32+ Sims 4 Food Mods: Appliances, Food Storage & Delivery

Add some meal diversity to your sims’ diet with the help of sims 4 food mods.

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In sims 4, cooking is straightforward if your sims have the necessary culinary skill level.

You pick a meal from a menu, pay its cost, and your sims prepare it.

As easy as it is, when picking a meal, it all comes down to the same default food recipes over and over.

These sims 4 food mods help bring fresh new content to your sims’ kitchen.

Whether it’s a striking new kitchen appliance or a home-delivery meal service, there are food mods for it all.

Yummy Sims 4 Food Mods

Our list of sims 4 food mods has everything from changing how food is prepared to adding new recipes to your sims’ cookbook.

So, happy browsing, and let’s get cooking.

1. Healthy Food Delivery Mod by Somik and Severinka

two female sims enjoying meal at table

If you want your sims to eat healthy, this sims 4 food mod adds a delivery service for nutritious meals.

There are 19 ultra-healthy meal options for home delivery, perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You can pick ready-made sets with a 7-day meal plan or individual dishes.

There are options for specific diets, too (lactose intolerant, vegetarian).

The food will get delivered in boxes, and as long as they’re not opened, they won’t spoil.

2. Pizza Heaven Instant Delivery by Ravasheen

food pamphlets for pizza delivery

For pizza lovers, this mod provides delivery menus that allow you to order fast food for your sims.

You can place these menus on walls or boards and interact with them to order one of six flavors.

Three flavors are base game compatible, while the second set of flavors requires the Discover University EP.

You can choose between Cheese, Pepperoni, or Canadian Bacon pizzas.

And, if you have the pack, you can add Kebab, Sweet Corn, and Tikka Misala pizzas to the choices.

3. Air Fryer Appliance Item by Icemunmun

air fryer item on counter

This food mod adds an Air Fryer as a small kitchen appliance.

You can cook burgers or air-fryer meals for either single or three servings.

In both cases, you pick your fried food from the menu, depending on your Homestyle Cooking skill.

Fried calamari, anyone?

4. Soup of the Day Pot Item by Balkanika

four soup bowls on chalkboard

If your sims enjoy soup, you can use this pot item, place it on your counter, and pick from several kinds of soup.

This small appliance allows you to make one serving or a whole pot of soup.

The whole pot can serve up to seven portions.

Your sims will unlock more of the 25 recipes as they level up their cooking skills.

5. Custom Drinks Interactions by TheFoodGroup

bar with interactive options

This sims 4 food mod uses creator Icemunmun’s Custom Bar Drinks mod and adds new interactions to go with them.

The mod adds the Make Custom Drink and the Buy Custom Drinks options to the venue bar object.

You get a choice through a menu of actual alcoholic beverages instead of their juice equivalent.

Note that when you buy drinks, they will transfer directly into your sims’ inventory.

6. Occult Recipe Book for Sims 4 by TianaSims

table with various occult recipe plates

You’ll first need to install the Realm of Magic game pack to use these occult recipes.

This sims 4 food mod adds 39 odd new recipes that can be concocted by your spellcasting sims, like Cursed Cookies.

The mod will allow your sims to make meals, desserts, and drinks.

If you have the Cottage Living EP, your sims can also do some canning for delicious jams.

Some recipes require additional game packs, but as for the rest, you’ll only need particular skill sets.

7. Don’t Prep Food in the Bathroom Mod by Scumbumbo

sim on toilet while sim prepping food

This mod adds a setting to countertop objects, allowing or preventing food preparation on that surface.

You’ll find two versions of this mod.

With the first mod, you won’t be able to prep food anywhere until you enable it in the settings.

The second mod is the opposite, allowing your sims to prepare food wherever as long as they’re not disabled.

So, go ahead and Disable Food Prep on the bathroom counter because why would anyone do so in the first place?

8. Edible Food for Toddlers by Somik and Severinka

array of baby food containers

These sims 4 food mods are for edible items for your toddler sims.

There are 34 food items divided into categories, such as:

  • Baby juice pouches
  • Yogurt and cottage cheese packs
  • Jared baby puree or meats

Each item will come in three states: sealed, opened, and empty.

Also, the baby food will provide buffs and moods for the sim toddlers.

9. Sims 4 Food Delivery Service by LittleMsSam

food delivery mod banner

Are you looking for more food delivery options for your sims?

With this food mod, you can order meals in Single, Family, and Party sizes.

Plus, the delivery service has a reasonably low price, charging the actual cost of the food, and a small tip of 2 simoleons.

The service is available 24 hours a day, and the delivery person drops off the food and leaves, unlike others who hang out afterward.

10. Smoothie Making Food Mod by Icemunmun

table full of smoothie flavors

Do you want your sims to make their own fresh smoothies at home?

This food mod is for a blender appliance that makes 25 flavors of smoothie goodness.

You can make a one or three-serving drink of choice between a healthy drink or a fruity smoothie.

There’s no need to have a particular skill level to make the drinks; you only need the ingredients.

11. Gyros Grill Appliance by Balkanika

two gyros grill items

This vertical rotisserie grill will bring Mediterranean food to your sims’ household.

By clicking the Prepare Gyros option on the small appliance, you can pick among the 10 meal options.

You’ll have a choice between five flavors of gyro wraps and another five for plates.

The gyro wraps are cheaper to make than the food plates.

But having the ingredients on hand is the better solution because making the gyros won’t cost you a thing.

12. My Grocery Shopping List Mod by Insimnia

six styles of grocery lists

This fun sims 4 food mod brings realism to your sims’ meal cooking experience.

You get a grocery list that you place around in your kitchen and use it to prepare recipes.

Basically, if you don’t have the ingredients in your inventory or your fridge, you won’t be able to make certain meals.

You’ll also have to check and make sure you have the necessary appliances available, like a stove or a microwave oven.

So, just like in real life, you won’t be able to make it if you don’t have what you need.

13. Cookbook for Custom Recipes by Somik and Severinka

various simlish cookbooks

The cookbook lets you buy, cook, and even prepare baby food.

With this food mod, you get a cookbook (available in seven swatches) that works with custom recipes by Somik & Severinka.

You’ll need to download the recipes separately, and then your sims can get cooking.

14. S’more Options Mod by Ravasheen

sim making smores

Wouldn’t your sims love to make and eat delicious smores?

With this sims 4 food mod, you can make three serving sizes of the delightful snack:

  • Single serving, for one portion
  • Family Size, for four portions
  • Party Size, which has eight servings

Your sims will be able to cook up the tasty treat on your choice of:

  • Firepits
  • Fireplaces
  • Grills
  • Stoves

Children can also make smores, but only by using the fireplace or the outdoor firepit.

15. Avocado Toast Food Option by Balkanika

avocado toasts on table

If your sims have at least a Level 2 Cooking skill, they can make delicious avocado toasts.

There are three serving sizes: One, four, or eight servings.

You can find the meal option under the Breakfast and Dinner categories because yummy avocado toast is not just a breakfast food.

To be able to make the sandwich, you’ll first need to install the linked Keto Cookbook mod.

16. Pressure Cooker Mod for Sims 4 by Pied Piper

pressure cooker on counter

This mod adds the small appliance, which brings pressure-cooked meals to your sims’ dining table.

The pressure cooker adds 14 tasty dish choices, such as:

  • BBQ Beef Ribs
  • Beef Stew
  • Chicken Enchilada Soup
  • Mediterranean Chicken Orzo
  • And more

In order to use the appliance, your sims don’t need to be savvy in the kitchen because they only require a Level 1 Cooking skill.

17. Mega Storage Mod for Food by SrslySims

mega storage mod

These sims 4 food mods add a lot of storage solutions for your sims’ convenience.

This pack includes a bunch of storage containers for each type of food, like:

  • Three items for Bread
  • Six items for Fruit
  • One item for Dairy
  • Five objects for Coffee & Tea
  • And many more

Each item will have the option to Put away or Take food items.

18. Delivery of Healthy Food Mod by Somik and Severinka

various healthy food items

These sims 4 food mods complement the other Healthy Food mod listed at #1.

In this pack, you get 27 additional edible food and drink options for your sims to snack on.

Among the items, you get healthy protein bars, cookies, and shakes.

You also get dried fruits and fruit-in-cups options.

19. Ask to Cook Mod for Sims 4 by LittleMsSam

ask to cook mod banner

These sims 4 food mods add new options to a few appliances that let you ask other sims to prepare food for you.

So, by interacting with stoves, you can choose the option to ask other sims to cook or bake for you.

The same goes for grills and bars for mixing drinks.

There’s also an option that you can ask to prepare pet food for your furry friends.

You get to pick which meal or drink they prepare, and you can also ask for a gourmet meal, even for your pets.

20. What’s Fork Dinner Mod by Ravasheen

wooden utensils with food category menu

When it comes to food, if you want to save your sims the trouble of cooking, this food mod will spawn a meal instantly.

This shortcut works by first placing the Fork and Spoon sculpture in your sims’ house.

Clicking on the sculpture item will make a pie menu appear, which will be divided into food categories.

Once you’ve chosen, the item will appear on the ground next to the Fork and Spoon object.

21. Sims 4 Custom Food Objects by Icemunmun

pie menu for custom food options

If you’re planning on using any of the creator’s custom food and drinks, this mod is a must to be able to use them.

The mod includes objects you can interact with to make custom meals, snacks, and drinks.

You can even make vampire-friendly meals.

The included objects are:

  • Cooking Tablet
  • Pile of Books
  • Pots and Pans
  • Wall Spice Rack

These food mod items can be found under Small Appliances.

To name a few, with these appliances, you can:

  • Cook Custom Meal
  • Grab food for Toddlers
  • Grab Custom Drinks from the Fridge
  • Make Chilled desserts
  • And more

22. Interactive Champagne Bottle by Balkanika

champagne bottles on round tables

When there’s a reason to celebrate, have your sims pop open a nice bottle of champagne.

Clicking on the Champagne object will allow you to buy one of the two bottles available.

With the bottle item, you can Open it and serve up to six glasses before it empties.

If you need help finding the food item, that’s because it’s under the Small Appliance category.

23. Sims 4 Bubble Tea Drink Mod by ONI

three bubble tea cups on counter

Are you a bubble tea fan and wish your sims can enjoy one?

  • First, install the creator’s Recipe Pack linked on the mod’s page.
  • Then, you can add the Bubble Tea recipe to make them.

Now, you can serve your sims any of the three flavors of bubble tea: Taro, Brown Sugar, and Matcha.

And, best of all, no cooking skills are required.

24. No Auto Food Grab after Cooking Mod by LittleMsSam

no auto food grab mod banner

Would you like to prevent your sims from serving themselves a plate of food right after finishing cooking?

This food mod prevents that by adding a hidden buff that lasts 120 minutes.

Sims will only eat or cook something during that time if you tell them to.

The buff will deactivate when you tell your sims to Take a Meal or Call to Meal.

There are a few optional sims 4 food mods you can use with this one:

  • Household Addon to give the hidden buff to your whole household
  • 24 hrs Buff Addon to extend the duration of the buff to one day
  • NPCs No Food Grab to prevent people outside of your household from grabbing food

25. Realistic Cooking Mod by Somik and Severinka

table full food products in various containers

These sims 4 food mods add more than 70 functional products that your sims can handle, like dairy, meats, and more.

The mods also add around 150 new items to buy and cook with.

Some food items will show helpful information, such as the expiry date and quality of the item.

You make in-game recipes by using ingredients found in these mods.

After using the Open option on most products, they will be transferred to the fridge for storage and practicality.

26. Grannies Cookbook Food Mod by Littlbowbub

grannies cookbook with meal choices

This mod is the tool that will allow you to make custom recipes that you download separately.

The tool is a cookbook item you place anywhere in your sims’ household.

You can find the item under the Small Appliances section. Inside the book, all your recipes will be categorized for easy access.

You can grab as many recipes as you want from the provided link.

27. Don’t Wash Dishes in the Bathroom Mod by Scumbumbo

sim on toilet while sim washes dishes

This food mod is the same concept as the mod listed at #7, but this time, it’s for washing dishes.

With the mod installed, you can decide which sinks your sims can wash dishes in.

You get to pick between two versions.

In the first version, all sinks can wash dishes until you disable the option.

In the second version, your sims can’t use any sink until you assign one for that purpose.

All you need to do is click on the sink and choose Enable Dish Washing.

28. Food Delivery Services for Sims 4 by Icemunmun

sims pie menu for delivery service

If you want more Sims 4 food mods that provide meal delivery services, this one is another good option.

This mod takes the shape of a Cooking Tablet item; with it, you can order meals and other goods like groceries.

The tablet has two main options: Fresh Forward Service and Ready Forward Service.

For the Fresh Forward Service, you can order from 74 boxed items, each with a description of its content.

Your order will then be shipped for the next day.

As for the Ready Forward Service, it’s a typical food delivery service that will get you a fresh meal within an hour.

You must install the creator’s Custom Food Objects mod at #21 for this food mod to work.

29. Coffee Maker Item Mod by Ravasheen

coffee maker with beverage choices

If you’re looking for an all-in-one brewing machine, this coffee maker can make Coffee and Tea.

This space-saver works as two appliances in one.

The small appliance can brew one cup at a time with several drinks options, such as:

  • Pitch Black Coffee
  • Regular Coffee
  • Oolong Tea
  • Chamomile Tea
  • Earl Grey Tea
  • And more

30. Easter Eggs Basket Food Mod by Pied Piper

easter eggs in basket

You can get this basket of painted eggs for your sims’ Easter holiday.

You’ll find the basket item under the Small Appliance category.

It only has one interaction: grabbing a decorated egg from the basket to eat it.

It’s a simple mod that’s fun to use during your sims holiday.

31. Sims 4 Infant Food Override by Insimnia

list of canned baby foods

This simple food mod for infant sims is an override that replaces the game’s default baby food for named brands.

The mod revamps the food’s appearance and gives them proper names and descriptions instead of generic terms.

As for the rest, everything works the same way.

32. Kompot Processing Stove Item by Balkanika

kompot processing stove

This food mod features a large stove appliance that can be used on your sims’ lot to make Kompot and Condiments.

Kompot is a popular cultural drink made out of fruits. You can find the appliance under the Stove category.

You get two options with the item: Make Kompot or Make Condiments.

There are 15 Kompots to make, but you only get certain flavors based on your Cooking skill level.

As for the condiments, there are 10 kinds available, but only when you reach the Level 7 Cooking skill.

This sims 4 food mod creates boxes of jars to be consumed or sold for simoleons.

33. Experimental Food Servings by LittleMsSam

experimental food mod banner

This particular mod requires the Sims 4: Dine Out game pack.

Usually, when making experimental meals, sims only make one serving at a time.

With this sims 4 food mod, your sims can create more than one serving of their experimental meal so the dish won’t look empty.

Sims 4 Food Mods: Final Thoughts

Going through this list of sims 4 food mods, we hope you grabbed a few new items for your sims’ kitchen.

Whether it’s a few new recipes from a cookbook or a useful small appliance that adds even more meal options, you can’t go wrong either way.

I enjoy the mod that prevents you from cooking if you don’t have the ingredients on hand, which adds realism to the whole process.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave us a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to share and save this pin for later!

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