29 Sims 4 For Rent Mods: Lot Traits, Insurance & More

Manage your rental properties with some useful sims 4 for rent mods.

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With the For Rent expansion pack, simmers can take a deep dive into the real estate world and the roles of landlord and tenant.

We get to pick our tenants, collect rent, and even eavesdrop on neighbors and discover their secrets.

While there is more to discover in the expansion pack, you can elevate your gameplay even more with sims 4 for rent mods.

These mods will change some of the game’s mechanics, like managing your sims’ properties and assigning lot traits.

There’s some cool stuff to add to your apartment building, like elevators and smart doorbells, to name a couple.

Let’s take a look at some great new mods.

Newest Sims 4 For Rent Mods

With our collection of sims 4 for rent mods, you can easily manage your assets with new gameplay features.

You get new ways to pay the bills or help become a time-efficient landlord.

1. Juicier For Rent Secrets! by Simmytime

sim eavesdropping on sims

A new feature in the Sims 4: For Rent EP is secrets, where you can snoop around on your neighbors and uncover their juicy secrets.

This mod changes the text and icons for most of the pack’s secrets to make them more interesting than those initially provided.

2. Cheap Rent Delete by BosseladyTV

simoleon sign and downward arrow

You’ll need the Sims 4: City Living expansion pack for this mod.

In San Myshuno, you should notice that some units are assigned the Cheap Rent lot trait.

Usually, when you can find a decent apartment with low rent, that’s good, but not when you’re the landlord.

This mod lets you remove the locked-in lot trait, which is good news for your landlord’s wallet.

3. Tomarang Map Replacement by 20th Century Plumbob

map view of tomarang

If you want a more representative map of the world of Tomarang, this For Rent mod is the way to go.

This mod overrides the game’s default map and replaces it with a more detailed version.

So, instead of the minimalistic and cartoony map, you get one that has the details you see in-game: greenery, buildings, and all.

4. Landlord Career Mod by Kiarasims4mods

career description for landlord

With the For Rent pack, your sims get the opportunity to become the landlord and manage rental units, but why not make a career out of it?

With this career mod, your sims can turn their side gig as a landlord into their profession.

Your sims can’t get promoted, but they will at least get paid a salary.

And, to make things interesting, you can help your sims reach a 5-star rating on a unit by accomplishing specific tasks.

5. T.O.O.L. for Rent Bug Fix by TwistedMexi

collage sim tool screen

Like with any new game, bugs often surface and get eventually patched up with an update.

This TOOL mod has many features, but most recently, it serves as a workaround for a known issue in the For Rent pack.

The issue is that when an object is placed outside of a lot, the object either disappears or gets deleted.

This problem tends to happen while loading rental lots in Build mode if you haven’t selected a specific rental unit.

Hopefully, EA will fix this issue in their next patch, but in the meantime, this mod is the solution to the problem.

6. SNBank Bills Management by SimRealist

bill app menu screen

SimRealist always comes up with exciting mods, and this one focuses on changing up the game’s billing system and managing your sim’s wallet.

The SNB Bills App allows you to manage different elements, including your sims’ utilities, welfare, and child support.

With the For Rent pack, your sims can also pay their property taxes each week instead of monthly.

Be sure to read up on the mod to learn more about how the system works.

7. Unlocked Apartment Traits & Objects by LunarBritney

unlocked padlock and cas traits

You’ll need the Sims 4: City Living expansion pack for this mod.

In San Myshuno, buildings are assigned with Lot traits exclusive to that world.

The mod removes that limitation and allows you to assign these locked Lot traits to buildings in other worlds.

Here are a few of these unlocked traits:

  • Cheap
  • Needs TLC
  • Lively Neighbors 
  • Serviced Apartment
  • And more

Some of the lot traits are functional; for example, the Lively Neighbors trait increases the chances that a situation occurs among neighbors.

8. Sims 4 Uplifting Elevators by Ravasheen

two elevator items

If you want to add an elevator to your rental apartment building or house, now you can.

There are two versions of elevators, one functional and the other shell style.

When your sims use the elevator, you’ll see the animated doors open and close.

As for the shell version, you’ll see your sims disappear and reappear on a different floor.

If you want, you can mix and match both styles; the best part of this elevator mod is that it’s fully base game-compatible.

9. For Rent Loading Screens by Krysfatale

collage of 4 tomarang loading screens

Are you looking to change your game’s loading screen for a view of the beautiful Tomarang world?

This mod gives you a choice between four scenic pictures, such as:

  • A daytime picture of the town
  • A beachside view of Tomarang
  • Two nighttime photos of the town with bright, colorful lights

Make sure that you only use one loading screen at a time.

10. Dimmed Inactive Rentals by TwistedMexi

unlit unrented apartments

Are there any vacant apartments in your building?

If so, this mod is practical as it only lights up what apartments are currently occupied, just like in City Living.

Like in real life, all vacant properties will have their lights out when they aren’t rented.

This mod only applies when in Live mode; In Build mode, the lights are on.

11. Apartment Lot Trait for Sims 4 by Shino Nox

description lot trait for apartment

This mod requires the City Living or Eco Lifestyle expansion packs.

With this lot trait mod, you can assign your building with the Thick-Walled Apartment trait.

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment complex, you know how thin the walls can be, with every sound vibrating through the floorboards.

The trait will give your sims some peace and quiet; they won’t be affected by surrounding tenant noises, like loud music, yelling, or more exciting activities 😉 .

12. Tomarang Snow Mod by MSQSIMS

snow covered tomarang

Since the world of Tomarang is set for warmer weather, with its beaches and palm trees, snow is not on the forecast.

This sims 4 rent mod brings a white blanket that covers up the gorgeous landscape.

Now, your sims can enjoy a winter wonderland during their holiday season, and let’s face it, palm trees covered in snow are definitely a unique look.

13. Faster Maintenance & Inspection by Strenee

male sim repairing item

Like in a business, time is money, and sometimes that time is limited.

This sims 4 for rent mod allows your sims to be an efficient landlord, making quick repairs on toilets, stoves, and other breakable items.

The time required for maintenance and inspections has been decreased to a fraction.

So, a task that usually takes your sims a maximum of 25 minutes will only take 5 minutes.

14. Ding & Ditch Smart Doorbell by LOT51

various colored doorbell items

Change up the typical door knock with this upgraded smart doorbell mod.

There are a few ways of being notified when a sims is at the door, like the doorbell ring, motion detection, or face ID.

The doorbell items are offered in eight colors, and you can change the light’s color through the Settings in Live mode.

With its features, these doorbells will make a fine addition to your rental units.

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15. House Insurance Mod by Nickyclem1

sim insurance company menus

Like in any real estate situation, insurance is a must, especially for your sims’ rental properties.

This mod lets you manage your sim’s home insurance through their phone or computer.

Keep your sims home protected; get a quote, get insured, and add coverage.

And, if you want a cheaper policy, add some of the creator’s included safety equipment to help bring the price down.

16. Labeled Rental Units by TwistedMexi

labeled empty apartment units

This small mod will make it easier to see which sims are assigned to each apartment.

Usually, when visiting a unit, there’s no quick visual way of knowing who lives on the property or if it’s even occupied.

This mod will add household names to occupied units, and unit addresses for unoccupied spaces.

You’ll also notice the interaction’s icon is now a door.

Until this mod is updated, you must click the empty unit space to see the unit’s information.

17. Serviced Apartment Unlocked by BosseladyTV

mod title with feather duster

For this mod, you’ll need the Sims 4: City Living expansion pack.

With this for rent mod, you can assign the Serviced Apartment lot trait to your rental units.

By adding this trait, your tenants can get maid service at no extra cost, which is perhaps ideal for an upscale building offering different amenities.

18. Sims 4 Rental Management by SimRealist

mod title in front of house

You’ll need the SNB-BILLS mod listed at #6 for this mod.

This new system helps you buy and manage your sims real estate rental properties.

The mod covers so many areas, including;

  • Rental property management
  • Landlord property management
  • An enhanced tenant experience

Under the Landlord Tenant Management, your sims will be able to manage:

  • Rent collection
  • Late fees
  • Evictions
  • Lease renewal

This sims 4 for rent mod is extremely useful, and I recommend reading through all the details on the download page.

19. Higher Max Rent Mod by Simsapience

sim tenant agreement screen

If you are interested in causing some havoc, this mod removes the rent cap, allowing your landlords to set the price as high as they want.

You’ll also notice that the taxes get raised for the units.

And, if increasing the rents is not your cup of tea, another version of this mod provides lower rent values.

20. Unlocked Apartment Shells by LunarBritney

collage sim apartment floor plans

For this mod, you’ll need the Sims 4: City LivingDiscover University, and the Eco Lifestyle expansion packs.

Need help constructing your own rental units? If so, this mod allows you to use the apartment shells from other worlds.

All you need is to lay the foundations and build your way up using these shells.

And, if you’re interested, the creator also included some prebuilt apartment lots to get you started.

21. Less Lot Type Restrictions for Sims 4 by Zerbu

creating building near water

This mod requires the Sims 4: Island Living EP.

Have you considered building rental units near the water in Sulani?

The problem is that these lots are considered Waterfront, and that lot type cannot be changed.

With this mod, you can change the lot type, allowing you to build Residential Rentals near water.

The downside is that the game will not recognize the water on that land, so your sims won’t be able to swim or go boating.

22. Sims 4 More Rentals Mod by TwistedMexi

brindleton bay map with rental info

The way the game is currently set, you are limited to 100 rental units per save file, and this mod increases that limit to 250.

So, if you plan on having additional rental units, this mod is for you.

Note that even though the limit has increased, you’re still limited to 100 units per single lot.

While exceeding 6 units per lot is possible with this mod and cheats, it’s currently not recommended due to a bug within the game.

23. Working Elevators Everywhere by LittleMsSam

banner for working elelvators mod

Here, we have another elevator mod for you; this one comes with two functional elevator designs.

Both elevators come in various swatches; one of the models even includes patterns for the elevator doors.

While your sims won’t actually enter the elevators, they will disappear in a teleport-like fashion to their destination.

Adding elevators is an excellent touch to your rental apartment buildings, and you can check out SatchOnSims video for a closer look.

24. Flowfit Fitness Experience Mod by Simrealist

FlowFit with exercise machine logos

If you’ve been busy building amazing residential rental units, you’ve likely been looking for fun communal areas your sims can enjoy.

Like in many apartment or condo buildings, a fitness room is a popular amenity that tenants look forward to using during their free time.

This mod comes with 3 popular pieces of gym equipment;

  • FlowFit Ellipticore (elliptical machine)
  • FlowFit Row (growing machine)
  • FlowFit Summit (A mountain climbing machine)

25. Functional Spiral Staircases by Thepancake1 and MizoreYukii

side by side images of two spiral staircases

If you prefer sticking to stairs within your units, these functional spiral staircases are the way to go.

There are two designs: the industrial version and the radiant, which is more woodsy.

Currently, these staircases have animations for your sims aged child to elder.

Your toddlers will teleport to the second floor unless carried, but I have not tested it on infants; it’s likely the same situation.

Your pets will sadly have to stay on the ground floor.

Give the download page a good read for some installation tips and tricks.

26. Tomarang Loading Screens by Glowytrait

four Tomarang themed loading screens

I came across another stunning set of four Tomarang-themed loading screens to enhance your waiting time.

These loading screens will certainly express if you love the beautiful landscapes in the new expansion pack.

With the beautiful blue waters, vibrant greenery, and Southeast Asian touches, these screens are a keeper.

27. Sims 4 For Rent Save File by Emily

Tomarang game map

When it comes to save files, you’re likely a fan of Emily’s amazing files.

This save file is for the base game and the For Rent expansion pack. While the base game worlds are revamped, we’ll focus on Tomarang today.

You can expect new families, an upgraded National Park, and stunning builds.

My favorites include the Ro Kaya Rockside, with its fantastic layout, outdoor pool, and kids’ waterpark.

Also, The Isda Riverfront units are unique with their rectangular shape and center courtyard.

28. Tomarang K-505, K-101, K-606 Mods by K-hippie

sky view of Tomarang trees and the Tinsu temple

Add some new details and textures to Tomarang with this collection of sims 4 for rent mods.

The K-505 Terrain Mod tackles Tomarang’s roads, urbanization, and nature. The mod also makes some minor tweaks to improve the world overall.

You can enjoy complete retexturized roofs and partial floor changes with the Architek (K-606) and the Builder (k-101) mods.

And we may get upgraded tiled floors with future updates.

29. For Rent Expansion Pack HQ Mod by Sims4HQ

for rent HQ cover image

If you prefer playing the sims 4 in HQ mode, you’ll be happy to know the HQ replacement files are now available for the For Rent EP. 

This high-quality mod will allow your game to display in higher resolution textures, increasing your sims details. 

If it’s your first time using this HQ mod, I recommend reading all the information on the download page, including the PC requirements. 

Sims 4 For Rent Mods: Recap

With these sims 4 for rent mods, you can be a more efficient landlord to your tenants and also help boost your ratings.

These mods will save you the hassle by reducing the time it takes to do maintenance tasks and even ways to identify who occupies your units.

These mods can also help manage your rental expenses, such as insurance or rental income.

We hope you’ve enjoyed going through this list and added some new tools to your belt.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to share and save this pin for later!

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