21+ Sims 4 Horse Ranch Mods: Saddle Up Your Game

When searching for mods, you want the best in the West.

These sims 4 horse ranch mods will enhance your gameplay in more ways than one.

Sims 4 Horse Ranch Mods collage

Once your sims are settled in their new home in Chestnut Ridge and have adopted their Western cowboy lifestyle, what comes next?

After playing The Sims 4: Horse Ranch pack, you’ll want to make the most of the new world.

You may have also noticed some aspects of the EP’s mechanics that could use some tweaking.

With the help of sims 4 horse ranch mods, you can create the perfect balance and bring something new to your game.


Our Selection of Sims 4 Horse Ranch Mods

This list of sims 4 horse ranch mods contains a mix of everything.

You’ll find some bug fixes, loading screens, in-game content like new traits or careers, and more.

So, quit horsing around and go check them out. 🙂

1. Horse Ranch Nectar Override by Icemunmun

sims 4 menu colorful nectar drinks

This Horse Ranch mod requires The Sims 4: Dine Out expansion pack.

The sims 4 horse ranch adds new features to the game, including the Nectar Making skill.

This mod allows you to add a variety of Nectar to the menu for your sims 4 restaurant.

That way, your sims can enjoy a cup of their favorite Nectar while dining in style.

2. Easy Does It Horse Trait by Simularity

cas trait menu for sims 4 horses

This sims 4 horse ranch mod adds a trait for your horses.

The Easy Does It trait will help make your sims lives easier while caring for their horses.

For starters, it’ll make your sims 4 horses remain happy most of the time and prevent them from being sad or scared.

Your horses’ skills will be easier and faster to learn than usual.

Their needs will also decrease at a slower rate, so they’ll require less attention.

But not to worry, their pooping requirements remain intact, so there will be no lack of fertilizers on the ranch.

And finally, your beautiful horses will never age to the Elder stage so they won’t die.

3. Chestnut Ridge Loading Screens by QueenSherlock

collage chestnut ridge town pictures

If you enjoy playing The Sims 4: Horse Ranch expansion pack, you’ll want these matching loading screens.

These sims 4 horse ranch mods add four beautiful pictures from Chestnut Ridge as loading screens.

Now, you can enjoy sights from the Horse Ranch EP while you wait.

4. Maker Trait Override for Nectar Making by Raesthetic

description of maker trait override

This Horse Ranch mod requires The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle expansion pack.

In the Eco Lifestyle EP, there’s a Maker trait that you can assign to your sims.

It grants certain buffs to your sims when making or crafting stuff.

This sims 4 horse ranch mod tweaks the trait to include Nectar Making to the list of projects they can benefit from.

So, when your sims make Nectar, they’ll get a Happy moodlet.

5. Sims 4 Horse Animation Fix by LittleMsSam

bug fix banner with sim and ladybug

You may have noticed some issues while riding your sims 4 horse.

The walk-style animations don’t match up with the intended interaction.

Let’s say you want your horse to Canter here; instead, your horse will stroll like the Ride interaction.

This little issue affects the Ride, Canter, and Trot  Here walking styles.

EA may eventually patch this bug up, but this sims 4 horse ranch mod does the trick in the meantime.

6. More Sparkles for Unicorns by Vicky Sims

three sparkling sims 4 unicorns

When The Sims 4: Horse Ranch got released, some simmers immediately thought about creating unicorns.

And the sparkles you can add to your unicorns in CAS add such a pretty effect to them.

With the help of this sims 4 horse ranch mod, your unicorn will have even more sparkling effects.

7. Catalog Fix for Sims 4 Horse Ranch by Standardheld

horse statue and nectar press catalogue items

A few Horse Ranch items offered through the Build/Buy catalog aren’t showing up while scrolling.

These items are the ones shown above, which are a Horse Statue and a Nectar Press.

To get around the issue, you must look for them using the Search box.

These Horse Ranch overrides fix the bug and add the items to their respective categories.

The statue can be found under Decorative and then Statues.

As for the Nectar Press, it’ll be under Decorative and Misc Decoration.

8. Horse Motive Decay & Skill Gain Mod by Raesthetic

description for horse skills gain tweak

These sims 4 horse ranch mods affect your in-game horse’s motive decay and skill gain.

Whether you find that they happen too fast or not fast enough, these horse mods have the options you need.

You must install only one of the six variants for these mods, among the following:

  • Double the speed for all skill gain and make your horse’s motives decay twice as fast
  • Make all your horse skill gains twice as fast while leaving the motive decay rate as it is
  • Only affect the learning speed of your horse’s Temperament skill by reducing it by half
  • Affect all your horse’s skill gain speed by reducing it by half
  • Halves your horse’s motive decay rate only
  • Reduce by half both skill gain and motive decay rates

9. Ranch Paddock Gate Mod by LittleMsSam

small mod banner with sim and lightbulb

This sims 4 horse ranch mod adds a new and upgraded Paddock Gate to the game.

It looks like the paddock gate in the EP, except it’s locked to all farm animals except mounted horses.

This gate is a safety precaution preventing your animals from exiting the enclosed area alone.

A hidden 15-minute Buff was also added to the Horses, so your steeds can go through the gate when called over.

10. Nectar Club for Sims 4 by Raesthetic

description for a nectar making club mod

This Horse Ranch mod requires The Sims 4: Get Together expansion pack.

This sims 4 horse ranch mod uses the Social Club feature from the game’s second expansion pack.

The mod adds Nectar Making to the list of possible club creation themes.

So, your sims can gather with others at an assigned club hangout location and make the things they love, yummy Nectar.

11. No Dying Livestock Mod by Simularity

various small farm animals in pen

Do you love your farm animals and would hate losing them due to old age?

With the help of this mod, your ranch animals will stop aging after adulthood.

So you won’t need to worry about animals dying on your watch.

This sims 4 horse ranch mod works on the small animals for both the Horse Ranch EP and the Cottage Living EP.

12. Horse Ranch Loading Screens by QueenSherlock

collage chestnut ridge scenery pictures

These sims 4 horse ranch mods add five more options for your game’s loading screen.

This time around, the pictures are of Chestnut Ridge’s gorgeous scenery.

The tough part about these beautiful loading screens is choosing which one to use.

You can only install one file in your mods folder at a time.

13. Sims 4 Horse Trait Mod by Vicky Sims

sims 4 horse trait removal menu

The More CAS Traits mod is a great tuning mod that enables your sims to have more than 3 personality CAS traits.

With the latest update, the creator has added horses to the fold.

Now, through the pie menu, you can change your horse’s personality by adding or removing traits.

This mod also grants three more trait slots for your majestic animals, provided you use the MoreTraitsMod_Options.

I recommend reading all the details and updates listed on the download page.

14. Horse Training Ground Mod by AwesimSimmerGirl

horse training ground items

When setting up your sims 4 horse obstacle course, the white markers can appear in weird places and look cluttered.

This mod cleans up the horse training ground by placing invisible markers.

These sims 4 horse ranch mods come in two variations.

  1. You can choose between new standalone recolors which say, No Markers – Override.
  2. The overrides which will remove all marks for jumps and barrels.

15. Sims 4 Nectar Aging Mod by Raesthetic

description for aging nectar mod

In the game, you can tell the quality of Nectar by its age.

Nectar will go from Lightly Aged to Finely Aged every few passing sim calendar days.

Finely aged Nectar is worth ten times the simoleons of the lightly aged one.

These sims 4 horse ranch mods will affect the drink’s aging process.

The first ranch mod removes the waiting time by instantly aging the produced Nectar to Finely Aged.

Alternatively, if you want to make the aging process longer, the second option will make the Nectar take twice as long to age.

16. Equine Careers Mod by NerdyTrait

description sims 4 equine career

In Chestnut Ridge, owning horses is the main idea behind this expansion pack.

Your sims can care for their horses, ride and train them.

So, why not make a career out of it?

This sims 4 horse ranch mod allows your sims to take on the Equine career path.

Your sims will start as a Stable Sanitation Manager.

They’ll need to meet specific goals to get promoted to become a Horse Trainer or Equestrian.

And, if you need some poses, builds, and cc for your Horse Ranch gameplay, check out our related posts.

17. Sims 4 No Stirrup for Horses by TheKalino

leg mounted on horse without stirrup

Not a fan of stirrups?

With this override, your sims can ride their horses stirrup-free.

And if they change their mind, simply remove the file from your mods folder.

18. Waffle’s Nectar Overhaul Mod by Waffle’s Mix-Ins

before after sims nectar stats overhaul

The Horse Ranch EP introduced Nectar Making, allowing your sims to make their own fruity drinks.

If you hadn’t noticed, the profit margin for selling nectar versus the cost of making it is staggering.

This horse ranch mod helps rebalance the whole process.

It changes the prices of harvestables used to make nectar, reduces the base value, and lowers the multipliers for aged nectar.

All these changes result in the nectar’s value dropping, so the profit is less significant, which makes your sims work harder to get more simoleons.

19. Better Saddle Control Mod by LittleMsSam

mod title banner for better saddle control

Have you noticed that when your sims get on or off their horse, they automatically put the saddle on or off?

With this mod, you can leave it on when your sims dismount.

You get four new interactions:

  • Saddle Name– To instantly add the saddle to your sim horse
  • Mount – Your sims can mount their horse with or without a saddle
  • Dismount Name – This lets your sims get off the horse without removing the saddle
  • Remove Saddle – To instantly remove the harness off your horse when used with Saddle Name

This mod also allows your sims to ride their horse without a saddle through the Mount interaction.

20. Sims 4 Boarding Stable Mod bv Flauschtrud

horse galloping on training grounds

This mod adds a new Lot trait you can assign to Chestnut Ridge community lands.

The mod adds Non-Playable Character horses to the lot; it will generate three grown horses and bring them to that lot.

When revisiting the lot, the same horses should be there so you can build relationships with them.

You can even call for the horse’s owner from the Horse Care pie menu.

This mod is great for adding more NPCs to horse-lacking lots, like Duke’s Hall, to name one.

21. Chestnut Ridge Map Replacement by 20th Century Plumbob

collage chestnut ridge map

Is Chestnut Ridge’s world map a tad plain-looking?

With this horse ranch mod, your map will get a much-needed makeover.

This map replacement will look less cartoony and more realistic with more environmental elements and details.

You won’t get a better-looking map than this mod’s; it’s like night and day.

22. Ghostly Gait Horse Trait Mod bv Waffle’s Mix-Ins

horse with wings flying

How about a horse trait that makes your horse fly?

This sims 4 horse ranch mod adds the Ghostly Gait trait to the list of traits you can assign to your horse.

With this trait, your horse will float above ground around instead of walking or running.

When your horses stop floating, they will come back down onto solid ground.

You can turn your horse into a Pegasus by adding a cool set of wings linked on the mod’s page.

Sims 4 Horse Ranch Mods: Recap

We hope these sims 4 horse ranch mods will help you make your gameplay much more enjoyable.

You can’t go wrong with a mod that changes the game’s mechanics or adds a new feature, like a trait or a career.

The Horse Ranch EP is so much fun on its own, and adding some of these horse mods can only enhance the experience.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and save this pin for later!

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