33+ Sims 4 Toddler Hair CC: Buns, Braids, Twists & More

Change your tot’s hairstyle with this collection of sims 4 toddler hair cc.

sims 4 toddler hair cc collage

With all the different life stages, trying out different hairstyles along the way is always nice.

Styling toddlers is super fun, so we constantly look for new sims 4 toddler hair cc.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite finds for your male and female toddlers.

We also have these collections of toddler cc and toddler shoes to check out afterward;

Sims 4 Toddler Hair

Below you will find everything from short to long hair, buns, ponytails, braids, and more.

1. Toddler Heart Bun Hair by RavenSim

two girls with matching heart shaped hair bun

Your little sim toddler will look adorable with this heart-shaped bun hairstyle.

The hair gives off a casual updo vibe with its tussled bangs and loose hair strands.

This hair cc is available for both toddlers and female adults.

You can pick from the 39 color swatches.

2. Toddler Hair Conversion Pack by casteru

set of four short hairstyles for toddlers

Turn your toddler into a handsome little man with this set of sims 4 toddler hairstyles.

This set of toddler hair cc conversions comes with 4 styles.

Take note that these hairdos are not fully compatible with hats.

The original adult versions are linked on the download page if you want a matching father-and-son hairstyle.

3. Long Hair for Toddler Girls by My Stuff

long haired girl toddlers view front and back

If you want to give your little princess long, beautiful hair, this sims 4 toddler hair cc will look adorable.

This hairstyle keeps things simple, with a straight part down the middle and small layers towards the tips.

This custom content is base game compatible and comes in 24 colors.

4. Joi Toddler Hair CC by RavenSim

black toddler with braided locks

Give your sim toddler these adorable hair twists with colorful accessories.

There are four sets of twists decorated with beaded hair ties.

This hair cc is available in the 15 default colors and is hat compatible.

5. Toddler Hair CC for Boys by Simple Simmer

three black-haired toddlers

This pack of three sims 4 toddler hair was made for boys but can be used by girls too.

Two short hairstyles and a long style will make your little guy look very hip.

These hairdos come in nine colors and can be used with hats.

6. Carmen Braided Toddler Hair by My Stuff

female toddler with small braided hair

Style your toddler’s textured hair with this adorable braided hairstyle.

The braids have a side part and are medium-long, falling over the shoulder.

There are 24 color swatches for this sims 4 toddler cc hair.

7. Short Sims 4 Toddler Hair CC by Pixeloo

toddler with white blond hair in buns

This toddler hair custom content merges two hairstyles from different expansion packs.

Your tiny tot will have bangs, short hair, two buns sitting up top, and accessorized with cute bows.

8. Sims 4 Toddler Short Hair CC by Sunivaa

boys short hair do with strands

This toddler hairstyle reminds me of Jack’s hair from Titanic or even Joey’s from Friends.

With its face-framing loose bangs, it’s definitely giving me 90s vibes, plus I read this hairstyle is making a comeback too.

9. Hair CC Buns for Toddlers by RavenSim

different headshots blonde girl toddler

This hair cc for toddlers contains two files to download.

You get the adorable bow-shaped buns with bangs split evenly in the middle.

The second file is for the hairclip accessory, a cute addition to the hairdo.

The toddler hair accessory comes in 16 colors.

10. Wavy Loose for Toddlers by My Stuff

front and back view of two toddler boys

With the hair combed back, your toddler will look precious using this sims 4 toddler hair cc.

It’s base game friendly and comes in 24 colors.

You can pair this toddler hairdo with modern custom content clothing to complete the look.

That way, you can turn your little man into the coolest tot on the block.

11. Lisa Toddler Hairstyle by Sehablasimlish

double ponytail girl standing outdoors

If you’re looking for a simple and cute hairstyle fit for toddlers, the Lisa hair is what you need.

You get the classic two-ponytail look with long hair strands and blunt bangs, perfect for toddlers running around.

12. Toddler Conversion Set by JohnnySims

collage different hairstyles on same boy

This sims 4 toddler hair pack features six short haircuts ideal for your household’s little boy.

There are four different hairstyles, but two have different versions with hair strands.

These cute toddler hair come in 24 colors, all made to be hat compatible.

But why cover up gorgeous-looking hair with a hat or cap?

13. Sims 4 Toddler Hairs Set by casteru

collage of different hairstyles for toddlers

This collection of sims 4 toddler hairs includes 20  different hairstyles.

There’s a wide array of styles, from buns and ponytails to beautiful long hair.

It’s a conversion pack that consists of a couple of toddler hair cc for boys, while the rest are for girls.

Take note that these hairs are incompatible with hats.

14. Jin Hair for Sims 4 Toddlers by Saurus

kid and toddler with same hair style

This kids’ hair pack includes the same hairstyle for both toddlers and children.

It’s a short and wavy style of hair with cute choppy bangs.

Your toddler can use hats with this hairstyle, and it’s offered in nine color swatches.

15. Space Buns Hairstyle for Toddlers by RavenSim

black girl toddler with hair buns

Your little female toddler will look adorable with this space buns hairstyle with an optional hairclip accessory.

The toddler hair cc comes in 15 colors, while the hairclip comes in 16.

Your little one can wear hats with this hairdo too.

16. Bowl Cut for Toddlers by Simandy

kid and toddler with matching bowl cut hair

This sims 4 toddler hair cc pack offers the same hairdo for toddlers and children.

This toddler hair set includes a hairstyle for both male and female toddlers.

You get a cute bowl cut for the boys, while the girls get nice natural wavy long hair.

They both come in 18 colors and can be used with hats.

17. Toddler Side Ponytail by NekoChan-Simmer

sims toddler with a thick side ponytail

This toddler hair conversion gives your toddler a thick head of hair, style in a side ponytail and scrunchie.

You can choose between 22 hair colors, and it comes with a white scrunchie.

The child version is also available on the download page.

18. Sims 4 Bubble Ponytail Hair by MSQSIMS

brown haired girl toddler in blue dress

This sims 4 toddler hair is for any gender, boy or girl.

This long, bubble ponytail hair comes with thick long bangs along the sides of the face.

I like having another longer hairstyle for toddlers since many are shorter.

19. Messy Hair for Toddlers by RavenSim

excited blond toddler with blue eyes

This toddler hair mod is the perfect short and slightly messy hair for your little munchkin.

This hair has curtain bangs, loose strands, and small double ponytails on either side.

It’s full hat compatible, and you can choose among the typical 15 colors.

20. Parted Braid Hairstyle for Toddlers by My Stuff

front and back view of two toddler girls

I love this shoulder-length hairstyle for female toddlers.

The straight hair is parted on the right side, and there is a braided lock of hair that will make your toddler look so cute.

This adorable hairstyle comes in 24 colors.

And if you want this style for your older child, it’s also linked on the download page.

21. Toddler Hair Collection by Simple Simmer

three variations haircuts for blonde toddler

This set of toddler hairstyles includes nine cute options for your sim toddlers.

They come in nine colors and can be used for either boys or girls.

I especially love the braided details on the Josephine hairstyle and the casual look of the Brittany hair.

22. Sims 4 Hair Style for Toddlers by casteru

black haired toddler girl dressed in pink

This toddler hair cc will give your little one a casual chick low messy bun.

The tiny baby hairs along the forehead add a great touch of detail.

You can choose from 16 colors, and your toddler can wear a hat with this hair.

23. Tyrell Toddler Twists by RavenSim

black toddler with dreads

Your little man will look so good with this Twist hairdo.

The hair strands are medium-length and will look just right on your sim toddler.

You can use hats with this toddler hair, and it comes in EA’s 15 default colors.

24. Toddler Textured Hair CC Set by Yooniesim

collage of texture toddler hairs

This set of toddler hairs comes with 8 beautiful textured hairstyles.

There is a parted hairstyle, a couple of fros, thick buns, and more.

Three hairstyles come with accessories, so check out their location details on the download page.

25. Jenny Toddler Hair for Sims 4 by Sunivaa

girl ponytail with many loose hair strands

Need a casual hairstyle for your toddler to hit the daycare?

This ponytail is perfect for your busy toddler running around, and I love the multi-layered bangs.

This hair custom content is compatible with hats and comes in 15 colors.

26. Toddler Hair CC for Sims 4 by JohnnySims

three boy toddlers with different hairstyles

This set is part 2 of the other conversion collection listed at #11.

You get three toddler-converted hairstyles, each having 24 color swatches.

The Zander hair, which is the left one in the picture above, has an ombre version for added color.

27. Toddler Hair CC for Girls by MSQSIMS

toddler with coiffed long blond hair

This sims 4 toddler hair cc gives your little girl a full head of hair with alot of volume.

The gorgeous below-the-shoulder hair has a natural wavy look with blunt bangs.

I love the braided strands tied at the back with a cute bow.

It’s available in EA’s default colors and is compatible with the base game and HQ mod.

28. Ballerina Toddler Hair by RavenSim

ballerina hair on toddler with glasses

Ballerinas inspire this toddler hairstyle, and it’s simple and neat.

Give your little toddler a put-together look with this combed-back high-top hair bun.

I love the little strand that sticks out because nothing can be too perfect with toddlers running around.

29. Sims 4 Toddler Hair Mod by Aharris00britney

toddler with short curly black hair

This casual hairstyle is a short hairdo with whispy strands all around.

You can use this short and curly hair on either your male or female toddlers.

You can choose from nine EA default colors.

30. Bairn’dos Hair Collection for Toddlers by Saurus

a group of sims 4 toddlers and kids

This collection of toddler hairs has six options for your little ones.

It also includes five versions for children.

There is a mix of styles to pick from, between buns, curly, wavy, and straight with classic bangs.

31. Sims 4 Hair CC for Toddlers by My Stuff

blonde and brunette toddlers with long hair

This lovely toddler hairstyle looks super cute on little sims.

It is below shoulders in length and has an irregular parting; the way it’s tied at the back adds a nice touch.

There’s a good array of colors, with 24 swatches.

32. Sims 4 Toddler Hair Pack by casteru

collage of ten hairstyles for toddlers

This collection of toddler hair cc is another conversion set.

There are 10 styles of hairs in total.

When downloading the zipped file, you’ll notice that the creator has included some hair accessories.

These accessories include ribbons, bows, clips, and elastics.

33. Toddler Ponytail CC for Sims 4 by My Stuff

toddler ponytail with baby hairs

You can’t go wrong with this adorable high-top ponytail for toddlers.

This maxis match hair will give your toddler a thick ponytail with wavy hair and beautifully combed baby hairs along the hairline.

This cute hair comes in 24 colors.

34. Short Wavy Hair for Toddlers by Sehablasimlish

blue eyed toddler in pink with pacifier

Your sim family’s little girl would look so precious with this sims 4 toddler hair cc.

The shoulder-length hair with its cute bangs and wavy back will look great on your little one.

The child hair cc comes in 15 colors and can be used with hats.

Sims 4 Toddler Hair: Final Thoughts

Going through this list of sims 4 toddler hair cc, we hope you’ve found a few new hairstyles to add to your collection.

Whether your sim toddler has short or long hair, there are many different ways to style it.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

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