57+ Ultimate Sims 4 Toddler CC Collection

Find the best list of sims 4 toddler cc finds in one convenient spot.

We’ve included everything from toddler clothing, hairstyles, and accessories in this collection of sims 4 toddler cc.

sims 4 toddler cc collage

Toddlers play a fun role in the world of sims 4.

And toddler clothes are just so cute; it’s always nice to find the best outfits to dress them up in.

I found a bunch of FREE maxis match custom content so your toddlers can be the most stylish and adorable tots on the block.

This curated list of sims 4 toddler cc goes in order with toddler clothes, toddler hair, and some fun toddler accessories.

For toddler shoes and hair, we have our Sims 4 Toddler Shoes CC and Sims 4 Toddler Hair CC posts dedicated to those needs.

Some of the following toddler pieces can also be used for kids.

And if you need infant and kids cc, we’ve got you covered, too!

We do have an entire list of Sims 4 Infant CC & Sims 4 Kids CC for you to enjoy.

Plus, some of the kid’s pieces are toddler-friendly, too!

Sims 4 Toddler Clothes CC

Find your new favorite pieces of toddler clothes below.

In this section, I’ve included a mix of everything base game compatible: complete outfits, dresses, onesies, and more.

Sunny Playtime Todder CC Set by Powluna

two toddlers posing together in summer clothes

This toddler custom content set is just what you need for summer.

Your toddlers can play around in their fashionable romper and strappy shoes.

And you can finish off their look with some stylish sunglasses.

This set is available through Patreon early access and will be free on June 20th.

Toddler CC Overalls by Pixelunivairse

toddler cc overalls

These toddler overalls are one of my favorite outfits.

You get 40 different swatches to play around with, including pineapples, dinosaurs, boats, flowers, and more for your little sim to model.

Sims 4 Dinosaur Toddler Set by PowLuna

sims 4 toddler dinosaur outfit

This dinosaur outfit is the definition of super cute.

And those dinosaur scales coming down the shorts’ sides are a unique touch to this toddler cc outfit.

This set is available in 12 colors, including purple, pink, and yellow/green.

Kai Toddler CC Romper by Onyx Sims

two toddler girls in onesies

I love a good onesie, and this toddler girl’s onesie is darling with its lace detailing at the top.

The bows at the shoulders are also a nice detail.

You can choose your favorite colors from the 18 available swatches.

Mix Bloomers Sims 4 Toddler CC by Tillie

toddler girl in dress with sailboats

This girl’s toddler dress with frilly bloomers peeking out from the bottom is the perfect summer outfit.

You can opt for the nautical theme dress with stripes, a lighthouse, and a sailboat or the lines and yellow polka dot style swatch.

Talia Floral Summer Dress by Garfiel

toddler in floral dress with bow

For a dress with a floral pattern, this one is so adorable with the bow at the front.

The outfit comes with the same floral design in all five swatches. The only thing that changes is the bow color.

Your little girls will look perfect in this dress for those hot summer days.

Esma Dress for Toddlers by Lillka

sim girl with unicorn dress

If you’re looking for a casual dress for your sim toddler, this one is right for the role.

This cute little dress comes in six swatches, including a floral, unicorns, happy sun, and ice cream designs.

Lanie Plaid Dress and Cardigan by Garfiel

girl with plaid dress and cardigan

Your young lady will look lovely in this beautiful plaid dress and button-up sweater with a little bow on it.

The dress is ideal for days that are a bit chilly outside or for a nice walk at the park.

This outfit comes in 10 swatches for the dress and the matching cardigan.

Toddler CC Mara Set by PowLuna

toddler long sleeve top and capri pants

This toddler outfit is a classic set of leggings and a frilly shirt for your female toddlers. 

One of the things I appreciate about PowLuna’s work, you tend to get so many options within one custom content file.

With these swatches, you have 16 adorable outfits; the legging options are so diverse. 

We have florals, geometric, giraffe, leopard, strawberries, birds, donuts, and other choices.

Hamish Toddler Outfit CC by Georgiaglm

toddler fall outfits

This Hamish toddler outfit gives me autumn-holiday vibes with its earthy tones and those raindeers and leaves on the pants.

There are 10 swatches in total, including some without patterns and others with stripes, plaid, and even snowflakes.

Brandon T-Shirt Item by AdrienPastel

gray tshirt on a toddler sim

This t-shirt comes in 12 swatches and features a stylish slanted pocket.

The top comes in solid colors, and the pocket has some patterns, depending on the swatch.

The item will appear oversized on your toddler, but not too long, so it will still look good when paired with shorts or jeans.

Dress With Pleated Skirt & Collar by MysteriousOo

girl with pleated skirt dress

If you’re looking for a cute dress for your sim toddler, this one is adorable.

The dress has a smooth top section with a frilly collar, and the skirt goes from the chest down.

With its pleated design, this dress would be ideal for a toddler’s birthday party.

Sims 4 Jeon Toddler Set by Onyx Sims

toddler sweater and pants outfit

Who doesn’t love a long-sleeved graphic top and some cuffed jeans to complete their outfit?

Add some adorable toddler-style Converse shoes, and your tots are ready to run around the yard.

Available in 8 presets, including the dinosaur and panda swatches above.

You can also choose from other swatches, such as Pikachu, flowers, smiley faces, and even a skull.

Toddler Rainy Days Set by PowLuna

5 toddlers in rain clothes

There is just something special about toddlers and kids splashing around in the rain.

With this rainy days pack, you can opt for either the rain cap, rain pants, overalls, rain boots, jacket or the entire set of rain gear.

Each piece of toddler cc comes in 10 different swatches.

Sims 4 Toddler CC Cardigan by Georgiaglm

sims 4 boys cardigan outfit

This is a great unisex toddler cc outfit.

I tend to prefer complete outfits since it’s super convenient, and everything tends to match well.

The ripped distressed jeans are modern and hip. Plus, ripped jeans always look adorable on toddlers.

Found in the Full Body section, there are 10 outfit combinations to choose from.

Sims 4 Noah Toddler CC by PowLuna

toddler girl with elephant sweater set

Grab this two-piece sims 4 toddler outfit for your little ones.

The sweater comes in 19 swatches, and the pants with 9 options.

You can have the toddler sweater with or without any front designs, but the pictures are so cute.

There are elephant, frog, bear, and cat designs available.

Easter Sims 4 Toddler CC Set by Onyx Sims

toddler spring clothing set

This Easter toddler collection is another of my favorites, ideal for special occasions.

There are so many beautiful spring-inspired colors and patterns to enjoy.

If you opt to grab the sandals and earrings files, don’t forget to grab the necessary meshes for those, too.

The boy’s dress shirt, pants, and belt combo are so well put together; it’s perfect for Sunday’s best.

Undershirt Sweater for Toddlers by McLayneSims

toddlers with undershirts and sweaters

This set of clothes consists of a T-shirt on top of a long-sleeve sweater, which is a classic look for teenagers and kids.

Now, your toddler can wear this outfit in style with six design swatches, and it is available in the Tops category.

Toddler Play Date Mini Set by Storylegacysims

girls overalls and shorts outfit

This girl’s toddler set includes 3 pieces; the flowery embroidered overalls come in 5 swatches.

The shell top has 10 swatches, and the cotton shorts come in 8 different colors.

Girls Toddler Winter CC Pack by Hypergnomesimblr

girls toddler winter set

If you enjoy the different seasons in sims 4, this winter set is for you.

Enjoy the breezy dress, which comes in 32 swatches. You’ll find this toddler cc under Full Body – Short Dress.

The unisex accessory tights come in 12 colors. The UGG-style boots are also unisex and come in 9 swatches.

Toddler Onesie Item Set by Lillka

toddler onesie with animal at front

No toddler should be without a cute onesie.

This set offers a sweet onesie in multiple animal-theme designs:

  • Lion
  • Koala
  • Zebra
  • Giraffe
  • Monkey
  • Elephant

Toddler Happy Fall CC Set by PowLuna

5 toddlers in green fall outfits

Fall is one of those seasons you either love or hate.

With the end of summer comes warmer clothing options, including keeping your toddlers nice and toasty.

This sims 4 toddler cc fall-time set includes a jacket, top, sweater, pants, skirt, stockings, tights, and shoes for your toddlers.

Sims 4 Girl’s Toddler Cat Outfit by Georgiaglm

girls toddler cat outfit

This toddler custom content is dedicated to kitty cats.

You can’t go wrong with a collared cap-sleeved shirt with cats and cotton shorts with an adorable bow.

Pick your favorite color combination from the 9 available swatches.

Sims 4 Toddler CC Dress by PowLuna

large polka dot toddler dress

This sims toddler cc dress is another easy go-to outfit.

While the jumbo polka dot swatches are my favorites, the skirt portion of the dress also comes in other fun swatches, such as cherries and flowers.

Toddler Summer Fruits Top by Pelineldis

girl toddlers with fruity top

This cool, fun top gives your sim toddler a fruity and exotic look for the summer season.

There are six swatches of different combinations of fruity design patterns, such as a mix of kiwi, lemon, pineapple, grapes, and more.

Sims 4 Toddler CC Sweater by Simiracle

unisex toddler sweaters

These comfy wool-like sweaters come in many colors, 80 swatches to be precise.

There are 46 solid color swatches; the rest are a mix of patterns from stars, Christmas lights, polka dots, plaid, snowflakes, and more.

Sims 4 Toddler Pants by Pixelunivairse

toddler cc bear patch pants

Toddler pants don’t get much cuter than these bear patch pants.

These are a simple pair of toddler pants with a tighter part at the ankles and the cutest bear patches at the knees.

Available in 25 swatches, you can pair this toddler cc in so many ways.

Boys Bodysuit For Toddlers by Puresim

boys toddler onesies

I love a good onesie, and these boys’ blue whale and wave onesies are so simple and cute, that they are the perfect addition to my cc folder for everyday wear.

Pair with some hip toddler booties to complete this minimalistic look.

Prom Dress for Little Girls by RobertaPLobo

girl toddler with floral dress

I simply adore the gorgeous floral design and the colors of this dress.

With the large flower designs and colored trims and bow, what’s not to love?

The flowy-looking dress comes in four cool color tone swatches and is a great flower-girl option for a summer wedding.

Girls Beatrix Dress CC by Catastrophesims

girls toddler polka dot dress

This little girl toddler dress has 15 swatches, including 3 polka dot options.

With its collar and sweet mid-waist bow details, this adorable dress is great for a day out with the family or a toddler’s birthday party!

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Sims 4 Toddler Leather Jacket by Madlen

toddler cc leather jacket

Your toddlers don’t need to be teens before they start making fashion statements.

This hip leather jacket comes in 6 stylish colors, which makes coordinating outfits a breeze.

Dizzy Dungarees Recolors by Pluto Sims

two toddler sims wearing overalls

This set features a pair of overalls for your sim toddlers.

The dungarees are a set of recolors, including 31 design swatches for the shirt and 44 colorful swatches for the overalls.

The outfit is in the Full Body category, and you can change the color of the dungarees through the Accessories category.

Sims 4 Toddler Fashion Set 7 by ShojoAngel

casual toddler dress and sweatshirt

This casual and sporty look is great for your everyday toddlers going to daycare or hanging out during their playdate at the park.

It’s available in 16 swatches, but don’t forget to grab the required mesh.

Snow Jacket with Turtleneck by McLayneSims

sim boys with winter jackets

Ready your sim toddlers for the colder season with these winter jackets combined with a warm turtleneck sweater.

These jackets are boys exclusive, and they come in seven design swatches.

Strawberry Toddler Romper by Tillie

strawberry romper toddler outfit

This is the perfect strawberry romper for your toddlers to stroll around in.

With its frilly top and strawberry pants section, this romper is one of my favorite go-to outfits for my toddler girls.

Cari Jacket for Toddlers by Vintage-simmer

small green aviator jacket on toddler dummy

Give your toddler this cute vintage aviator jacket that comes in 15 swatches.

Your toddler will look stylish by wearing this lovely leather jacket with the classic woolly collar.

You can complete your toddler’s look by finding oversized aviator sunglasses, which would look so adorable.

Emi Bubble Toddler Dress by House of Alnwick

watermelon dress and bloomers cc

You’ve got to love this watermelon dress with matching bloomers peeking through the bottom.

But I also adore the lemon and parrot swatches; there are 10 swatches in total.

Sims 4 Boys Toddler Sweater CC by McLayneSims

5 toddler boys in cardigan cc outfits

This versatile boys’ sweater comes in 10 swatches.

Dress this toddler cc up or down with preppy pants or ripped jeans to complete the look.

Toddler CC Cottage Tops by Storylegacysims

toddler llama and fox tops

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love llamas and foxes, so these sims 4 toddler custom content tops were right up my alley.

But you can also opt for baby chicks, flowers, camels, or plain swatches.

Sims 4 Toddler Fitted Jeans by Storylegacysims

toddler ripped and normal jeans

Everyone needs a good pair of fitted cuffed jeans.

Ripped or not, pick your favorite toddler denim jeans, available in 10 swatches per style.

Celeste Casual Dress with Ruffles by Garfiel

toddler dress with ruffles

This set is another gorgeous dress option for your sim girl toddlers.

The dress has a buttoned-up collar, and for added charm, it has a vertical ruffle on each side.

Lil One Toddler Recolor Set by Mintsimmer

toddler wearing sweater shorts and cap

This set includes an oversized sweater and baseball cap for your little toddlers.

The sweater is in the Full-Body category and comes with a pair of black shorts to complete the outfit.

The hat comes in eight swatches, while the sweater comes in 12 swatches.

Because this set is a recolor, you’ll need to grab the original meshes linked on the download page.

Toddler CC Skinny Jeans by storylegacysims

toddler jeans cc

Jeans are a staple in most people’s closers, and it’s not different for your toddler’s wardrobe.

These toddler skinny jeans are easy to style and come in 10 denim swatches.

Pair with your favorite top and shoes; your toddler is ready to hit the daycare scene.

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Sims 4 Toddler Onesie Pyjamas by Georgiaglm

two toddlers in pajamas

All toddlers need pajamas, and these toddler onesies are a must.

There are some solid options among the 12 swatches.

You can also opt for the planet/spaceship swatch, paint spots, giraffe skin pattern, cat paws, cowboy hats, or cactus design pajamas.

Korinna Toddler CC Puffer Jacket by Madlen

toddler cc puffer jacket

From toddlers to adulthood, we’ve all owned a puffer jacket at some point in time.

This toddler jacket comes in 7 solid color swatches, including vibrant yellow and fushia options.

First Fits Kit Converted For Toddlers by Casteru

six toddlers wearing stylish clothing

If you enjoy the child clothing options in the First Fits Kit, you will love this converted base game compatible set for your toddlers.

The kit includes 12 pieces to put together some cute outfits;

  • A long dress
  • A tank top with a bow
  • T-shirt
  • Jogger pants & shorts
  • Sweatpants
  • Laced pants
  • Button shirt
  • Sweatshirt
  • Long Shirt
  • Sparkle leggings
  • Laced work boots

PHIL Toddler Jacket by Powluna

young sim wearing a light jacket with a hooded sweater

There’s just something about quilted jackets; although casual, they can elevate a simple pair of jeans or pants.

This unisex jacket is layered over a simple t-shirt and hooded sweater, and the 16 swatches have a great mix of subtle and more vibrant color options.

Blooming Bloomers Outfit by Pluto Sims

three female sims wearing bloomers and tops

When it comes to toddler cc clothes, an adorable outfit with bloomer shorts is top on my list of the cutest options.

This capped sleeve top and short bloomers set comes in 26 swatches from the Strawberries Fields Patterns as if it wasn’t sweet enough already.

Jimin Inspired Toddler Collection by Casteru

three toddlers wearing mixed modern clothing

This mini toddler clothing pack is inspired by some outfits worn by Park Jimin for his solo debut.

The set includes 3 tops for your toddler, 3 bottoms, and 2 hats to complete the outfits.

My favorites are definitely the cow print pieces and frayed jean shorts, but everything will make for the cutest toddlers.

Marco Dinosaur Clothing Set by Powluna

male toddler wearing a dinosaur design top and green shorts

Toddlers typically love dinosaurs, and every kid I’ve known has always had at least one of these classic dinosaur outfits in their closet.

This two-piece set has a V-neck dino print top and solid-color cuffed shorts.

While there are 8 amazing dinosaur print swatches, you can also opt for the 8 solid shirt options, and there are 8 solid shorts, too.

Toddler Cardigan by GoodChillsStudio

two female toddlers wearing cardigans with clouds

These adorable buttoned cardigans with clouds are the sweetest custom content piece to pair with pants, leggings, and skirts.

And while the solid color swatches are great, the two-tone color cardigans take them up to another level of pretty.

Formal Toddler Clothing Set by Casteru

three toddler sims wearing more formal clothes

Do your toddlers have a formal event to attend or a pre-school interview? 😉

This formal toddler set includes 4 tops and 3 bottoms to mix and match;

  • A half-tucked shirt
  • Collar sweater
  • T-shirt
  • T-shirt with flower pocket
  • Cuffed slacks
  • Loose pants
  • Corduroy shorts

Teddy Toddler CC Set by Lijoue

three toddlers dressed in a taupe color palette

Your little ones will be the best dressed in town with this clothing and accessories set. 

You will find some great pieces, including a Sherpa jacket, ruffle dress, and knit sweater.

You can finish off their outfits with an adorable bear bag, a bucket hat, sneakers, leather Mary Janes, or suede boots. 

This complete set is currently available on Patreon for early access and has items becoming available in stages.

Malia Formal Dress for Toddlers by Garfiel

toddler girl in formal dress

If you want more dress options for your sim girl toddlers, this one is for you.

The dress has an sailor look with its collar and the four buttons at the front.

You can dress your girl toddler in this outfit for a lovely day by the water or a themed-party.

Sheep Sims 4 Toddler CC Costume by Madlen

toddler sheep halloween costume

Does anyone else love dressing up for Halloween?

This sims 4 toddler lamb costume is simply adorable and the perfect outfit for this year’s spooky holiday.

If you’ve always felt like the black sheep of your family, then you can choose the black color swatch instead.

Toddler CC Halloween Costumes by Pluto-Sims

3 toddler Halloween costumes

I wanted to include some other toddler Halloween options, and this small pack was perfect.

Dress up your toddlers as a pumpkin, pirate, or lady bird, you decide!

Sims 4 Toddler Hair CC

From braids to dreads, hairstyles bring style and character to any sims.

Here are some of our favorite sims 4 toddler cc hair pieces.

Alicia Toddler Hair CC by Birksche’s Simblog

toddler girl with braided bun

This toddler braided hair with a shaved undercut and baby hairs is one of my favorites.

Available in 15 colors, you also get fun hair accessories.

Sims 4 Toddler CC Cruz Hair by Georgiaglm

toddler boy with crew cut hair

The Cruz haircut is perfect for that stylish toddler sim looking to make a statement.

You get a slick comb back with a shaved undercut. This toddler cc is available in 9 colors.

Sims 4 Girls Toddler Hair CC by Ravensim

girls toddler pom poms hair

I love a good set of pom poms on my toddler sims, and this textured custom-content hair is beautiful.

The details on this Zahra hairstyle are great, and you have 15 colors to choose from.

Sims 4 Boys Short Hair by My Stuff

toddler boys hair cut

I consider this one of those classic toddler hairstyles.

The sims 4 tends to include a lot of hairstyles with these defined, thick locks of hair, and this piece of cc fits right in.

With 24 colors, you can find the perfect hair colors for your toddler.

Sims 4 Girl’s Double Braid CC by Georgiaglm

girls toddler braids

Another classic hairstyle is braids or pigtails.

These toddler pigtails are the perfect hairstyle to compliment any casual schoolgirl outfit.

Sims 4 Boys Brandon Hair CC by Ravensim

boy with side swept textured hair

This Brandon toddler hairstyle is stylish and hip.

I particularly like the side-swept look. This toddler hair cc is available in 15 colors.

Toddler CC Long Braid by Birksche’s Simsblog

toddler girl with long braid

I often sported a long braid as a kid because playtime can get hectic and messy.

This effortless side braid comes in 15 colors for your toddler sim.

Sims 4 Delia Hairstyle CC by My Stuff

girls toddler hairstyle and hairclips

This easy side part, girls’ hairstyle, comes with hair clips to keep your toddler’s hair tidy and out of their faces while they play.

Pick your favorite hair color from the 24 color options.

Sims 4 Toddler Hairstyles by Ravensim

collage of toddler hairstyles

While I showcased a couple of these toddler hairstyles already, I wanted to give you the whole list in case you spot another favorite.

There are a lot of fun and playful girls’ hairstyles available in this collection.

Sims 4 Toddler Short Crew Cut by My Stuff

boys toddler short hair

This toddler sim reminds me so much of my friend’s son; they have the same side part with the short crew cut.

Find the perfect shade for your toddler from the 24 available swatches.

Boys Toddler Hair CC by Birksche’s Simsblog

boy with braided dreads

This braided dreads hairstyle is the coolest hairstyle at daycare.

The trendy toddler hairstyle comes in 9 different colors.

Sims 4 Toddler Accessories

This is a mixed category of a few fun pieces to complement your sims 4 toddler creations and clothing.

Tokki Toddler CC Hat by Madlen

toddler bunny ear hat

This adorable bunny ears hat by Madlen had to make the list.

Available in 10 different swatches, this hat completes any toddler outfit.

Bunny Toddler Slippers by Tillie

toddler bunny slippers

Since we were just discussing bunnies, I figured I’d include some bunny slippers to keep your toddler’s tootsies warm.

You can pick between pink, blue, white, or yellow slippers.

Toddler Slim 3D Eyelashes by Coffeemoon

girls toddler eyelashes

These female toddler eyelashes come in 2 colors and 8 different styles.

Opt for the lash line and lash density that fits your toddler’s features.

Toddler Kitty Nails by WisteriaSims

girls toddler kitty nails

I’ve heard hair and nails can make or break an outfit.

These toddler kitty nails come in 9 colors, including sparkly and matte nails.

Numi Toddler CC Backpack by Madlen

toddler unicorn backpack

Unicorns tend to be super popular with toddlers and kids, and this unicorn backpack is just so stinking cute.

Not only is this backpack available in 3 colors, but it’s also available for all genders and ages, so your adult sims can rock this bag, too!

Toddler Bucket Hat Recolor by Cloudywhims

toddler cc bucket hats

Everyone loves a bucket hat for walks in the park or a sunny day at the beach.

This toddler hat comes in 20 swatches, including the adorable fox pattern, daisies, other flowers, and more.

Macaron Toddler CC Earrings by Hypergnomesimblr

toddler cc macaron earrings

Being the foodie that I am, I couldn’t resist including these macaron earrings on this list.

Round and dangling, these dessert-inspired earrings are the sweetest touch 😉 to your toddler’s outfit.

Toddler Bunny Sunglasses by Giulietta Sims

sims 4 toddler bunny sunglasses

Since we’ve been on a bunny kick, I figured we’d end this sims 4 toddler cc list with these bunny tooth sunglasses.

Available in 15 swatches, you can also grab the kid’s version in the Recommended tab.

Sims 4 Toddler CC Final Thoughts

With this ultimate list of sims 4 toddler cc pieces, we trust you found some new finds for your cc folder.

From bear-patch pants to adorable unicorn backpacks, there are too many cute toddler cc pieces to try out.

If you come across any other interesting pieces for me to check out, feel free to send us a link in the comments below or tag us on Tumblr.

And don’t forget to pin & save this list of toddler cc for later!

sims 4 toddler cc pinterest pin

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