcaster hats?

This sims 4 witch hat cc comes in the same five colors shown in the picture above.

They each have 20 swatches for the ribbon at the base of the hat.

These hats will go well with any witchy outfit you conjure up.

9. Sims 4 Witch Broom CC and Poses by TalentedTrait

horned sim woman on broom

Do you want to take the perfect shots to show off your sim witch?

Make sure to grab this witch pose pack which contains 12 neat poses.

To use these poses, you will need to get the witch broom cc, but the link provided on the download page is broken.

You can find it using this sims 4 broom accessory link.

If you need help with using poses, you can check out our pose guide.

10. Sims 4 Witch Hair CC by Feral Poodles

three long-haired sim girls with flowers in hair

Do you want a cute hairstyle for your sims 4 witches?

With this witch hair cc, you get long, beautiful hair with braids.

You can choose from 63 swatches, and I adore the bonus flower accessory, which has ten swatches.

This flowery hairstyle just seems perfect for an innocent witch practicing white magic.

The flowers can be found under the Hat category.

11. Witch Dress CC for Sims 4 by Trillyke

pair of sims 4 witch dresses

There isn’t such a thing as too many dresses, right?

These adorable mini dresses are perfect for your sim witches or female sims.

There is 15 swatches total, which includes five solid colors and ten patterns.

For sure, the witch dress designs give off seasonal Halloween vibes, but for your spellcasters, that’s a year-long event.

12. Sims 4 Witch Hat by okruee

sim woman wearing witch hat

If your sims are more of a close-to-nature kind of witch, get this hat.

This witch hat cc would be a great fit for them because of the mushrooms growing on it.

On top of that, the ten colors included have an earthy tone, which would be ideal for a “green” witch.

13. Sims 4 Witch Decor CC by soloriya

various sim 4 witch decorations

Do you need more stuff to decorate your witch’s home?

This sims 4 witch cc pack includes a bunch of objects that would look good in any magic shop.

It includes various makeshift storage units such as shelves, tables, wall decorations, and candles.

With a few more items, your witches can be opened for business.

14. Coven Set Sims 4 Witch CC by Joliebean

three sim witches in front of cauldron

This set contains a mix of classic witch cc and modern options.

You get a couple of tops, a pair of jeans, a skirt, a dress, and a hat.

Each has a decent number of swatches ranging from 5 to 25, depending on the item.

In my opinion, the skirt and the dress give off more witchy vibes, but the top and pants are ideal for modern witches too.

15. Sims 4 Bad Witch Custom Content by akalukery

sim woman in black corset and short skirt

Not all witches are good.

With these sims 4 witch cc, your sim can be the bad witch she’s always dreamed of.

This collection has some makeup items, such as eyeshadow and lipstick.

I love the included hat, but not as much as the two dresses.

As for the dresses, you get a short dress and an even shorter version, which both come in the same five swatches.

16. Sims 4 Witch Tattoo by cowplant-pizza

black-haired sim woman with tattoos

Are you looking for a simple and elegant tattoo for your sim witch?

This witch tattoo cc has only one design, one swatch, and it’s for a full sleeve.

The floral design of this ink is the ideal body art for your green witch.

17. Witch Furniture CC by Evitagene

sims 4 satanic bedroom furniture set

Furnishing a witch’s home can be tricky if you can’t find the right furniture.

This sims 4 witch furniture cc has a bedroom set that screams witchcraft.

With this download, you get 11 pieces of furniture which include:

  • One double bed
  • A nightstand
  • A dresser with a mirror
  • Two rugs
  • Three wall arts
  • A shelf
  • Candlestick with candle included
  • A chandelier

This set would also go well for gothy sims or creatures of the night, like vampires.

18. Sims 4 Witch CC Pack by Nolan-Sims

silver-haired sim with green witch hat

If you want more witchy cc, this collection has a few decorations, clothing, and jewelry.

You get 30 swatches for the dress and 15 for the shoes and hat.

For the jewelry, you have two models of cute little earrings, each with 15 colors for the stone or crystal.

As for the decoration, they are nice additions to your witch’s home.

19. Sims 4 Witch Horns by Feral Poodles

two horned-sim women

These sims 4 witch horns look wicked and would go well for any green sim witch.

The creator has included a separate cc file to add tangled flowers to the horns.

The horns are in the Hat category, while the added flowers are under Piercings.

20. Witch Crystal CC for Sims 4 by simdertalia

various crystal accessories for sims 4 witch

What are witches without an assortment of crystals?

In this sims 4 witch cc, you get 20 swatches of crystal towers that look like mini monoliths.

They’re a pretty addition to any witch or other supernatural-looking sims’ home.

21. Sims 4 Witch Cape and Dress CC by DINO

pale sim woman holding lantern

This dress and cape are the perfect cc for a classy and elegant witch.

With this dress cc and cape, your witch is ready to hit the town, perhaps to a witch’s ball.

You get a beautiful ball gown dress offered in seven colors, plus a long and gorgeous cape with a choice of five colors.

22. Sims 4 Witch Hats for Toddlers by Kiara Zurk

pair of sims 4 witch toddlers

If your witch household has mini witches or warlocks, it’s only natural that they should get their own hat.

This cute little witch hat for toddlers comes in seven colors, and it makes them look so adorable.

23. Female Top Sims 4 Witch CC by Helsoseira

pale white sim woman in black white outfit

This sims 4 witch cc is for that pretty top displayed in the picture above.

It comes in six swatches and can be found under the Tank Top category.

This top goes well with any bottoms, whether it’s pants, a skirt, or a dress.

Complement your outfit with the right accessories, and your sims 4 witch will look out of this world.

24. Sims 4 Witch’s Mark Tattoo CC by MS Mary Sims

four sims with witch mark tattoos

Do you need more ideas for sims 4 witch tattoos?

This variety of witchy tattoos cc is a nice touch to witchcraft-practicing sim.

There are several designs to go on, either the body, forehead, or neck.

Unlike most of the witch custom content on this page, these tattoos can be used on both genders.

25. Sims 4 Witch Necklace CC by Pralinesims

sim woman wearing witchcraft choker

Give your sims 4 witches a pretty and delicate-looking witchcraft choker necklace.

This choker has a little pentagram medallion which would go well with any witch outfit you have in your collection.

Although you can’t go wrong with black, it comes in a variety of ten colors.

26. Sims 4 Witch Dresses by _Simalicious_

pair of pale sim woman in long dresses

This custom content for your sims 4 witch is for another gorgeous dress to add to your witch’s wardrobe.

This paisley-patterned long dress comes in six amazing colors and can be found under Formal wear.

The dress is very well-detailed and will suit your enchantress like a glove.

27. Witch Hat CC for Kids by NekoChan-Simmer

sims 4 witch children with differently-colored hat

This sims 4 witch hat cc is the same as the one listed at #8, except for kids.

You can download five hat colors with 20 swatches for the attached pride ribbon.

There’s a sixth hat available that doesn’t have the pride ribbon but comes in a variety of ten different color combinations.

28. Sims 4 Witch CC for Decoration by KUMIKYA

sims 4 witch objects

Get this witch clutter cc if you want extra knick-knacks that usually go well inside a witch’s magic chamber.

With this sims 4 witch cc pack, you get four decorations for your witch’s home:

  • Stack of spellbooks
  • Spellbooks with potions staked on top
  • Bucket serving as a mushroom planter
  • A basket filled with herbs

Each item has its selection of swatches, and they will make a fine addition to your witch’s house decoration.

29. Hemlock Sims 4 Witch Poses by TalentedTrait

collage horned white-haired sim woman with wand

Here we have another sims 4 witch pose pack, except this time, the accessory of choice is a wand.

You’ll need to get the witch wand cc to use these poses.

The wand can be found through a link on the download page.

30. Witchy Bodysuit Sims 4 CC by Trillyke

pair of sim women in bodysuit

You can give your sim witch this cute bodysuit that can also work as a top.

It comes in 12 colors, and although it’s a bodysuit, you can find it under the Tops clothing category.

To use it as a bodysuit, make sure you install the creator’s recommended nude bottom mod.

Also, if you’re interested, the creator has included a version with no fishnet.

This witch outfit cc goes well on any female sims, witch or not.

31. Witch Hat CC by DanSimsFantasy

sim redhead witch wearing hat and earring

This set of sims 4 witch cc includes a uniquely-styled witch hat and adorable lantern earrings.

I like this sims 4 witch hat because it’s different from the typical pointy hat; this one has a nice twist to it.

What can I say about those earrings other than I adore them?

These earrings are original, cute, and appear lit, perhaps magically lit!

There are 15 colors for the earrings and for the hat.

32. Witchy Wooden Wardrobe Recolor by Simstic-fairy

wooden armoires with moths and moons

Whether your witchy sims live in a gloomy home or a cozy cottage house, they will need some furniture to make the space their own.

With the crescent moons and moth patterns, these large wooden wardrobes are perfect for your sim’s bedroom.

33. Divity Custom Content Pack by Madlen

purple cristal ball and tarot cards

Whether your sim is a seer, spellcaster, or a witch, this custom content set is an excellent addition to your mods folder.

The set includes 5 pieces;

  • A dark magic book
  • Tarot cards
  • Crystal ball
  • A mystic box
  • A ritual candle (can be lit)

Plus, if you have the Paranormal stuff pack, you can download a functional version of the crystal ball.

34. Wicked Stained Fingertips by Isaiah Illustrates

black stained fingertips

With their black-stained fingers, these wicked fingertips add a nice little touch to your sim witches.

There are 6 swatches available, each changing up the color of the stain and level of staining on the fingers.

Maybe your witch got a little carried away brewing a potion over a hot cauldron?

35. I Put A Spell Part 1 by Blue Craving

trio of female sims dressed in witch inspired clothes

I spot some stylish witches entering the room!

Part one of this I Put A Spell pack comes with 9 witchy yet dressy pieces to fill your sims’ closet.

The set includes the following;

  • An asymmetrical halter dress
  • Crescent moon tights
  • Starry platform heels
  • A witch hat
  • Star-embellished pants
  • Open-sleeved vest
  • Pendant earrings
  • A moon & gemstone necklace
  • A skin-tight dress

36. Witch Essentials Collection by Mel Bennett

collage of witch essentials

As the title says, this pack has various essentials for your sim witches.

The pack includes some great pieces for your witch’s daily needs;

  • A witches book and magnifier
  • Essential ingredients & potions
  • A voodoo doll
  • A crystal rose
  • An enclosed skull
  • A pumpkin

37. Witchy Platform High Heel Boots by OranosTR

black boots with moon and stars and a red solid pair

While these platform high-heel boots are perfect for a night out on the town, the two witchy swatches drew my attention.

You can get the swatch above with the golden stars, sun, and moon.

The other option is a black boot scattered with white stars, moons, and crescent moons.

38. Agnes Face Paint by MagicHand

female witch with symbols as face paint

Add interesting details to your witch’s face with this set of face symbols.

While I don’t know what the symbols stand for, the creator describes them as demonic, which seems fitting for witches interested in the dark arts.

There are different versions available, changing up the face symbols.

39. Sims 4 Witch Clothing & Accessories Set by Oydis

collage of different witch clothing and jewelry

While not technically a witch’s custom content set, this pack has some great pieces that fit the witchy aesthetic.

There are two versions of the Harriet (the second version has a bolero jacket).

There’s also crescent moon jewelry (necklace and earrings), plus a couple of cc pieces to try out.

40. Morgana Hairstyle CC by OranosTR

sim with a silver semi pulled back hairstyle

This semi-updo hairstyle with its braided tie at the back will look great on your white witches.

I picture my witches strolling through a field, searching for healing herbs for their white magic potions.

While there are 24 swatches, the silver-looking swatch fits the theme perfectly.

41. Eclipse Witch Collection by Madlen

female witch sim dressed in full black

This gorgeous outfit comes with a classic witch’s hat and a fantastic dress, which definitely gives Lolita style with the ruffles and lacy frills.

Pick from among 12 swatches, including one swatch with blood stains.

42. Be Witchy Set for Sims 4 by Moon River

collage of different witchy cc pieces

This witch-inspired decor set comes with a few little pieces to customize your witch’s bedroom.

The set includes 4 pieces;

  • Wooden jewelry boxes
  • Moon planters
  • A Star-shaped jewelry dish
  • Moon-shaped jewelry dish

The jewelry dishes and box have lovely star details, and the planters will be a great touch in any room.

43. Love Spells and Occult Books by Hydrangea

written speels and witch books

What witch’s home is complete without a book of love spells and occult books?

Whether casting love spells or dabbling in the darker arts, your witches will have everything they need to cook up the necessary spells.

The occult books come in 5 swatches, while the book of love spells is available in your sim’s native Simlish.

44. I Put A Spell Part II by Blue Craving

female sims dressed in witchy clothing pieces

In part 2 of the I Put A Spell pack, 6 witchy pieces are available for public release, or you can get the entire collection on Patreon early access.

There are epic curse tattoos for your sim torso, legs, and back.

There are also some moon-design earrings, a belted dress, star sandals, and moon shorts.

45. Woodsy Witch Kit Part 1 by Zwhsims

witch's kitchen

This amazing build and clutter set comes with many objects to create a fantastic space.

Some of the build items include;

  • A 1700’s fireplace (all heights)
  • Raw-edge countertops
  • Star wall shelf
  • A bookshelf

For the clutter pieces, you can pick from 14 objects, including;

  • A hanging broom
  • Hanging herbs
  • motor and pestle
  • Crystal tray

46. Witch’s Tiny Stonehouse by Plantsimgirl

tiny stonehouse in the forest

This tiny witch’s stonehouse is what I would imagine to be an ideal home for the witch in Hansel and Gretel.

I love the stonewall interior, and it’s a great little space for your witch to brew up some spells hidden away from everyone else.

The gallery ID and speed build video are linked on the download page.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Witch CC

From witch hats to poses on a broomstick, there are so many fun sims 4 witch cc pieces to try out.

Try a more modern look or stick to the classic witch’s look; the choice is yours.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to pin & save this post for later!

sims 4 witch cc collage

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