19+ Sims 4 Height Slider Mods: Adjust Your Sims Height

Adjust your sim’s final look with the perfect sims 4 height slider mod.

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When it comes to sims 4, there is a mod for almost every need.

Whether you want to rotate your sims glasses or give them the perfect pouty lips, you can find a sims 4 height slider to help.

We put together a diverse collection of height slider mods for you to try out; there is a little something for everyone.

And for even more customization, you can also check out our mixed collection of Sims 4 Sliders.

Sims 4 Height Slider

Sliders are a great way to customize the look of your sims without using predefined settings.

As a direct result, slider mods will either resize or reposition some aspects of your sims’ appearance.

I’ve compiled this list of must-have height sliders that will vertically affect some aspects of your sims.

1. Sims 4 Height Slider by Redhead Sims CC

collage levitating sims woman

If you have collected some cute sims 4 shoes cc, you may have grabbed either platform or high-heeled shoes.

Either way, your sims won’t align correctly with the height of the shoes.

To help fix that, you’ll need this sims 4 height slider to modify your sims’ vertical alignment and raise it above floor level.

This height mod is a must-have for any custom content collectors, as you never know when it’ll come in handy.

2. Upper Lip Height Mod by Ice-creamforbreakfast

before and after upper lip height change

If you want to change your sims’ smile and get a lip lift, try this lip height slider.

By changing your sims’ upper lip, you can gauge how much “teeth” will show on your sims’ smile.

I prefer lifting it subtly on my female sim, adding a bit of charm to her.

This lip slider mod can be used on sims aged teens and up.

3. Sims 4 Leg Lenght Slider by Hi-land

collage lower body sim woman in denim

You can modify your sim’s leg height through this leg slider mod.

By shortening or lengthening your sims’ legs, you alter their height in the process.

So, if you want a cute little sim with short legs, you can achieve that with the help of this height mod.

This sims 4 height slider can be used for teens and up in both genders.

4. Sims 4 Body Height Slider by Luumia

collage sim woman on yellow top and shorts

This luumia height slider is the most popular among simmers for changing a sim’s height.

With this mod, you can manually adjust your sim’s height using the slider.

You also have the option to change the height using the provided four automatic body presets.

The mod only works on sims aged teens and up.

On the height slider’s page linked just below, you’ll find a few extra slider mods provided by the creator.

You get neck height and hip height sliders, which are pretty self-explanatory.

5. Height Sliders for Noses by obscurus-sims

collage closeup view sim man nose

This nose slider is great for changing your sim’s nose appearance, including the nose tip and septum heights.

This mod includes six sliders for changing a sim’s nose.

A nose can genuinely define a face’s attractiveness; the more centered the nose tip is, the better, so adjusting its height is key.

6. Sims 4 Pet Height Slider by Pixelpfote

various sizes of sim dogs

To use this slider mod, you must have THE SIMS 4: CATS & DOGS expansion pack installed in your game.

Who said that sims 4 height sliders have to affect your sims exclusively?

Whether it’s to downsize or the reverse, with the help of this mod, your sim dog can also benefit from a size adjustment.

A possible issue resulting from changing your pet’s height is that the animation alignment might be a bit off.

So keep that in mind, as no fix is possible at this time, but it’s a small price to pay.

7. Lower Lip Slider Height by Miiko

collage two sim women with pouting lips

This lip height slider goes well with the one listed in #2 as this one affects the lower lip as opposed to the upper one.

By adjusting the lower lip’s height upwards, you can give your sim a charming pouty face.

The best part about this sims 4 height slider is that it can be used on any sims.

That would mean you can give your toddler an adorable pouty face, which is so cute.

8. Knees & Elbows Sims 4 Height Sliders by pirumxsim

tanned sim woman in floral short dress

Depending on the desired look you’re going for, this mod allows changing the height of both your sims’ knees and elbows.

If you want your sims’ limbs to bend at different heights than initially defined, these sims 4 height sliders allow just that.

When it comes to creating the perfect sim, every little detail counts.

9. Shoulder Height Slider by ice-creamforbreakfast

portrait sim woman with arrow on shoulders

Having the option to change every part of the body with the movement of a slider opens up many possibilities, and shoulders are no exception.

Using this height slider mod, you can drastically change your sim’s appearance depending on what look you’re going for.

Increasing their height will make them appear broader and more athletic while decreasing their size can make them appear frail.

10. Leg Lenght & Hip Height Sliders by Dumbaby

side view horned blueish sim woman

If you need to tweak your sims’ female waist, this mod does it wonderfully.

By adjusting the hips’ height, you proportionally change the torse and leg sizes without modifying the overall height of your sim.

So, if you want a slim sim with long legs, use this sims 4 height slider to raise those hips, and that’ll do the trick.

11. Kids Head Height Slider by Redhead Sims CC

collage sim kid in various height sizes

Much like the sims 4 height slider listed at #4, which only worked on teen+ sims, this mod is made exclusively for kid sims.

With this slider, you can change the height of your kids to the desired size within a certain range.

This size mod is sometimes helpful for certain poses that need to be at a certain height for the best results.

12. Adams Apple Sims 4 Slider by hi-land

side view of adams apple on two sims

Being able to change the height of your male’s Adam’s apple is a nice touch, as some have theirs more defined than others.

What is great about this sims 4 slider mod is that it can also be used on female frames.

13. Ear Height Slider for Sims 4 by Luumia

front and side view sim man head

This height slider for the ears is another great way to change your sim’s face.

If your sim wears many hats, you may want to lower their ear’s height.

Also, depending on your sims’ features, they may look better with a slightly adjusted ear height versus using presets.

Keep in mind that adjusting their ear height might affect any sims 4 cc piercings you may be using.

14. Sims 4 Eyes Height Sliders by obscurus-sims

collage sim woman with modded eyes

If you want to change certain aspects of your sims’ eyes, you can with the help of these height sliders.

On the creator’s page, there are two files to download.

The first mod file is for changing the height of the eyelids, and the second is for the pupils.

The pupil slider is my favorite because it creates incredible results.

15. Height Slider for Toddlers by Redhead Sims CC

collage sim toddler in various height sizes

This sims 4 height slider is the same mod as the one listed at #12 but is made exclusively for toddler sims.

It works the same way: grab your sim around the head area and drag the cursor up and down using your mouse.

This size mod is also useful for poses that require the posing toddler to be a certain height.

16. Sims 4 Forehead Slider Mod by bloodmoon

collage sim woman different sized forehead

This forehead slider mod is useful when playing around with different hairstyles.

Modifying your sims’ forehead height plays with its hairline, changing how a hairstyle looks.

Be aware that using this height mod with hair that has bangs may not give the best result.

Hairstyle aside, if you simply want a different-sized forehead, this slider is for you.

17. Sims 4 Glasses Height Slider by ICONIC

sunglasses on white dummy woman torso

This sims 4 height slider lets you resize, rotate and move your favorite glasses.

With this height mod, you can change the height at which a pair of glasses will appear on the head.

This is ideal when you want the glasses to rest on a sim’s forehead.

18. Hip Dips Height Slider by ice-creamforbreakfast

collage sim woman in yellow leotard

This hip height slider plays with your sims’ hip dips.

The more pronounced the hip dip becomes when raising the hips to their maximum.

Lowering the hips to their lowest point will make the hip dip less visible and appear rounder.

I find that somewhere in the lower half range looked best for my sim, but test it out and try it yourself.

19. Nosebump Height Mod by pirumxsim

closeup view sim woman with nosebump

This sims 4 height slider adds one aspect to the mod listed at #5.

With this slider, you can change the appearance of your sim’s nose bump near the bridge.

In today’s world, you can often tell where a person is from just by looking at the person’s nasal features.

If you wish to replicate a specific look, this mod can do the job; a nose job, that is.

20. Sims 4 Chin Height Slider by Dumbaby

black silhouette sim man with earrings

If you’re looking to give your sim a slimmer or wider neck, you can with this sims 4 chin slider.

This mod will change the height of your sim’s chin while keeping it proportionate to its neck.

Because they behave differently on each frame, this height slider mod comes in two versions, one for each gender.

Sims 4 Height Slider Recap

Being able to change your sim’s appearance in various and precise ways adds a layer to how personalized a sim can be.

By using these sims 4 height sliders, no two sims will be alike.

They’re a great way to let your creativity and artistic side run wild.

It’s great fun, and hopefully, through this article, a few height sliders have made their way into your mod collection.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And remember to save and pin this post for later!

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19+ Sims 4 Height Slider Mods: Adjust Your Sims Height

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